21 Fall-Inspired Baby Names

Updated: August 26, 2019
Here are 21 fall inspired baby names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options (cozy socks not required).
mom and baby in fall weather

Fall inspired baby names are often based around lots of trees and flowers. Nature always plays a big part in seasonal names, but many fall names kick it up a notch. Because of this, you have a lot more options for gender swapping. A name like Birch fits for anyone. 

Another place to look for fall-inspired names is the calendar or astrological charts. September could be a cool name, or maybe if your kiddo is born during Libra season, making that a middle name (or a first name!) You can also look to the colors of fall for name inspiration. You might not want to name your little one Red, but Cerise is a shade of red and a beautiful option for a baby name. Or something that goes with the color gold, yellow or orange. Shades of green also work too, like Emerald. 

Here are 21 fall inspired baby names, cozy socks not required. 

Girls Fall Names

This popular flower that blooms from late summer to fall is great for an early fall baby.

Certain species of these trees bloom in fall. Their berries are used to make gin and sauces for gamey animals.

Maize is a Native name for corn, and Maisie could be a play on that idea.

Pronounced “Seer-eez,” Ceres is the Roman goddess of the harvest. Her Greek equivalent is Demeter, another great name.

A popular spice made from the stamen of crocuses, Saffron is a bright yellow like fall leaves

The symbol of peace in ancient Rome, these trees’ bay leaves are a common hearty spice.

The most obvious fall inspired name, Autumn is another beautiful option.

Gender-Neutral Fall Names

This common nickname of Ashley (which is gender neutral) is also a type of tree.

  • Poe 

Edgar Allen Poe is an author best known for his dark works and popular during Halloween time.

The last hunts of the year often happen in fall before the weather gets too cold.

The anglicization of the Irish name Ruairi, which means “red haired” or “rusty” which is a common fall color.

This mythical creature is very commonly red.

Not only is it a popular vacation destination, but also a tree that blooms in fall.

These trees’ leaves turn bright yellow and orange in the fall.

Boys Fall Names

A derivative of the name Abraham, Bram has taken on it’s own life. A famous Bram is Bram Stoker, author of Dracula

You could use the more traditional spelling, but since leaves changing are one of the best things about fall, why not try Leif?

If you’re looking for something to celebrate the lushness of fall days, Forrest evokes a very strong visual

Crisp is often a word used to describe fall weather.

The Irish name means “wise protector,” but by using “Red” as a nickname, it plays off fall colors

  • Scorpio 

The astrological sign for October to November, this is a perfect name for a late fall baby.

  • Treat 

“Trick or treat” is a popular Halloween phrase, and Treat is a name that goes back to Colonial times.

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