5 Great Halloween Costumes for Babies

by: Laurie Mega

Halloween is getting close! You've got your costume, but are you still trying to figure out your baby's? We've got you covered with five great Halloween costumes for babies that are inexpensive and easy to make. Just click through to get a list of materials and directions. How much easier could it be!

Cupid baby costumeCupid

Cupid is the little Roman god known for playing with people's hearts. He's brought sweethearts together and caused mischief with his little arrow. No doubt your little guy will steel hearts in this costume, as well.

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Beanie BabyBeanie baby costume

Looking for a great retro costume? Why not a beanie baby? All you need is some fuzzy footie pajamas and a cardboard heart. This costume is easy and cozy. No uncomfortable costume pieces for this one!

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Angel and Devil DuoAngel devil baby costumes

If you've got twins or babies who are close in age, this is a great double costume. The toughest part will be choosing who gets to be the angel and who gets to be the devil!

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Ladybugladybug baby costume

Ladybugs are probably the cutest bugs in the insect world. Your friends and family will go absolutely buggy for this costume. (get it?)

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DuckDuck baby costume

Ducks are cute...your little guy is cute...it's perfect! This is another cozy costume that only requires yellow footie pajamas. This one even comes with a hood or hat, for those of you who'll be doing some cold-weather trick-or-treating.

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Okay, now you're baby is all set. But are you still looking for costumes for your older kids? Check out our top costume ideas for 2017! We've also got ideas for zombies and  group costumes.