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15+ Best Baby Shower Favor Ideas for a Fun, Unique Shower

Looking for unique and creative baby shower favor ideas? Check out the best baby shower favors that are simple to make.
Best Baby Shower Favors
Updated: June 27, 2023

Baby showers are such a joyous occasion full of quality time, good food, and gifts for your newest family member. There’s nothing better than bringing family and friends together to celebrate parents-to-be!

To thank everyone for coming out and enjoying the baby shower for your bundle of joy, you can send a simple note or text. If you want to really show your appreciation, you can create baby shower favors or personalized baby shower gifts for your guests to take home!

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If you are wondering what to get or make, we can help! There are so many easy and unique ideas for party favors that you can recreate and send home as keepsakes. You can also keep the baby shower theme and use it as inspiration for the favors. It’s a similar idea to wedding favors but for babies.

Popular Baby Shower Themes

Throwing a themed baby shower but stuck on what it should be? Here are some great baby shower theme ideas.

  1. Baby in Bloom: Plants and flowers are a cute theme, and represent your growing baby!
  2. Bees: A bee theme is a perfect idea for “parents to bee.”
  3. A Baby is Brewing: Tea or beer can be the theme of your party since both can be brewed (and so is that little one in mommy’s tummy).
  4. Tea Party: I love this theme if you already know you are expecting a baby girl.
  5. Woodland Creatures: Bears, foxes, and other woodland creatures are so cute and it is great for a party theme since there are so many options for decorations and favors.
  6. Teddy Bears: Teddy bears are sweet and cuddly - it’s a great theme if your bundle of joy is a bouncing baby boy.
  7. Rainbow: When you can’t choose just one color, why not make everything rainbow? This is also a wonderful choice to celebrate a precious rainbow baby.
  8. The Adventure Begins: We all know that having a baby is an adventure so let’s celebrate with an adventure theme that includes maps, compasses, and telescopes.
  9. Pink/Blue: Make your baby shower theme based on a color! This is a great idea if you are planning to do a gender reveal as well.
  10. Ready to Pop: There are so many ways you can go with this theme from “popping bottles” to popping balloons - and even popcorn!

Easy Baby Shower Favors

If you are looking for a way to thank your guests without taking too much time, these are great ideas.



Candle favors are fun and thoughtful party favor that your baby shower guests are going to love. Place small candles in tins or mason jars and decorate them with your baby shower theme. They are cute keepsakes that can be used! You can even buy the candle favors ready to go (these are available in blue, green, or pink).

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t like to relax with a nice hot bath? You can give out bath bombs with cute tags with the date of the baby shower and they can be shaped like baby feet or a baby bottle. They are also a great addition to a treat bag.



Popcorn treat bags are a great baby shower favor and they are so easy! You can buy premade flavored popcorn and divide them into goodie bags. Add a fun tag or sticker that says something cute like “ready to pop” and you’re good to go.

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

You can never go wrong with candy! Fill a mason jar with assorted chocolates that include Hershey’s Kisses, peanut butter cups, and more. It’s a thoughtful treat for everyone to enjoy at home when they have a sugar craving.

Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags

Party favor bags are my favorite goodies. They are great for all types of occasions including weddings, birthdays, and even bridal showers. You can put anything you want in gift bags which is what makes them fun and personable. A mixture of things like candies, nail polish, lip balm, etc. are wonderful ideas. Feel free to make them your own!

Personalized Hand Sanitizer/Lotion


Simple travel-sized hand sanitizers or lotions with personalized tags are great, too. You can make the tag baby-themed like cute little onesies with their name thank you on it. It’s cost-effective but still thoughtful.

Creative Baby Shower Favors

These baby shower favor ideas are unique and different!

Personalized Golf Balls

Golf Balls

Who knew that personalized golf balls would make a breath baby shower party favor? There are so many ways that they can be customized. I love these for a golf-themed party or if a lot of your baby shower guests are golfers.

Hair Ties

Hair Ties

Use hair tie favors to tie your hair bag or as an adorable bracelet - it’s a unique idea for a baby shower party favor!

Tea Bags

Tea Bags

These are great favors to go along with the tea party theme. Put an assortment of tea bags in a mason jar or gift box. You can even make your tea blends and add a fun tea diffuser.

Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers

Everyone loves to celebrate with a little bubbly! Bottle openers are a wonderful party favor for a baby shower, and these are shaped like baby bottles! (Since mama can’t drink until the baby makes their debut).

Wildflower Seed Paper


For your “baby in bloom,” these onesie seed papers are cute party favors. These come in different colors for different baby shower color themes. Just plant it and watch it grow.

Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Favors

These favors are environmentally friendly and produce a lot of waste!

Soap Favors


I love soaps as party favors. If you’re super creative you can make your own. If you want to save time, you can order small sustainable bars of soap and dress them up with cute ribbons.



Plants are great party favors and succulents are very easy to take care of. Decorate the pots to match the baby shower theme and you have an adorable thank-you gift for your guests.

Honey Jars

Honey Jar

Cute honey jars with wooden dippers are a perfect choice for an eco-friendly baby shower favor. They go perfectly with any sort of bee-themed party - including something punny like “Parents to Bee.” Buy local honey in bulk and divide it into small jars for the guests.

DIY Baby Shower Favors

Homemade gifts are great! Try one of these DIY favor options.



Make your keychain as a DIY party favor. It’s easy, fun, and customizable! They can all look the same or you can make them slightly different if it’s a small get-together.



You can DIY some stickers as baby shower party favors or get some help and order from a shop on Etsy.



Did you know that you can make your coasters? It’s a fun and easy DIY project that can be accomplished in so many different ways. Add trees for an adventure theme, raccoons or a fox for woodland creatures, or of course adorable bumblebees for a bee party!

Whether you are helping to plan your baby shower or you are a close friend or family member of a mama-to-be, these baby shower favors are sure to impress your party guests!

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