10 Fun and Cheap Halloween Candy Alternatives

Candy, candy, candy! That's what's on most kids' minds as Halloween creeps closer. This year, give those little goblins a fun surprise with cost-effective and unique alternatives to candy. Be a trendsetter this Halloween and pass out creative treats and toys. Who knows – you might become more popular than the house that passes out the king-sized candy bars!

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Halloween candy alternative stickers

Stickers are always a favorite among kids. When rolls of Halloween stickers cost less than $15, every little trick-or-treating ghoul will have a sheet to decorate folders, books, or themselves.

Fake Fangs

Halloween Candy alternative fangs

"I vant to suck your blood!" Vampires are always a popular costume choice on Halloween, especially with the success of cartoons like Disney's new Vampirina. Help complete the look and bring others in on the action with the perfect accessory – fangs! Sink your teeth into this – bags of 144 fangs are under $12!

Halloween-Themed School Supplies

Halloween candy alternative pencils

With the school year still fresh, kids can't get enough of cool new school supplies. Get them in the spooky spirit with a Halloween-themed pencil, pen, ruler, or fancy eraser. Not only are these practical treats to hand out, but they are cheaper than candy!

Temporary Tattoos

Halloween candy alternative tattoos

Kids love temporary tattoos, and when you can buy 72 of them for under $5, you will, too! Halloween-themed tattoos are sure to be a hit, but you could also pass out others, like local sports team logos, traditional designs, and animals. Or, make your own custom tattoos online.

Glow Sticks and Necklaces

Halloween candy alternative glow stick

Not only will you be giving the best treat on the street, you'll also keep the kids safe as they run around in the dark. Brighten up the streets by cracking the glow sticks into action as you hand them out. Prices may vary, but bulk purchases can be found as low as $70 for 200 pieces.

Sugar-Free Gum

Halloween candy alternative gum

If you are determined to hand out some sort of sweet treat, opt for sugar-free gum. Not only is it just as tasty, flavorful, and gooey, it is better for kid's little chompers. You can buy packs of 100 for under $25 at your local dollar or bulk store!

Spider and Bat Rings

Halloween candy alternative spider ring

What better way to accessorize the house-hopping haunters than with spider and bat rings? With a terrifyingly low price of $6.25 for 144 rings, you'll be cackling all the way to the bank with the money you saved!

Glow-in-the-Dark Insects

Halloween candy alternative fake insects

These creepy crawlers are a bright idea when it comes to Halloween handouts! Kids will love these lil' critters to use as pranks, decorations, or even accessories for next year's costume. A batch of these buggers is under $5.

Sticky Hands

Halloween candy alternative sticky hands

Sticky hands provide endless hours of entertainment – well, until they lose their stickiness and are covered in hair and dust. But, for that short time, kids will have a ball throwing these sticky toys around. Take it a step spookier by handing out sticky eyeballs! Packages of 72 are just under $12.


Halloween candy alternative bubbles

Every kid loves bubbles. They'll love blowing them as they walk along trick-or-treating.

So now you've got the alternatives to the candy, but what about the costumes? Don't worry. We've got you covered! Check out our favorite zombie and group Halloween costumes!