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Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts

Choose one of these environmentally friendly baby shower gifts for the expectant eco-mama in your life.
Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts
By: Kelly Sundstrom

When you're looking for that perfect baby shower gift for an environmentally conscious mama, it's not as easy as picking out a few things from your local big box store. Before settling for a gift certificate, check out these eco-friendly baby shower gifts for expecting moms who have the environment in mind. With one of these green baby gifts, you'll know that she will feel proud to receive and use it with her new bundle of joy.

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Fair Trade Baby Sling

Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts

Photo Credit: Soul Slings

Every natural mama will want to wear her baby, but you can really win her over with a fair trade baby sling that supports a community-based planet. Soul Slings offers a wide range of fair trade baby slings and carriers, perfect for that skin-to-skin contact that a new baby might need. Handwoven by artisan weavers in Bangalore, India, the Prism Woven Wrap by Soul Slings makes the perfect baby carrier for newborns all the way up through the toddler years.

Cloth Diapers

Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts

Photo Credit: moohaha/Flickr

Nothing screams landfill like a package of disposable diapers, at least to an earth-centered mama-to-be. Help her have a more conscientious diapering experience by supplying her with a cloth diapering starter kit. Since so many different style of cloth diapers exist, try putting together a collection of tried-and-true favorites, like traditional flat diapers, thicker prefolds, contours, sleeve-diapers, and all-in-ones. With such a popularity in clothing diapering, the options seem endless.

Natural Baby Care Products

Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts

Photo Credit: Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics

Green-minded mamas don't want to drench their new baby's skin with chemical-laden lotions and shampoos. At her baby shower, your eco-conscious friend or family member love to receive a basket full of natural baby care products that will nurture and protect her precious baby. Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics offers a line of all-natural baby care products that contain only organic ingredients, including baby-safe botanicals, that will hydrate a baby's delicate skin without irritating it.

Homemade Baby Food Grinder

Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts

Photo Credit: Kidalog

Before long, the new mom will need to start thinking about feeding her little one baby food. Many eco-friendly mamas worry about the ingredients and additives in commercially produced baby food. If this sounds like an expectant mom you know, give her a grinder that she can use to make wholesome and fresh baby food on the spot. The Kidalog Baby Food Mill has a stainless steel blade and metal grinding disc that will efficiently and easily grinds cooked fruits, vegetables and meats.

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