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Beach Theme Baby Shower Ideas

With these beachy ideas, you can throw a baby shower that will really make waves!
Beach Theme Baby Shower Ideas
By: Kelly Sundstrom

Who doesn't love a relaxing beach vacation with sun, surf, and tropical food? Even if you live in the suburbs, you can turn your backyard into a seaside resort with the right decor, activities, music, and food. Make the mama-to-be feel like she's the guest of honor on a dream vacation with these beach themed baby shower ideas.

Beach-up your backyard with tropical decor

Beach Theme Baby Shower Ideas

Photo source: Flickr/haardnox

When decorating for a beach-themed baby shower, try to imagine what you might see on a vacation to a coastal or island location. Make the space feel as airy and tropical as possible by setting up tiki torches around the perimeter of the party. Instead of using the standard baby shower roses, try hibiscus flowers for centerpieces that you can sprinkle over tables. Treat each guest with a hibiscus flower to wear in her hair or behind her ear. If you want to really go all out, provide each guests with a batik sarong to wear during the party and to keep as souvenir. Finish off the decor by adding in a few well-placed accents, like seashells, pineapples, coconuts, and framed prints featuring tropical advertisements or beach scenes.

Beach baby shower menu

Beach Theme Baby Shower Ideas - beach menu

Photo source: Flickr/clubhousescene

Put together a beach-themed baby shower menu with tropical, Hawaiian or Caribbean foods. Try serving citrus-glazed pork chops or jerk chicken as the main course, along with fresh fruit and pineapple rice pilaf on the side. Drinks can include virgin daiquiris and pina coladas. Fill empty coconut shell halves with ice cream for a surprising dessert, and serve coconut covered lemon cake instead of the traditional angel food cake.

Tropical baby shower tunes

Beach Theme Baby Shower Ideas - beach tunes

Photo source: Flickr/treasures_and_tiaras

By carefully selecting the music, you can transform an ordinary backyard baby shower into an unforgettable beach resort party. Before the baby shower begins, make sure that you can hear the music clearly in the backyard by arranging the music player or speakers. A few top music choices to make your event feel beachy include the Beach Boys, Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett or a soundtrack featuring surfer hits from the 60s.

Beach themed games and activities

Beach Theme Baby Shower Ideas - games and activities

Photo source: Flickr/revjett

Guests always love traditional baby shower games and activities, but you can make these fan favorites beach themed with a little fine-tuning. For the baby bottle drinking game, fill the bottles with tropical fruit punch instead of milk, and use flower leis instead of toilet paper for the baby bump circumference game. Instead of using a baby doll for the speed diapering game, try using a coconut. You can also include a tropical spa station where guests can enjoy an aromatherapy mini massage or facial.

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