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100 Cute Twin Girl Name Pairings We’re Obsessed With 

These unique twin girl name pairs are cute and fun name options for twin sisters! Discover twin girl names and meanings.
100 Cute Twin Girl Name Pairings We’re Obsessed With 
Updated: September 12, 2022

If you are searching for inspiration for baby girl names, you will find lots of help here. Below we have 100 names for twin girls that make the perfect pair. Whether they sound great together, or rhyme, you will have a lot of names and meanings to choose from. 

We know it can be difficult to choose one baby name, let alone two. Plus, there are even some unisex name options for twins if you’re expecting boy and girl twins. Avery, Hayden, and Rory are great examples of gender-neutral names  that are often used as boys' names, too! 

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Everything is broken up into categories and includes name meanings and origins to give you more inspiration for unique twin girl names. 

Twin Girl Names That Go Well Together 

  1. Amelia, Emily - These names both means “to strive” or “hardworking.” “Amelia” is Latin and “Emily” is English.
  2. Aria, Rayna - Both of these girl names mean “song.” “Aria” is Italian and “Rayna” is Hebrew.
  3. Arianna, Gabriella - Each of these names has a religious meaning. “Arianna” is Latin for “most holy” and “Gabriella” is Hebrew for “devoted to God.”
  4. Autumn, Summer - These girl names are both seasons. “Autumn” or the “season of the harvest” follows the warmest season, “Summer.”
  5. Clover, Willow - Both of these names for twins are nature related and of English origin. “Clover” means “meadow flower” and “Willow” means “willow tree.”
  6. Elizabeth, Isabella - Both of these names means “God is my oath.” “Elizabeth” is Hebrew” and “Isabella” is both Italian and Spanish.
  7. Eve, Zoe - These girl names both mean “life” “Eve” is Hebrew and “Zoe” is Greek.
  8. Faith, Hope - These are both English names that mean “to trust.”
  9. Freya, Phoebe - These names are very similar in meaning. “Freya” means “noble” and “beauty” in Old Norse. “Phoebe” means “bright” and “radiant” in Greek.
  10. Hazel, Ivy - These are botanical names of English origin. “Hazel” refers to the “hazel tree” and “Ivy” means “vine.”
  11. Heaven, Nevaeh - “Heaven” is the English name for “the home of the Gods and celestial beings.” “Nevaeh” is “Heaven” spelled backward.
  12. Honor, Liberty - These names have similar meanings. “Honor” means “dignity” in English and “liberty” means “freedom” in Latin.
  13. Iona, Isla - Both of these names mean “island.” “Iona” is Scottish and “Isla” is “Spanish.”
  14. Jennifer, Kathleen - These girl names have similar meanings. “Jennifer” means “fair” in English and “Kathleen” means “pure” in Irish.
  15. Juliette, Vivienne - These names are fairly similar and sound great together. “Juliette” is French for “youthful” and “Vivienne” is French for “lively.”
  16. Lilac, Violet - These are both a type of purple flower and also both Latin. “Lilac” means “bluish purple” and “Violet” means “purple.”
  17. London, Paris - Both of these names are cities in Europe. “London” means “from the great river” in English and “Paris” means “from France” in Greek.
  18. Marigold, Poppy - Both of these girl names are a type of flower. “Marigold” is English for “golden flower” and “Poppy” is Latin for “red flower.”
  19. Maya, Penelope - These names are both found in Greek mythology. “Maya” means “great” and “Penelope” means “weaver/.”
  20. Opal, Ruby - Both of these names are precious gemstones. “Opal” means “jewel” in Sanskrit and “Ruby” means “red precious stone” in Latin.

Twin Girl Names That Rhyme 

Twin Girl Names That Rhyme
  1. Addison, Madison - These names are of English origin. “Addison” means “son of Adam” and “Madison” means “son of Matthew.”
  2. Adele, Belle - “Adele” means “noble” in German. “Belle” means “beautiful” in French.
  3. Alisha, Tanisha - “Alisha” is Spanish for “protected by God.” “Tanisha” is Sanskrit for “ambition.”
  4. Amanda, Miranda - These are both Latin names. “Amanda” means “loveable” and “Miranda” means “admirable.”
  5. Anya, Tonya - “Anya” is Russian for “grace.” “Tonya” is Russian for “praiseworthy.”
  6. Bella, Ella - “Bella” means “beautiful” in Italian. “Ella” means “young girl” in Spanish.
  7. Blaire, Claire - “Blaire” means “field of battle” in Scottish. “Claire” means “bright” in French.
  8. Bonnie, Connie - “Bonnie” is Scottish for “pretty.” “Connie” is Latin for “constant.”
  9. Brianna, Rhianna - “Brianna” is Irish for “noble.” “Rhianna” is Welsh for “great queen.”
  10. Cheryl, Meryl - “Cheryl” means “beloved” in French. “Meryl” means “shining sea” in Celtic.
  11. Cheyenne, Luann - “Cheyenne” is Sioux for “people of a different language.” “Luann” is English for “famous warrior.”
  12. Chloe, Zoe - “Chloe is Greek for “blooming.” “Zoe” is Greek for “life.”
  13. Clarice, Elise - “Clarice” means “bright” in French. “Elise” means “God is my oath” in French.
  14. Clarissa, Marissa - “Clarissa” means “bright” in Latin. “Marissa” means “of the sea” in Latin.
  15. Daisy, Maisy - “Daisy” is English for “day’s eye.” “Maisy” is Greek for “pearl.”
  16. Danielle, Michelle - “Danielle” is French for “God is my judge.” “Michelle” is French for “who resembles God.”
  17. Dara, Kara - “Dara” means “pearl of wisdom” in Persian. “Kara” means “beloved” in Italian.
  18. Darcy, Marcy - “Darcy” means “dark one” in French. “Marcy” means “warlike” in Latin.
  19. Ellen, Helen - These names both mean “light” in Greek.
  20. Fiona, Leona - “Fiona” is Scottish for “fair.” “Leona” is “lioness” in Latin.
  21. Flora, Laura - “Flora” means “flower” in Latin. “Laura” means “bay laurel” in Latin.
  22. Hailey, Kaylee - “Hailey” is English for “hayfield.” “Kaylee” is English for “crown.”
  23. Holly, Molly - “Holly” is English for “plant with red berries.” “Molly” is Irish for “star of the sea.”
  24. Josie, Rosie - “Josie” is Hebrew for “God increases.” “Rosie” is an English nickname for “Rose.”
  25. Kayla, Layla - “Kaya” means “crown of laurels” in Hebrew. “Layla” means “night” in Arabic.
  26. Karen, Sharon - “Karen” means “pure” in Danish. “Sharon” means “a fertile plain” in Hebrew.
  27. Kerry, Mary - “Kerry” is Irish for “dark.” “Mary” is Hebrew for “beloved.”
  28. Kylie, Miley - “Kylie” means “graceful” in Irish. “Miley” means “son of Saint Aodh” in Irish.
  29. Lea, Mia - “Lea” is Hebrew for “delicate.” “Mia” is Italian for “mine.”
  30. Milly, Tilly - “Milly is Latin for “gentle strength.” “Tilly” is German for “mighty in battle.”
  31. Nia, Tia - “Nia” means “lustrous” in Swahili. “Tia” means “goddess” in Greek.
  32. Patrice, Reese - “Patrice” means “noble” in French. “Reese” means “enthusiastic” in Welsh.
  33. Reagan, Teagan - “Reagan” is Irish for “little king.” “Teagan” is Irish for “little poet.”

Twin Girl Names That Start With the Same Letter 

Twin Girl Names That Start With the Same Letter
  1. Abigail, Ashley - “Abigail” is Hebrew for “father’s joy.” “Ashley” is English for “ash tree.”
  2. Allison, Avery - “Allison” means" “noble” in Scottish. “Avery” means “ruler of the elves” in Old English.
  3. Arabella, Aurora - “Arabella” means “yielding to prayer” in Latin. “Aurora” means “dawn” in Latin.
  4. Aria, Ava - “Aria” is Italian for “song” and “Ava” is Latin for “life.”
  5. Beverly, Brittany - “Beverly” means “beaver stream” in English. “Brittany” means “from Britain” in English.
  6. Brianna, Brooklyn - “Brianna” is Irish for “noble.” “Brooklyn” is English for “one who lives near a brook.”
  7. Camilla, Cora - “Camilla” means “young religious servant” in Latin. “Cora” means “maiden” in Greek.
  8. Cassidy, Chelsea - “Cassidy” is Irish for “curly-haired.” “Chelsea” is English for “chalk landing place.”
  9. Catherine, Charlotte - “Catherine” means “pure” in Greek. “Charlotte” means “free man” in French.
  10. Daisy, Delilah - “Daisy” means “day’s eye” in English. “Delilah” means “delicate” in Hebrew.
  11. Darla, Deanna - “Darla” means “darling” in English. “Deanna” means “divine” in Latin.
  12. Elizabeth, Emma - “Elizabeth” is Hebrew for “God is my oath.” “Emma” is German for “universal.”
  13. Eleanor, Evelyn - “Eleanor” is Greek for “shining light.” “Evelyn” is English for “desired.”
  14. Felicia, Florence - “Felicia” means “happy” in Latin. “Florence” means “flourishing” in Latin.
  15. Gabriella, Giselle - “Gabriella” is Hebrew for “devoted to God.” “Giselle” is French for “pledge.”
  16. Harper, Hayden - These girl names are both of English origin. “Harper” means “harp player” and “Hayden” means “hayfield.”
  17. Harriet, Heather - “Harriet” is English for “home-ruler.” “Heather” is English for “flowering evergreen plant.”
  18. Jessica, Julia - “Jessica” means “God beholds” in Hebrew. “Julia” is “means “supreme God” in Latin.
  19. Kaitlyn, Kelsey - “Kaitlyn” is Greek for “pure.” “Kelsey” is English for “ship’s victory.”
  20. Lily, Lucy - “Lily” means “pure” in Latin. “Lucy” means “light” in Latin.
  21. Marcella, Matilda - “Marcella” means “warlike” in Italian. “Matilda” means “mighty in battle” in German.
  22. Minnie, Molly - “Minnie” is Hebrew for “bitter.” “Molly” is Irish for “star of the sea.”
  23. Noelle, Nora - “Noelle” is French for “Christmas.” “Nora” is French for “light.”
  24. Olivia, Ophelia - “Olivia” means “olive tree” in Latin. “Ophelia” means “helper” in Greek.
  25. Penny, Poppy - “Penny” means “weaver” in Greek. “Poppy” means “red flower” in Latin.
  26. Raven, Rory - “Raven is English for “blackbird.” “Rory” is Gaelic for “red king.”
  27. Samantha, Sophia - “Samantha’ is Hebrew for “as told by God.” “Sophia” is Greek for “wisdom.”
  28. Savannah, Stella - “Savannah” means “grassy plain” in Spanish. “Stella” means “star” in Latin.
  29. Tessa, Thea -Both of these names are Greek. “Tessa” means “to gather” and “Thea” means “goddess.”
  30. Vanessa, Victoria - “Vanessa” is Greek for “butterfly.” “Victoria” is Latin for “victory.”
  31. Wendy, Willa - “Wendy” means “friend” in English. “Willa” means “resolute protection” in German.
  32. Whitney, Winona - “Whitney” means “white island” in Old English. “Winona” means “first-born daughter” in Sioux.

Twin Girl Names With Opposite Meanings 

Twin Girl Names With Opposite Meanings
  1. Agnes, Leona - “Agnes” means “chaste” in Greek. “Leona” means “lioness” in Latin.
  2. Blanche, Melanie - “Blanche” is French for “white.” “Melanie” is Greek for “darkness.”
  3. Celeste, Selena - “Celeste” is Latin for “heavenly.” “Selena” is Greek for “the moon.”
  4. Dawn, Layla - “Dawn” means “daybreak” in English. "Layla” means “night” in Arabic.
  5. Luna, Soleil - “Luna” means “the moon” in Latin. “Soleil” means “sun” in French.
  6. Summer, Winter - These seasons have very opposite weather patterns.

Unique Twin Girl Names

  1. Carmen, Paloma - “Carmen” is Spanish for “garden.” “Paloma” is Latin for “dove.”
  2. Delaney, Sloane - “Delaney” means “dark challenger” in Irish. “Sloane” means “warrior” in Irish.
  3. Eden, Isla - “Eden” means “paradise” in Hebrew. “Isla” means “island” in Spanish.
  4. Ethel, Mabel - “Ethel” is German for “noble.” “Mabel” is Latin for “loveable.”
  5. Greta, Maeve - “Greta” means “pearl” in German. “Maeve” means “she who rules” in Irish.
  6. Hadley, Keely - “Hadley” means “heather field” in English. “Keely” means “beautiful” in Irish.
  7. Harlowe, Sienna - “Harlowe” is Old English for “rock hill.” “Sienna” is Italian for “reddish brown.”
  8. Kinsley, Skylar - “Kinsley” is English for “king’s meadow.” “Skylar” is Dutch for “scholar.”
  9. Presley, Talia - “Presley” means “priest’s meadow” in English. “Talia” means “morning dew” in Hebrew.

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100 Cute Twin Girl Name Pairings We’re Obsessed With 


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