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105 Yoruba Baby Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings

Choose a Yoruba Baby name and learn the most popular Yoruba names for girls and boys in Nigeria!
105 Yoruba Baby Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings
Updated: November 8, 2022
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The Yorubas are one of Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups. Hailing from western Nigeria, there are an estimated 40 million Yorubas worldwide.

This proud ancient culture has a long, dynamic history that soon-to-be new parents can celebrate with meaningful Yoruba baby names that speak to the rich traditions of this Nigerian ethnic group. 

The top Yoruba baby girl names, baby boy names, and gender-neutral names are part of the Nigerian region’s living language Nigerian names and Yoruba names hold significant cultural value.

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Check out this Yoruba baby name list to learn the meaning of the most common Yoruba baby names and their meanings and origin. 

Yoruba Naming Traditions 

To understand the meanings behind Yoruba baby names, new parents may need to start with the roots of the language itself. As the Yoruba spread out across the globe, a unifying language became a way to share customs and create a sense of kinship. But this doesn’t mean every Yoruba individual or group of people uses the same spoken words. 

Yoruba Naming Traditions 

According to the Yoruba Culture Center Dallas, different Yoruba groups use different dialects. Likewise, other groups of people in Africa incorporate the Yoruba language into their own forms of communication. These include the Itsekiri language (in the Niger Delta and Igala) and Lucumi (in the Caribbean).

When it comes to names, meaning holds a special place for the Yoruba. The “Iso Omo Loruko” is a baby naming ceremony the Yoruba celebrate on the newborn’s eighth day. Traditionally, the naming ceremony is held at the house of the paternal grandparents. 

In terms of the names themselves, you’ll find some common themes in Yoruba practices.  A 2019 study of baby names looked at the history, cultural aspects, and tradition of name choices among Yoruba. 

The study authors note there are names that describe specific attributes, circumstances, or issues related to the birth, such as Ajayi—a child born face down. There are also Oriki names that express what the family hopes the child will become.  

Selecting a baby name based on significant meaning or cultural traditions doesn’t end there. Other Yoruba baby name meanings often draw name inspiration from things like the parents’ profession, religion, or members of the Yoruba royal family. 

Popular Yoruba Girl Names

You’re searching for Nigerian baby girl names. But you’re not sure which Yoruba picks are the best names for your daughter. Check out these top options and the meanings behind them!

Popular Yoruba Girl Names

1. Abebi - Nigerian for she came after asking (perfect if you were hoping to have a girl!). 

2. Abiona - Born during a journey. 

3. Adaego - Nigerian (Igo) for daughter of wealth. 

4. Adaoma - Good and virtuous. 

5. Addana - Igbo, for the younger sister of a girl.

6. Adebola - She met honor. 

7. Adefolake - The crown or your wealth supports us. 

8. Aderonke - The crown will pamper. 

9. Adesewa - The crown of (or makes) beauty. 

10. Adunni - Daughter of a sweet person or one who is sweet. 

11. Atinuke - Atinuke means one who is taken care of from conception. 

12. Boluwatife - As God wants it or the will of God. 

13. Digiola - Reflection of abundance. 

14. Fakuade - God brings good things. 

15. Folashade - Honor earns a crown. 

16. Funmi - Wealth of God or God gives joy. 

17. Gbemisola - Carry me to wealth. 

18. Gbohunmi - God has heard my cry. 

19. Ibukun - This Yoruba name for girls means blessings. 

20. Ifedayo - Love has turned to joy. 

21. Ileara - A healthy child. 

22. Irekanmi - Good things come. 

23. Iretiola - Anticipation of wealth. 

24. Iyawa - A skillful woman. 

25. Jadesola - Come into wealth. 

26. Jobola - A child born with wealth. 

27. Kayin - The long-awaited child. 

28. Keyshia - A favorite of everyone. 

29. Kikelomo  - A child who is destined to be pampered. 

30. Kolapo - Wealth is abundant. 

31. Korede - A girl who brings joy to her family. 

32. Lolade - God is with you. 

33. Ola - This Yoruba name is also Arabic for high or surmount. 

34. Oluchi - The work of God. 

35. Omolade - Child of the crown. 

36. Orisa - An angel manifested. 


37. Shola - The blessed one. 

38. Timilehin - God is with you. 

39. Tiwa - This regal baby girl name means one who owns the crown. 

40. Tujuka - Cheerful!

41. Yejide - A child who looks like her mother. 

42. Zoptan - The protector. 

Popular Yoruba Boy Names 

Like baby names for girls, Yoruba names for boys also have special meanings. From regally majestic monikers to religious selections, these trending baby name picks speak to (and celebrate!) the Yoruba culture, traditions, and more. 

Popular Yoruba Boy Names

43. Abegunde - Born during the holiday. 

44. Abeo - He who brings happiness. 

45. Abidemi - Born during a father’s absence or when the father is not present. 

46. Abiodun - Born during a war or born during a festival. 

47. Abioye - The son of royalty. 

48. Adebiyi - The royal one. 

49. Adesola - The crown honored us. 

50. Adetola - A regal baby boy name, meaning the crown is worthy of wealth. 

51. Ajayi - Born face down. 

52. Akin - Brave, heroic, or Hebrew for man. 

53. Ayinde - We gave praise. 

54. Ayotomiwa - Wealth has returned. 

55. Babasola - The father’s well has returned or arrived. 

56. Damola - Mixed with wealth. 

57. Durojaiye - One who waits for the job of life. 

58. Durosinmi - Wait to rest. 

59. Gbolahan - Show the glory of God.

60. Ige - Born breech. 

61. Iles - Messenger of God. 

62. Inioluwa - This baby boy name means acquiring God’s treasure. 

63. Iranola - Wealthy family. 

64. Iseoluwa - The act of God. 

65. Jimoh - Friday birth? This Yoruba name means one who is born on a Friday. 

66. Oba - The king. 

67. Ogooluaw - The glory of God. 

68. Oke - Gift of God. 

69. Malomo - Don’t go away again. 

70. Mabayoje - Do not destroy joy. 

71. Mayowa - One who brings joy to his family. 

72. Mobo -Freedom! 

73. Mobolaji - A boy born into wealth. 

74. Naade - A boy born to royalty. 

75. Olabisi - Multiple joys. 

Yoruba Boy Baby Names

76. Oladayo - Wealth becomes joy. 

77. Ropo - Come to save. 

78. Seye - Honor. 

79. Shakale - The almighty. 

80. Sijuwade - A man destined for greatness. 

81. Sunkanmi - Draw close to me. 

82. Talib - With Arabic origins, this boy’s name means seeker of knowledge or student. 

83. Tantoluwa - One who is like God. 

84. Tayo - A boy who is full of happiness. 

85. Tolulola - Wealth belongs to God. 

86. Tomori - We’ve seen a baby again. 

Popular Yoruba Unisex or Gender-Neutral Names 

Are you waiting until your baby's due date to get a “boy” or “girl” surprise? Whether you skipped the pre-birthday gender reveal or you just want a unisex name, these Yoruba options are perfect for your newborn. 

Yoruba Unisex or Gender-Neutral Names

87. Abiola - Born in wealth or born in honor. 

88. Ade - This shortened name or nickname means crown. 

89. Ayo - Joy!

90. Ayotunde - Joy has returned. 

91. Erioluwa - Evidence of God. 

92. Modupeore - Thank you for the gift from God. 

93. Morenikeji - The child looks like me. 

94. Niyilolawa - The wealth is here. 

95. Olamide - Wealth has arrived. 

96. Olumoroti - To stand with God. 

97. Olayinka - Wealth surrounds. 

98. Olusola - God has blessed me. 

99. Omodesola - Wealthy family or the child arrives in wealth. 

100. Tejumola - Someone who looks towards better days. 

101. Toki - Worthy of praise. 

102. Tokenbo - The one from across the seas. 

Popular Yoruba Names for Twins 

Yoruba Names for Twins 

With two babies on the way, you need to double your name choices. Yoruba names for twins feature special pairings with equally special meanings!

103. Kehinde - Second born of the twins. 

104. Idowu - While not technically a twin name, this pick means born after a set of twins. 

105. Taiwo - The first delivered or born twin. 

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105 Yoruba Baby Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings


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