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  • 2017 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids
    2017 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids
    Don't just throw an old sheet over your child's head before you hit the streets to trick-or-treat this year. Give your kiddos a Halloween experience to remember with these top Halloween costume ideas for 2017. Star Wars Rey Costume Your child w...
    Kelly Sundstrom
  • Group costumes for Halloween
    Top 10 (Easy) Group Costumes for Families
    Halloween costumes for groups always seem like a good idea, until you have to figure out an doable theme. Are you casting about for group costume ideas for your family? Look no further than our top 10. You can make these yourselves -- no sewing r...
    Laurie Mega
  • Costume Patterns Printables
    Basic Vest Costume Pattern
    This basic vest pattern will be the perfect addition to any child's Halloween costume. ...
  • Black Cat Halloween Costume
    16 Parent-Submitted Halloween Costume Photos
    We asked parents to submit photos of their kids' best Halloween costumes. Take a look at these cute, spooky, and creative costumes our readers' children are wearing to celebrate All Hallows' Eve! You can submit your child's photo by emailing feed...
  • Halloween Masks
    Print out and color this Halloween mask. Then cut it out for a homemade costume! ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Halloween Crafts
    Molded Masks
    Molded Masks Papier-mâché is a perfect molding medium (although a bit messy) for making a handmade Halloween mask. You'll need to get started on your mask making early, as it requires overnight to dry. If you don't have time for papier-mâché...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Food Costumes
    Stuffed Green Olive Costume
    Stuffed Green Olive CostumeTime: 15 minutes Effort: Quick and easy - no sewing required Materials:Red turtleneck Red tights Red knit hat Red shoes or red spray paint Large green trash bag with tie handle Newspaper for stuffing ScissorsInstruc...
  • Snowman Costume for Kids
    Snowman Alive
    Snowman AliveMaterials Paper grocery bag Cotton balls (white) White tissue paper Glue White Styrofoam Directions Place the bag over your child's head and mark where his eyes and arms are located. Remove the bag and cut out holes for eyes and ...
  • Steamer Halloween Mask for Kids
    Masks and Puppets
    Streamer Munchkin
    Streamer MunchkinMaterials Large paper bag White glue Ribbons, yarn, colored string Crayons Colored paper Directions Place bag over your child's head and mark where his eyes and armholes are located with crayons. Remove the bag and cut out th...
  • Cotton Ball Covered Costume for Kids
    Jewelry and Clothing
    Fluffy Head
    Fluffy HeadMaterials Large paper bag White glue Cotton balls White tissue paper Felt pen Directions Place paper bag over child's head and mark where his eyes and armholes are with a felt pen. Remove bag and use scissors to cut out the holes f...
  • CatHalloweenMask
    Halloween Masks
    9 Halloween Masks Kids Can Make
    Get creative with your costume this Halloween by making your own one-of-a-kind Halloween mask with these craft instructions and printable templates. If you're looking for something a little scarier for Halloween, check out our favorite "zombie co...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Face Painting
    Face Painting
    Face PaintingFace painting is lots of fun for kids. This simple recipe cleans up easily due to the cold cream.Time 5 to 20 minutes Materials 1 teaspoon cornstarchFood coloring1/2 teaspoon water1 1/2 teaspoons cold creamSmall paper cupssmall paint...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Tickle Trunk
    Tickle TrunkMaterials Empty trunk or large box Adult clothes and propsDirections You can encourage your child's dramatic play by setting up a Tickle Trunk full of props for him. Fill a trunk or box with adult clothes, shoes, hats, scarves, gloves...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Preschooler's Busy Book
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Rubik's Cube&#153 Costume
    Rubik's Cube™ CostumeTime: 30 minutes Effort: Easy - no sewing required Materials:Box that is evenly square on both sides Glue Black paint and paintbrush Construction paper (in various colors) Scissors Dark colored sweatsuit Tape or Velcro...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Funny Costumes
    Half Man/Half Woman Costume
    Half Man/Half Woman CostumeTime: About 1 hour Effort: Quick and easy - some sewing on Variations I and II. Materials:One button-up blouse One button-up skirt One pair of pants One button-up men's shirt One tie One boy shoe and one girl shoe ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Animal Costumes
    Raven Costume
    Raven CostumeTime: About 1 hour Effort: Easy - no sewing required Materials:Black mask Black feathers Black construction paper (1 piece) Black feather boa Black ribbon (1 to 2 feet) Purple and blue puff fabric paint Glue gun Safety pins 1...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Funny Costumes
    Rainy Day Kid Costume
    Rainy Day Kid CostumeTime: 1 hour at the most Effort: Easy - no sewing required Materials:Umbrella Raincoat Boots Clear tinsel or the plastic shredded tinsel used in gift wrapping Rubber cement or glue Sparkly body spray (optional) Instructi...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Group Costumes
    Rainbow (for a group) Costume
    Rainbow (for a group) CostumeTime: Not long at all Effort: Easy - no sewing required Materials:Clothes - 6 hooded or crew-neck sweatshirts and 6 pairs of sweatpants (one of each of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) ...