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Baby Showers

Planning a baby shower for a special mom-to-be shouldn't be stressful. Find printable baby shower games, delicious baby shower food ideas, and other great baby shower ideas to help make your party a success.

5 Great Baby Shower Games

Looking for baby shower game ideas? Check out these printables for everything from Baby Shower Bingo to Name That (Baby!) Tune, and more! read more

7 Non-Cliche Baby Shower Games

Ah, another day, another baby shower to attend. Certainly a joyous time, this popular mom-to-be celebration often involves gifts of pink or blue (or neutral), lots of excited women, and super-cute baby-themed dcor. But, let's face it. Baby shower games can be bland and boring. Looking for some unique and really memorable baby shower games? read more

Baby Shower Bingo Printable Game Cards

Print off these baby shower BINGO cards to use at your shower as you unwrap gifts for your soon-to-be baby. Check out these other fun baby shower games. read more

Baby Shower Guessing Game

For this easy baby shower guessing game, cut out these slips and ask shower guests to fill in their guesses about the baby's birthday, weight, and more! After the baby arrives, send a small prize to the best guesser, or just collect all the guesses for the mom-to-be's scrapbook! Check out these other fun baby shower games. read more

Baby Shower Registry Checklist

Do you have all the gear you'll need for your new bundle of joy? Print this baby registry checklist to be sure you cover all your bases! Also, check out these fun baby shower game printables. read more

Finish the Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Game

This crowd-pleasing baby shower game has guests brush up on their nursery rhyme lyrics. Check out these other fun baby shower games. read more

Hosting Wedding and Baby Showers

Hosting Wedding and Baby Showers The purpose of this type of party is not only to shower the guest of honor with gifts, but to welcome her to this new phase of her life. We'll look at planning a wedding shower, but with a few minor alterations, this party can easily celebrate the birth or adoption of a child or pet. read more

Name That (Baby) Tune! Shower Game

For this baby shower game, create a playlist of songs that have the word "baby" in the title (hint: use a mix of older and newer songs so that all players have a fair chance). Print this sheet for each guest to guess the song title and artist while you play a snippet of the song. Give one point for each correct title and two points for each correct artist. The player with the most points wins! Check out these other fun baby shower games. read more

Pin the Baby on the Belly Printable Shower Game

Print off the pregnant belly template and a baby for each guest to play this fun twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey at your next baby shower. Check out these other fun baby shower games. read more

Staff Favorites: 20 Essential Products for Baby's 1st Year

The FamilyEducation staff is made up of moms and dads like you, always on the lookout for the best products for our kids. We've come up with a list of the must-have baby products that have been essential to our young families — everything from "miracle" blankets to fun first toys. We're sure you'll like them too! read more

Top 10 Gifts for Moms Expecting Twins

Searching for the perfect baby shower gift for twins? These creative and practical ideas will bring the multiples-mom-to-be double the joy. If you have twins, please tell us in the comments area what items you found most useful. read more