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Fall-Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Fill your fall baby shower with elements of autumn to welcome your new baby.
fall themed baby shower ideas
By: Kelly Sundstrom

When you're looking for fall-themed baby shower ideas, you'll want to focus on warm colors and homey comforts, not necessarily the traditional pastel flowers. With seasonal changes in abundance, you won't have any trouble putting together a fall baby shower for your loved one that knocks her cable-knit socks off.

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With a few leaves here and a couple pumpkins there, these fall-themed baby shower ideas take the apple cake:

Leafy Invites

fall themed baby shower

A fall-themed baby shower needs fall-themed invitations.  Although you might find it difficult to locate baby shower invites  that feature leaves, pumpkins, or acorns, you can  actually make  them yourself with minimal effort or skill.  Any hobby or craft  store will sell paper, fabric, or silk  leaves, which you can attach  around the edges of blank  card stock invitations using a glue stick  or spray adhesive.  Write the information about the baby shower  using a  decorative paint pen or by stamping them on to the card s  stock with mini alphabet stamps.

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Fall-Themed Food

fall themed baby shower

Ditch the traditional baby shower fare and keep your party on-theme with autumnal foods. For example, instead of cucumber sandwiches and summer fruit, serve your guests pumpkin soup out of pumpkin-shaped bowls, roasted green beans, crusty bread, and cranberry sauce. Forego the standard desserts for apple cake or pumpkin pie.

Photo Credit: Sarah Jaconski/Flickr

Autumn Decor

fall themed baby shower

Check out your local craft store for fall decor, which you  can easily customize to use at an autumn baby shower. If  you have a wreath covered in fall leaves, use hot glue to  attach a small wooden sign that reads, "It's a Boy," or hang  up leaf garlands across doorways with pacifiers and rattles  attached to it. Look for classic fall decor that can double for  a celebratory event, like glittery pumpkins, glass pine  cones, or elegant tableware.

Photo Credit: Natalie Pigliacampo/Flickr

Seasonal Games

By tweaking a few traditional baby shower games, you can quickly transform the event into a fall festival of fun. Instead of seeing who can drink milk from a baby bottle the fastest, try filling the bottles with apple cider. See who can diaper a pumpkin the quickest, instead of a balloon, or ramp up the "Guess the Poo" game by adding candy corn into the diapers.

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