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Halloween Parties and Recipes

Plan the perfect Halloween party with these decoration ideas and creepy recipes. They're so good, it's scary!
13 Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids

13 Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids

Your Halloween celebration can include much more than just costumes and trick-or-treating. These simple, not-too-scary Halloween games will help you host the best Halloween party ever!read more

Carving Pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins Pumpkins are a major symbol of Halloween. There are lots of ways to make jack-o'-lanterns, but the most common is the traditional carving of the pumpkin. read more

Design Your Own Jack-O'-Lantern

Design Your Own Jack-O'-LanternOh, no! This page is temporarily down for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, check out our related content while we work on getting it back up and running.read more
Eerie Invitations

Eerie Invitations

Kids will have a blast with these printable Halloween invitations. They can use this arts & crafts project to invite friends and classmates to a Halloween party at home or in the classroom.read more

Find the Pumpkin Halloween Game

Find the Pumpkin Halloween GameSupplies: ·  Ten pieces of white paper ·  Five pieces of yellow paper ·  Five pieces of orange paper ·  A crayon ·  Scissors How to play: 1. Draw ten white pumpkins, five yellow pumpkins, and five orange pumpkins. 2. Cut out all the pumpkins. 3. Decorate each pumpkin with a funny face. read more

From Delightful to Frightful: 4 Halloween Decor Ideas for All Tastes

Autumn is the time to fall into holiday decor, with Halloween boldly leading the way to an abundance of seasonal decorating. When it comes to your Halloween decorating style, are you a “happy harvester,” “horrifying haunter,” or somewhere in between? First, take this quiz from Remax to find out. Then, put a thrilling twist on the traditional, and celebrate the spirit of the season with a decorative landscape based on your spot on the scare spectrum.read more

Got Pumpkin Power?

They're big, they're orange, and they taste great in pies -- but how much do you really know about the greatest of the gourds?read more

Halloween Costume Party

Halloween Costume Party The classic Halloween Party, a costume party, encourages even the most boring adults to find their inner children, dressing up in costumes that range from silly to spectacular.read more
Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween Party Invitations

Fill in and pass out these Halloween invitations to all the ghouls and goblins you want at your Halloween party.read more

Halloween Treats: Recipes for Kids

Halloween Treats: Recipes for Kids 'Tis the season for tricking-or-treating. If your family has that spooky spirit, they'll go for these delectably disgusting Halloween treats. The Spurting Spiderread more

Host the Perfect Halloween Party

Host the Perfect Halloween PartyGhosts, goblins, and ghastly witches - sounds like the ideal group of party guests! Show them all a frighteningly fun time by hosting the perfect Halloween party with your children. To ensure your party is a monster bash they'll never forget, include the following spine-tingling essentials.read more

How to Host a Horror-ble Party

How to Host a Horror-ble Party Many parents throw their kids parties as an alternative to trick-or-treating. Others just make it an addition to the festivities. Make your party one in which crafts play an integral part. read more
Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin

Have fun with this Halloween game. Color and cut out the pumpkin and the stem.read more

Pin the Wart on the Witch

Pin the Wart on the WitchSupplies: · Large picture of a witch, preferably with a wart already on it · Blindfold · A paper wart for each player with his or her name on it· Tape How to play: 1. If the picture of the witch does not already have a wart on it, draw one. 2. Hang the witch on a wall or a door where there is lots of space around it. read more

Trick-or-Treat Trivia

Still think your "Land Shark" costume was the coolest get-up ever? What tidbits of trick-or-treat lore do you and your kids share?read more

Tricks and Treats

Tricks and TreatsHow to play: 1. Give each of the players a bag filled with ten pieces of wrapped candy. 2. Have the players write their names on their bags so that the bags don't get mixed up. 3. Decide on a time limit. If you are giving a party, you could keep the game going the entire time, even while you are doing other activities. read more

Walk on the Witch's Hat Halloween Game

Walk on the Witch's Hat Halloween GameSupplies: ·  Big brown paper bag, or big picture of a witch's hat ·  Pencil ·  Scissors ·  Tape ·  CD player, tape player, or radio How to play: 1. If you have a large picture of a witch's hat, tape it right on the floor before you play the game. 2. If you don't already have a picture, you can make one easily. read more