75 Moon Goddess Names for Your Little Girl

Updated: October 28, 2021
If you’re looking to give your little girl a moon goddess name, you’re in luck! Here are the top moon goddess names for girls with strong celestial meanings.
75 Goddess Names
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Few things are more magical and mythical than the moon. The moon has inspired and awed humankind for as long as people have looked up to the sky. The full moon is a beautiful sight, and the personification of the moon has a deep-rooted history. With all its splendor, it is little wonder that ancient civilizations worshiped moon gods and moon goddesses.

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If you are seeking baby names that are out of this world, then look no further. We have compiled a list of names inspired by the gods and goddess of the ancient Greeks, Native Americans, Hawaiians, and more guaranteed to help you find the perfect celestial name for your little goddess.

Moon Goddess Names

  1. Aega - Greek. A moon deity. Her mother was an earth goddess who hid her from the titans when they attacked Mount Olympia.
  2. Aine - Celtic. Goddess of love and light. She brings light to the dark.
  3. Anahita - Persian. A river goddess of Venus and the moon.
  4. Andromeda - Greek. Mythical Queen of Greece. The name of a galaxy.
  5. Apollo - Greek. Associated with the son and the NASA space and moon missions.
  6. Arianrhod - Celtic. Goddess of the moon and stars.
  7. Artemis - Greek. Goddess of the hunt. Also known as Diana in Roman mythology.
  8. Arwa - African. Lunar goddess of some tribes from Kenya and Uganda.
  9. Aylin - Turkish. Moon halo.
  10. Bader - Arabic. Full moon.
  11. Badru - Egyptian. It means born during a full moon.
  12. Bendis - Thracian. Ancient goddess of the moon and hunting.
  13. Bulan - Phillipino. The moon deity in charge of nighttime.
  14. Candi - Hindu. Goddess of the moon.
  15. Cassiopeia - Ancient queen of Greek mythology. A constellation.
  16. Cerridwen - Irish. The goddess of the moon, art, music, magic, and science. Many modern-day pagans still revere her.
  17. Chandra - Hindu. God of the moon.
  18. Chang-o - Chinese. A goddess who lived on the moon.
  19. Chang Xi - Chinese. Mother of twelve moons.
  20. Cynthia - Greek. From mount Kynthos. Another name for Artemis,, the moon goddess.
  21. Coyolxauhqui - Aztec. Goddess of the moon. Golden balls.
  22. Dae-Soon - Korean. Lunar goddess.
  23. Dede - Turkish. A moon god who lives with his parent, the Sun Mother.
  24. Deva - Hindu. A moon goddess. Brightness and radiance.
  25. Diana - Italian. Diana was a goddess of the moon, hunting, and childbirth in Roman mythology.
  26. Elara - Greek. One of Jupiter’s moons.
  27. Epona - Celtic. A horse goddess associated with night and dreams. A goddess of magic and fertility.
  28. Esther - Aramaic. Moon. A princess of Hebrew culture who is celebrated at Purim.
  29. Haiyla - Phillipino. The goddess of the moon.
  30. Hanwi - Native American. A goddess of the Ogala Sioux who lived with the sun and then was forced to become a goddess of the night.
  31. Hecate - Greek. A goddess associated with witchcraft and the underworld.
  32. Helios - Greek. The personification of the sun.
  33. Hera - Greek. Goddess of women, fertility, and marriage. The wife of Zeus.
  34. Hina - Hawaiian. The goddess of the moon.
  35. iNyanga - Zulu. Goddess of the moon.
  36. Io - Greek. The largest moon of Jupiter.
  37. Ishtar - Babylonian. The daughter of the moon.
  38. Isis - Egyptian. A moon deity and goddess of the sun.
  39. Izanami - Japanese. The goddess who controls the sea and the tides.
  40. Jericho - Hebrew. A Palestinian city whose name derives from the Hebrew ord yareakh meaning moon.
  41. Jezanna - Central African. The goddess of moon and healing.
  42. Juna - Roman. The goddess of the new moon.
  43. Jupiter - Latin. Father of Zeus. Considered a gender-neutral name. Jupiter presides over the heavens.
  44. Jyotsna - Hindu. In Hindu mythology, she is the goddess of twilight and autumn moons.
  45. Komorkis - Native North American. The Blackfoot tribe goddess of the moon.
  46. Kuan Yin - Chinese. A Buddhist goddess of the moon, compassion, and healing.
  47. Lasya - Tibetian. Goddess of the moon and beauty.
  48. Lucina - Roman. A Roman goddess of light.
  49. Luna - Italian. Moon. Luna is the name of the Roman moon goddess.
  50. Mahina - Hawaiian. A lunar deity and word for moon.
  51. Mani - Norse. Mani is the personification of the moon in Norse mythology.
  52. Maya - Greek. Good mother. In the Mayan religion, the moon was considered a female goddess.
  53. Maetzli - Aztec. The mother moon who gave birth to the sun and the sky.
  54. Mawu - Dahomean. A creator goddess associated with the moon and the sun.
  55. Meridian - American. Middle. Center. The meridian is the invisible line the moon passes over to create night.
  56. Mona - Old English. Moon.
  57. Monday - Old English. Made up of the two words that translate to Moon Day.
  58. Persephone - Greek. Queen of the underworld.
  59. Phoebe - Latin. Another name for the goddess of the moon Diana or Artemis.
  60. Raith - Hindu. Dewi Raith is the Hindu lunar goddess worshipped in Bali and Java.
  61. Rhiannon - Celtic. Goddess of the moon. Divine Queen of the Fairies.
  62. Sadarnuna - Sumerian. Goddess of the new moon.
  63. Sedna - Inuit. Goddess of the sea who battles Alignak, the moon god.
  64. Sefkhet - Egyptian. The deity of the night sky, stars, and time.
  65. Selene - Greek. The Greek equivalent of Diana, the moon goddess. Selene married the handsome shepherd Endymion and had fifty children.
  66. Sina - Polynesian. The moon goddess and sister of the sun god Maui.
  67. Sol - Spanish. Sun.
  68. Soma - Hindu. Goddess of the moon.
  69. Sunna - Norse Mythology. Goddess of the sun.
  70. Thoth - Egyptian. God of wisdom, the arts, and science.
  71. Trivia - Roman. Another name for the Greek goddess Selene.
  72. Uranus - Greek. The heavens. The Greek god of the sky.
  73. Xochhiquetzal - Aztec. Moon goddess and goddess of flowers, spring, and pregnancy.
  74. Yemanja - Native South American. A Brazilian goddess of the oceans and was represented by the crescent moon.
  75. Zirna - Etruscan. A lunar deity of the waxing moon.

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