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What to Wear to a Baby Shower: Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for EVERY Event!

Looking for outfit ideas for a baby shower? Find formal and casual inspiration for what to wear to a baby shower!
What to Wear to a Baby Shower
Updated: June 28, 2023

Whether you’re the one with the bump or you are celebrating your BFF the mom-to-be, the baby shower dress code is at the top of your mind.

While there are no strict rules for what to wear to a baby shower, it’s important to choose a baby shower outfit that’s comfy, cute, and will make you feel both haute and hot!

So if you’re ready to hit up Amazon or the mall and check out every midi, maxi, mini dress, sundress, cardigan, blazer, and jumpsuit, read on for our super-charged shower dressing guide for moms, friends of moms, MILs, SILs, and more.

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What to Wear to Your Own Baby Shower

You’re the mom-to-be at the celebration and are ready for your guests to shower you with praise, love, attention, and...well, gifts.

There isn’t one end-all-and-be-all outfit idea for your own baby shower, but here are some tips for choosing what to wear:

1. Pick a baby shower outfit that screams “you”

Motherhood does not come with a uniform. Long gone are the days of maternity mu-mu’s and oversized poly-blend apron-like midi dresses. Let your personal style shine through and choose a baby shower outfit that is 100 percent purely you.

2. Make sure you choose something comfortable

Comfy Baby Shower Outfit

Comfy is crucial during the third trimester of pregnancy. While that tight mini dress hanging in your closet sure is cute, fabric that binds and chafes is not the best choice for what could potentially turn into a long day.

3. Stay Season-appropriate

Season Appropriate Baby Shower Outfit

A summer baby shower and a winter baby shower deserve different outfits. The boho chic sundress that keeps you cool in the heat of July won’t work for a mid-winter shower in Maine.

4. Choose clothes that are easy to layer

Layered Baby Shower Outfits

A spring baby shower or a fall baby shower can go either way. The weather could feel summerish or you could see snow. Instead of one baby shower dress or a sweater and wide-leg pant set, opt for layers.

A sleeveless dress with a cardigan, a T-shirt, and a blazer, or a midi skirt, tank top, and over-the-shoulder wrap combo can keep you cool and comfy or warm and toasty.

5. Ask about the dress code

Baby Shower Dress Code

Celebrating your soon-to-be new baby isn’t always a formal affair. If the shower is a casual event a T-shirt and flowy skirt may do. But if the shower is more of a dress-up kind of day, you’ll need something significantly more special.

6. Go with a reliable wrap dress

Wrap Dress for Baby Shower

That’s a wrap! This type of maternity dress won’t balloon out or overtake your shape. Not only is it completely comfortable, but it’s also easy to expand!

This means the mom-to-be can buy a baby shower dress months before the big day- and it will still fit.

What to Wear to a Baby Shower as a Guest

Again, there are no baby shower outfit rules you (as a guest and not the mom-to-be) will have to follow. If you’re into mini dresses or are all about a maxi and boots, go for it! But if you’re not sure what to wear or have some dress code anxiety about baby shower outfit ideas, consider:

A sweater dress.

Sweater Dress

Okay, so this pick works better for a winter baby shower than a summer party. But it is an easy way to stay comfy all day and spans the dress-up to casual worlds. If you’re not exactly sure whether you need to go for a formal frock or keep it cool with pants and a T-shirt, the sweater dress is an in-between option.

Wide-leg pants and a cute top

Wide Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are the dressy cousin of your basic khakis. The wider legs add a touch of style that says, “I’m here for a special day!” Pair a playful pant with a flowy top, T-shirt, blazer, or cardigan.

You can even dress this version up for a more formal affair. Add a pair of cute heels, a metallic mock turtleneck top, or an embellished halter.

Floral dresses and prints

Floral Dress

A pretty pastel floral dress is picture-perfect for a summer baby shower bash. A flowy maxi with a bold floral print is another summery selection that is sure to score points at an outdoor baby shower in the warmer months of the year. If the shower is during a cooler month, consider a deeper shade or a bold floral pattern.

White jeans and T-shirt

White Jeans

A casual shower requires an equally casual look. And, you don’t want to outdo the mom-to-be. If you prefer to leave the statement summer dresses or other similar glamazon ensembles to the guest of honor, stick to something simple.

Unlike traditional blue jeans, the white version is a stylish upgrade that separates adult wear from kid’s clothes. Pair your jeans with a simple tee, add a boat-neck top for a nautical feel, or choose a long-sleeve shirt for a cooler party day.

A modest-ish neckline

Modest Neckline

No, you don’t have to button up all the way to your chin or sport a turtleneck to your BFF’s baby shower. But you may want to skip the skin-baring low-cut tops or anything that requires double-stick tape to hold you in.

A graphic T-shirt with a pop of color is a playful pick for a casual event, while a blousy boho chic style will work for a more dressed-up day out.

What Colors to Wear to a Baby Shower

There’s no color definitive palette to stick to for a baby shower. If you’re struggling to pick out a full-color combo or just not sure which pop of color is the best option for your shower outlet, consider:

Follow the seasonal trends

Seasonal Trends

When in doubt, follow seasonal color trends. Yes, you can wear white after Labor Day. And it can work well for a snow-soaked, sparkling winter baby shower.

Likewise, chilly pastels (think icy blues and metallic pinks) are also winter options. But traditionally “winter” shades such as navy blue, deep wine/maroon, or chestnut browns may seem off during a spring or summer baby shower.

Match the theme

Baby Shower Theme

Is there a baby shower theme? A zoo-like print in natural hues is perfect for an animal-themed shower, while blues, greens, and aquas are ideal options for an under-the-sea or beach bash.

Colors inspired by the baby’s sex

Colors Based on Baby's Sex

Some parents will want to base their baby shower decorations on the sex of their future baby. Is it an all-pink or all-blue shower? Your outfit idea can match the vibe. If the hosts are going gender-neutral, a nice green, yellow, or purple outfit are all great options.

Colors to show off your baby bump

Baby Bump Colors

Are you the mama-to-be who wants to highlight her belly bump? Go ahead and show off your baby's style with a bold color. A hot pink, emerald green, racy red, or royal blue top spotlights the person everyone is coming to celebrate- your baby!

What to Wear to an Outdoor Baby Shower

An outdoor baby shower presents challenges that you won’t need to worry about during an indoor event. The weather could turn from warm to a more than subtle chill, a windy day could whisk away a flowy or flouncy material, and a sudden storm could soak a sheer dress.

The key to making the day work, and keeping yourself comfortable, is layering. Layer a blazer over a fitted T-shirt and pair the look with wide-leg pants or add a cardigan to a sleeveless summer dress.

Outdoor Baby Shower

The perfect baby shower outfit for an outdoor event could also include a longer maxi dress (for maximum coverage) or a long-sleeve top to keep you warm during a fall or spring shower.

When planning an outfit for an outdoor shower, don’t forget about footwear. Ankle boots wrap your tootsies in warmth and provide the support you need to navigate the exterior event setting.

Outdoor Baby Shower 2

Skip flip-flops, heels, or sandals with thongs. These shoes are slip-and-fall hazards and may leave you with sore feet after a day spent on grass or a patio.

For the Dads: What to Wear to a Joint Baby Shower

Baby showers are not just for women. A joint baby shower with the dad-to-be and his buds or your couple friends means your SO needs to pick the perfect party wardrobe too!

If your dude is a T-shirt and jeans type of guy and the shower is a dressed-up fete, he may need a little help in the outfit department. For the perfect party look, consider:

  • A button-down: A light chambray button-down is a casual option for a summer-time shower.
  • A dressed-up T-shirt: A cardigan or blazer can elevate that tee your guy refuses to give up or add a stylish flare to a pair of khakis.
  • Matching couple outfits: If you’re really ready to reveal your couples’ game and up the ante on your duo-style, pick matching outfits. This doesn’t mean you both have to wear the same thing. Instead, go with one color theme, the same pattern, or the same material.

Baby Shower Dad Outfits

  • Fun patterns: A baby shower isn’t a super-serious occasion. This pre-baby party is all about fun. Dad can keep things light with a bold pattern or print shirt.

Fashion Trends for Moms-To-Be and More

Can the soon-to-be mama and her guests get trendy for a baby shower?

Whether you go for a vintage baby shower theme with poodle skirts or flowy 70s pants or choose a more current fashion trend, these baby shower outfits are sure to make you feel like a star!

Poodle skirts and ponytails, acid-washed jeans and sky-high bangs, ultra-low rise pants, and platforms. These trends of the past are long gone. But this doesn’t mean you can’t pick a current trend for your shower.

Popular modern baby shower fashion trends include:

Comfy jumpsuits and playful summer-friendly rompers

Comfy Jumpsuit

Wide-leg cropped pants

Cropped Pants

Sheer fabric tops or dresses (with something underneath of course)

Sheer Fabric

Boho maxi dresses in earth tones or rich colors

Maxi Dress

No matter what outfit you choose for your baby shower, you’re sure to look and feel beautiful.

Are you ready to register for your baby shower? Not sure what to ask for? We’ve got you covered with our Baby Shower Checklist!

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