• Mask Patterns Printables
    Lion Mask
    Print out, color, and cut out this lion to wear as a fun Halloween mask. Cut out the eye holes. Cut holes on the sides, and pull a string through the holes. This Halloween printable can be used in October and for other activities throughout the y...
  • Halloween Masks
    Print out and color this Halloween mask. Then cut it out for a homemade costume! ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Halloween Crafts
    Molded Masks
    Molded Masks Papier-mâché is a perfect molding medium (although a bit messy) for making a handmade Halloween mask. You'll need to get started on your mask making early, as it requires overnight to dry. If you don't have time for papier-mâché...
  • Wire-Hanger Mask Activity for Kids
    Halloween Masks
    Coat-Hanger Mask
    Coat-Hanger MaskMaterials Wire coat hanger Old nylon stocking Fabric and felt scraps Yarn Glue Directions The adult will need to manipulate the coat hanger until it is in a rounded shape. Cut nylon stocking in half and pull lower (footed) hal...
  • Steamer Halloween Mask for Kids
    Masks and Puppets
    Streamer Munchkin
    Streamer MunchkinMaterials Large paper bag White glue Ribbons, yarn, colored string Crayons Colored paper Directions Place bag over your child's head and mark where his eyes and armholes are located with crayons. Remove the bag and cut out th...