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Christmas in July? Here are 5 Photo Ideas to Take Now for Your Holiday Card

Beautiful weather, time at the beach, and summer vacation travel provide plenty of opportunities to grab that Christmas card shot.
Christmas card photo ideas to take right now
Updated: December 1, 2022

It may be July, but it’s not too early to think about capturing a perfect image for your family Christmas card! Beautiful weather, time at the beach, and summer vacation travel provide plenty of opportunities to grab that Christmas card shot. Here are five photo ideas to take now for your holiday card:

Make a Sand Snowman

It may not be the season for snow, but a sandy beach can provide another fun opportunity to build a snowman and set the scene for a unique holiday card.

You can showcase your sandy snowman creation.

Or you can feature your family with your sand snowman.

Bring Santa Hats to the Beach

There are so many options for adding Santa hats to your beach shots this summer. 

Santa hats and big smiles on the beach are always a big hit.

A tender moment among little ones on the beach is even sweeter in Santa hats.

Bigger kids on the beach in Santa hats is just as captivating.

And of course, the whole family can get in the spirit together.

Draw a Holiday Design or Message in the Sand

This is the perfect activity to help foster your child’s creativity. Let them come up with ideas for the message and even help capture it in the sand.

Draw a Christmas tree in the sand and decorate it with starfish and seashells.

Welcome the New Year or send your holiday wishes with a sand message.

Feature your Favorite Family Vacation Shot

Travelling this summer? Set aside a moment on your trip to get a photo of the entire family together in a unique location.

You can keep up the Santa hat theme by adding them to your favorite picture from this summer’s family vacation.

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful picture of the family dressed up in a gorgeous outdoor setting.

Capture the scenery from this summer that you never want to forget.

Capture the Important Moments

Summer is a time of celebration from graduations to baby showers and birthdays, there are so many events in the summer. Use your next family party as an opportunity to capture the perfect Christmas card photo.

When you have a little one, there’s nothing like the tenderness of big and little feet side by side. 

Jump for joy in your favorite place. 

What summer moments had you standing up and applauding on your feet?

Momentous occasions like graduation are perfect for highlighting on the holiday card this year.

With so many opportunities for special occasions and family time in special places this summer, no matter what you do or where you end up, remember that it might be the perfect holiday card photo opportunity!

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