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75 Grandma Names for a Little Girl With an Old Soul

Discover grandma names and baby girl names inspired by generations that have come before, perfect for any vintage lovers.
Grandma names
Updated: May 22, 2024
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Choosing the perfect name for your baby is a significant and joyful decision. For many parents, finding a name that carries a sense of tradition, history, and familial connection is essential. One timeless source of inspiration comes from the names of our grandmothers. These names not only evoke a sense of nostalgia and honor but also bring with them a touch of classic elegance that never goes out of style.

In this list, we've curated a selection of beautiful and charming baby names inspired by grandmas. Each name holds its unique story, reflecting the grace, strength, and enduring spirit of the generations that came before us. Whether you're looking for a name that's vintage-chic, elegantly old-fashioned, or simply filled with sentimental value, these grandma-inspired names are sure to provide the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Explore these enchanting names and find the one that resonates with your heart, honoring your family's legacy while setting the stage for your baby's unique journey.

Cute Grandma Names

Discover delightfully charming names that are as sweet as they are timeless.

  1. Annie - Hebrew, meaning "grace."
  2. Betsy - Hebrew, meaning "God is my oath."
  3. Dottie - Greek, meaning "gift of God."
  4. Edie - English, meaning "rich in war."
  5. Elsie - Scottish, meaning "pledged to God."
  6. Flora - Latin, meaning "flower."
  7. Hattie - German, meaning "home ruler."
  8. Ivy - English, meaning "climbing plant."
  9. Lena - Greek, meaning "light."
  10. Lottie - French, meaning "free man."
  11. Mabel - Latin, meaning "lovable."
  12. Maisie - Scottish, meaning "pearl."
  13. Millie - German, meaning "gentle strength."
  14. Peggy - Greek, meaning "pearl."
  15. Poppy - Latin, meaning "red flower."
  16. Rosie - Latin, meaning "rose."
  17. Sally - Hebrew, meaning "princess."
  18. Tillie - German, meaning "mighty in battle."
  19. Winnie - Welsh, meaning "fair, pure."

Sassy Grandma Names

Explore fun and spirited names for bold personalities that will surely make a statement.

  1. Aggie - Greek, meaning "good, pure."
  2. Beatrix - Latin, meaning "she who brings happiness."
  3. Dixie - French, meaning "tenth."
  4. Fay - English, meaning "fairy."
  5. Freda - German, meaning "peace."
  6. Ginger - English, meaning "pure, chaste, virginal."
  7. Lulu - Arabic, meaning "pearl."
  8. Maggie - Greek, meaning "pearl."
  9. Mae - English, meaning "pearl."
  10. Myrtle - Greek, meaning "evergreen shrub."
  11. Nina - Spanish, meaning "little girl."
  12. Polly - English, meaning "small."
  13. Rita - Spanish, meaning "pearl."
  14. Ruby - Latin, meaning "red gemstone."
  15. Sadie - Hebrew, meaning "princess."
  16. Stella - Latin, meaning "star."
  17. Tessie - Greek, meaning "harvester."
  18. Vera - Russian, meaning "faith."
  19. Vivian - Latin, meaning "alive."
  20. Zelda - German, meaning "dark battle."

Cool Grandma Names

Grandma names

Browse stylish and effortlessly chic names that never go out of fashion.

  1. Astrid - Scandinavian, meaning "divine strength."  
  2. Daphne - Greek, meaning "laurel tree."  
  3. Eleanor - Greek, meaning "light-hearted."  
  4. Esme - French, meaning "loved."  
  5. Estelle - Latin, meaning "star."  
  6. Etta - English, meaning "estate ruler."  
  7. Gwyneth - Welsh, meaning "blessed, happy."  
  8. Hazel - English, meaning "hazel tree."  
  9. Imogen - Greek, meaning "innocent."  
  10. Iris - Greek, meaning "rainbow."  
  11. Josie - Hebrew, meaning "God will add."  
  12. June - Latin, meaning "young."  
  13. Leona - Latin, meaning "lioness."  
  14. Lilith - Assyrian, meaning "of the night."  
  15. Mavis - French, meaning "songbird."  
  16. Odette - French, meaning "wealthy."  
  17. Opal - Sanskrit, meaning "jewel."  
  18. Rhea - Greek, meaning "flowing."  
  19. Sylvia - Latin, meaning "from the forest."  
  20. Tilda - German, meaning "mighty in battle."

Badass Grandma Names

Uncover names that exude strength, confidence, and a touch of rebellious spirit.

  1. Athena - Greek, meaning "goddess of wisdom."  
  2. Electra - Greek, meaning "shining bright."  
  3. Freya - Norse, meaning "noble woman."  
  4. Harriet - French, meaning "home ruler."  
  5. Joan - Hebrew, meaning "god is gracious."  
  6. Maxine - Latin, meaning "greatest."  
  7. Queenie - English, meaning "queen."  
  8. Raven - English, meaning "blackbird."  
  9. Rowena - German, meaning "fame, joy."  
  10. Storm - English, meaning "stormy weather."  
  11. Tempest - English, meaning "turbulent."
  12. Ursula - Latin, meaning "little bear."  
  13. Valkyrie - Norse, meaning "chooser of the slain."  
  14. Vespera - Latin, meaning "evening star."  
  15. Wilma - Germanic, meaning "wilful protection."  
  16. Xena - Greek, meaning "hospitable."

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