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75 Unique Bird-Inspired Names for Boys and Girls

Discover a delightful collection of unique bird-inspired names for boys and girls, perfect for parents seeking nature-themed names with a touch of whimsy.
Bird-inspired names
Updated: May 22, 2024

In recent years, there's been a growing trend toward selecting unique and meaningful names, drawing inspiration from nature and the world around us. One particularly captivating source of inspiration is birds—symbols of freedom, grace, and beauty. 

Here's a carefully curated list of 75 bird-inspired names for boys and girls, each with its unique charm and significance.

Strong and Meaningful Bird Names for Boys

Bird-inspired names

Explore this collection of exceptional bird-inspired names for boys, complete with their origins and meanings. Each name carries a piece of nature's elegance and strength, perfect for your little boy.

  1. Aarav - From Sanskrit, "peaceful."
  2. Altair - From Arabic, "the flying eagle."
  3. Aquila - From Latin, "eagle."
  4. Arvid - From Old Norse, "eagle tree."
  5. Bran - From Celtic, "raven."
  6. Callum - From Latin, "dove."
  7. Chough - From English, a type of crow.
  8. Cormorant - From Middle English, "sea raven."
  9. Corbin - From Old French, "raven."
  10. Drake - From Old English, "dragon" or "male duck."
  11. Efron - From Hebrew, "bird."
  12. Everett - From Old English, "brave as a wild boar."
  13. Falco - From Latin, "falcon."
  14. Faulkner - From Old French, "falcon trainer."
  15. Gannet - From Middle English, "wild goose."
  16. Gavin - From Welsh, "white hawk."
  17. Hawk - From Old English, "hawk."
  18. Herodion - From Greek, "little hero"; also a small bird.
  19. Heron - From Old French, "hero", "long-legged bird."
  20. Jay - From Latin, "jaybird."
  21. Jonah - From Hebrew, "dove."
  22. Kestrel - From Middle English, "small falcon."
  23. Lonan - From Irish, "blackbird."
  24. Merlin - From Welsh, "sea fortress"; also a type of falcon.
  25. Oriole - From Latin, "golden."
  26. Palila - From Hawaiian, a species of finch.
  27. Phoenix - From Greek mythology, a mythical bird that rises from its ashes.
  28. Quail - From Middle English, a type of game bird.
  29. Raven - From Old English, "raven."
  30. Robin - From Old German, "bright fame."
  31. Rook - From Old English, a type of crow.
  32. Sparrow - From Old English, "sparrow."
  33. Starling - From Old English, "a starling bird."
  34. Swift - From Old English, "quick", also a type of bird.
  35. Talon - From French, "claw of a bird of prey."
  36. Teal - From Middle English, a type of small duck" 
  37. Tor - From Old Norse, "eagle."
  38. Vireo - From Latin, "green bird."
  39. Wren - From Old English, "small songbird."
  40. Zachary - From Hebrew, "the Lord has remembered"; also a type of bird called the Zachary Wren.

Elegant and Whimsical Bird Names for Girls

Bird-inspired names

Here are enchanting bird-inspired names for girls, each exuding elegance and whimsy. These names are not only unique but also carry beautiful meanings.

  1. Alouette - From French, "lark."
  2. Ava - From Latin, "bird."
  3. Avis - From Latin, "bird."
  4. Birdie - From English, "bird-like."
  5. Branwen - From Welsh, "blessed raven."
  6. Calandra - From Greek, "lark."
  7. Chenoa - From Native American, "white dove."
  8. Columba - From Latin, "dove."
  9. Deryn - From Welsh, "bird."
  10. Dove - From English, a type of bird; symbol of peace.
  11. Efron - From Hebrew, "lark."
  12. Fia - From Irish, "wild bird."
  13. Gannet - From English, "wild goose."
  14. Lark - From English, a type of songbird.
  15. Leda - From Greek mythology, mother of Helen of Troy, associated with a swan.
  16. Linnet - From French, a small songbird.
  17. Merle - From French, "blackbird."
  18. Oriole - From Latin, "golden."
  19. Palila - From Hawaiian, a species of finch.
  20. Phoebe - From Greek mythology, "radiant, shining one"; also a bird.
  21. Pipit - From English, "a type of small bird."
  22. Rhea - From Greek mythology, a large flightless bird native to South America.
  23. Raven - From Old English, "raven."
  24. Robin - From Old German, "bright fame."
  25. Sparrow - From Old English, "sparrow."
  26. Starling - From Old English, "a starling bird."
  27. Swan - From English, a type of large waterbird known for its grace.
  28. Teal - From Middle English, a type of small duck.
  29. Tori - From Japanese, "bird."
  30. Vireo - From Latin, "green bird."
  31. Wren - From Old English, "small songbird."
  32. Yara - From Arabic, "small butterfly"; also a bird in Brazilian folklore.
  33. Zazu - From Hebrew, "movement."
  34. Zippora - From Hebrew, "bird."
  35. Zoe - From Greek, meaning "life"; also associated with the Greek word for a type of bird.

What Are Bird-Inspired Baby Names?

Bird-inspired baby names are names that are derived from or associated with birds. These names can be directly related to the word "bird" or they can be inspired by bird species, features, or symbolism.

Some popular examples of bird-inspired baby names include Ava (from Latin meaning "bird"), Robin (from Old German meaning "bright fame"), and Lark (from English meaning "a type of songbird").

Bird-inspired names are not only unique and whimsical, but they also carry beautiful meanings and associations. They can be a great choice for parents who love nature or have a special connection to birds.

What Celtic Name Means Bird?

Branwen is a Celtic name that means "blessed raven." It is derived from the Welsh words "brân" meaning "raven" and "gwyn" meaning "white, fair, blessed." In Celtic mythology, ravens were associated with wisdom and prophecy. The name Branwen has been used in literature and popular culture, making it a familiar and charming choice for a bird-inspired baby name.

What Name Means Pretty Bird?

The name Oriole means "golden" in Latin and is also a type of brightly colored bird. This name can be seen as meaning "pretty bird" due to its association with the vibrant and beautiful oriole species. It is a unique and lovely choice for parents looking for a bird-inspired name with a touch of elegance.

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