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25 Halloween Costume Ideas for Tweens & Teens

These Halloween costume ideas for teen girls and teen boys and group costumes will be popular costume choices for Halloween!
25 Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens in 2022
Updated: April 15, 2024
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If your family is like mine, the next Halloween countdown begins promptly on November 1st. We love talking about costume ideas in winter, spring, and summer. It is fun to plot and plan our next great costume idea from silly to scary, we love it all. 

For parents, we want to make sure costumes are age appropriate and for a tween or teen. Let’s face it, nothing is scarier than not knowing what they will wear. 

Here is a list of 25 Halloween costume ideas to kickstart the planning for this fall season. We got your popular Halloween costumes for tween and teen girls, funny and cool Halloween costumes for tween and teen boys, and group Halloween costumes that will turn heads! 

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Halloween Costumes for Teen Girls 

1. Barbie

Barbie Halloween Costume - Margot Robbie Barbie movie 2022

Image source: The Sun 

Margo Robbie has been inspiring teen girl Halloween costume ideas for years. With the highly anticipated upcoming Greta Gerwig Barbie movie, this is sure to be a popular costume choice.

Get the complete Barbie Halloween costume here:

2. She-Hulk 

She-Hulk Halloween costume 2022 Disney plus

Image source: Disney+

With the new Marvel movie coming out, She-Hulk is a perfect girl power costume that will be sure to make a hit this Halloween season. 

Get the complete She-Hulk Halloween costume here:

3. Harry Styles

If you needed an excuse to copy this style icon, now is the time. He is always rocking the best threads and now you can too!

Harry Styles Halloween Costume 2022 Harry's House

Get the complete Harry Styles Halloween costume here:

4. Cassie Howard 

From the controversial HBO cult teen phenomena, Euphoria. If you plan to dress up as Cassie Howard, keep a look over your shoulder for Maddy.

Euphoria Cassie Howard Sydney Sweeney Halloween Costume 2022

Image Source: HBO

Get the complete  Cassie Howard, Euphoria Halloween costume here:

5. Maddy Perez 

 If you prefer someone a little less emotional and someone a whole lot more feisty, then Maddy from Euphoria is the character for you. 

Euphoria Maddy Perez Halloween Costume 2022

Get the complete  Maddy Perez, Euphoria Halloween Costume here:

6. Daphne, Eloise, or Edwina from Bridgerton 

Bridgerton Group Halloween Costume Idea 2022

Image Source: Netflix 

 Go for a regal look this Halloween season with an Edwardian-inspired dress from Netflix’s hit series Bridgerton

Get the complete  Bridgerton Halloween costume here:

7. Sabrina Spellman from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

Dress up as one of the characters from this supernatural teen horror series and you’ll be sure to be the talk of Greendale. 

Sabrina Spellman Halloween Costume Idea 2022 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina / Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Image Source: Netflix 

Get the complete  Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Halloween costume here:

8. Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice 

How can you go wrong with this Halloween classic? Beetlejuice is synonymous with Halloween. Show your gothic side with a Lydia Deetz Costume.

Beetlejuice Lydia Deetz Halloween Costume Idea 2022

Get the complete Lydia Deetz, Beetlejuice Halloween costume here:

9. Anna Delvey 

 From the popular Netflix series, Inventing Anna. If you don’t know, Anna Delvey is the fake German heiress who schemed her way into New York’s high society life. 

Inventing Anna Halloween Costume 2022 Anna Delvey

Image Source: Netflix 

Get the complete Anna Delvey Halloween costume look here:

10. Wanda Maximoff 

Wandavision was a huge hit among MCU fans. The show follows Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch, who tries to live a normal life after the devastating events of Avengers: Endgame

Wanda Maximoff Halloween Costume 2022 WandaVision Disney Plus

Get the Wandavision Halloween costume here:

Halloween Costumes for Teen Boys

1. Squid Game Player 

If your teen was obsessed with watching Squid Game, like all of us were, then they can go as their favorite player in the popular Netflix series. 

Squid Game Halloween Costume 2022

Get the complete Squid Games Halloween costume here:

2. Flamin' Hot Cheetos 

What teen (or anyone), doesn’t love Flamin’ Hot Cheetos?! This is a hilarious Halloween costume and will be sure to cause a sizzle. 

Flamin Hot Cheetos Halloween Costume 2022 Teen Boy Halloween Costume Idea

Get the complete  Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Halloween costume here:

3. Pizza Slice While we are on the topic of food, this pepperoni pizza slice Halloween costume is anything but cheesy, and we think your teen will also agree.

Pizza Slice Halloween Costume Idea 2022

Get the complete Pepperoni Pizza Slice costume here:

4. Among Us 

An Among Us Halloween costume is a perfect choice for the teen gamer. It’s a wildly popular online multi-player survival video game that received great reviews and is loved by tweens and teens. 

Among Us Halloween Costume 2022 Group Costume Idea Teens

Get the complete  Among Us Halloween costume here:

5. Air Dancer Tube 

Those wavey tube inflatables are always so joyful and funny. This wacky wavey Halloween costume will certainly bring smiles to your tween or teen this Halloween. It also works as a bonus reference to Jordan Peele’s new horror movie, Nope!

Air Dancer Halloween Costume

Get the complete  Air Dancer Halloween Costume Here:

6. Beetlejuice 

 The classic Halloween favorite, Beetlejuice! (Should we say it a third time?) The stripey suit makes for a great teen boy Halloween costume and maybe they will even find Lydia Deetz around! 

Beetlejuice Halloween Costume 2022

Get the complete  Beetlejuice Halloween costume here:

7. Cobra Kai 

This popular martial arts Netflix drama and sequel to Karate Kid is a great choice for tweens and teens who can pack a punch. And very relevant as Cobra Kai season 5 just dropped on Netflix this September! 

Cobra Kai Halloween Costume Idea 2022 Teen Boy Halloween Costume

Get the complete  Cobra Kai Halloween costume here:

8. Metal Lords 

 A popular comedy about two metal-loving teens who try to win their school’s battle of the bands. This is a great choice for the music lover. 

Metal Lords Halloween Costume Idea 2022 Teen Boy Halloween Costume

Image Source: Netflix 

Get the complete  Metal Lords Halloween costume here:

9. Dr Strange 

The popular Marvel movie is based on the American superhero whose life changes after a car accident. Great tween costume for the superhero fan. 

Dr Strange Halloween Costume 2022 Teen Boy Halloween Costume Idea

Get the complete  Dr. Strange Halloween costume here:

10. Din Djarin 

Is your teen a Star Wars fan? Why not go as Din Djarin from the popular Disney+ show, The Mandalorian. With season 3 just around the corner, this costume will surely be out of this world. 

Din Djarin Halloween Costume 2022 The Mandalorian Halloween Costume Ideas

Get the complete  Din Djarin Halloween costume here:

Group Halloween Costumes for Teen Girls and Teen Boys: 

1. The Powerpuff Girls 

 The cartoon Network hit series which follows three girls with superpowers in a small town. With your pick between Blossom, Buttercup, or Bubbles, a group of three would be adorable as the Powerpuff girls. 

Powderpuff Girls Halloween Costume 2022 Group Costume Idea Girls

Get the complete  Powerpuff Girls group Halloween costumes here:

2. Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon 

Everyone has been trying the new TikTok Sailor Moon filter, so this is a great excuse to dress up as your favorite Sailor Moon character for a super powerful group. 

Salior Moon Group Halloween Costume 2022 Sailor Scouts

Get the complete  Sailor Moon Sailor Scouts group Halloween costume here:

3. Stranger Things 

In this popular Netflix series based on the 1980s era, this group of teens, one of which has powers, escapes a dark government establishment. This show makes for an awesome group costume with tons of girl and boy characters to choose from. 

Stranger Things 4 Halloween Costume Idea 2022

Image Source: Netflix 

Get the complete Stranger Things group Halloween costumes here:

4. Roller Coaster 

 This one is just funny! Getting a group of four to walk together, pretending to be on a roller coaster could be epic.  

Rollercoaster Halloween Costume 2022 Group Costume Idea for Kids and Teens

Get the complete  roller coaster Halloween costume here:

5. The Riverdale Crew 

Riverdale just wrapped its sixth season, so why not go as Archie and the gang? Riverdale is a popular supernatural drama on the CW based on the classic comic books. There’s tons of modern 50s fashion for inspiration and plenty of boy and girl characters to choose from! 

Riverdale Group Halloween Costume 2022 Idea

Image Source: Netflix 

Get the entire Riverdale group Halloween costumes here:

Betty Cooper Halloween costume:

Jughead Jones Halloween costume:

Veronica Lodge Halloween costume 

Archie Andrews Halloween costume 

For even more Halloween costume inspiration for teens and kids, check out 5 Totally Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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