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45 Taylor Swift-Inspired Names for Your Little Popstar

Explore our top Taylor Swift-inspired baby names to give your little popstar a melodious start. From iconic hits to personal favs, find the perfect name for your future pop sensation!
Music baby names
Updated: May 22, 2024
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If you're a Swiftie expecting a little bundle of joy and dreaming of a name that's as catchy as a Taylor Swift chorus, look no further. Taylor Swift isn't just a musical icon whose songs capture the essence of love, heartbreak, triumph, and everything in between; she's also a muse for parents-to-be seeking that perfect, melodious baby name. From her heartfelt ballads to her upbeat anthems, Taylor's discography is a treasure trove of name inspiration. 

Here are 45 Taylor Swift-inspired baby names that are music to the ears, complete with meanings to help you choose the perfect one for your future superstar.

Taylor Swift Names for Girls

Music baby names

These captivating monikers, inspired by the queen of pop herself, resonate with passion, strength, and melodious charm, perfect for your little girl.

  1. Aurelia - “The golden one” (inspired by the opulent, golden imagery in "Gold Rush"). 
  2. Betty - “God is my oath” (from "Betty"). 
  3. Bridget - “Strength”, “exalted one” (inspired by the resilience found in Taylor's lyrics). 
  4. Daisy - “Day's eye”, “innocence” (a flower name fitting the themes in Taylor's "folklore" and "evermore" albums). 
  5. Dianna - “Divine” (tribute to her friendship with Dianna Agron). 
  6. Dorothea - “Gift of God” (from "dorothea"). 
  7. Este - “Star” (from “no body, no crime”). 
  8. Gwen - “White”, “fair”, “blessed” (inspired by the storytelling style reminiscent of Taylor's narrative in "the last great american dynasty"). 
  9. Inez - “Pure, holy” (from "Betty"). 
  10. Ivy - “Faithfulness” (from "ivy"). 
  11. Joni - “God is gracious” (a tribute to Joni Mitchell, who Taylor Swift has expressed admiration for). 
  12. Juliet - “Youthful” (from "Love Story"). 
  13. Luna - “Moon” (inspired by the dreamy vibe in “cardigan”). 
  14. Marjorie - “Pearl” (from "marjorie"). 
  15. Meredith - “Great ruler” (One of Taylor’s pet cats). 
  16. Olivia - “Olive tree” (Another one of Taylor’s beloved cats). 
  17. Rebekah - “To tie, bind” (from “no body, no crime”). 
  18. Rose - A flower, symbol of love and beauty (a theme present in many of Taylor's songs). 
  19. Scarlett - “Red” (reference to the color theme in “Red”). 
  20. Selena - “Moon goddess” (tribute to her friendship with Selena Gomez). 
  21. Willow - “Freedom” (from "willow"). 

Taylor Swift Names for Boys

These unique and powerful names, influenced by the pop sensation herself, exude charisma, courage, and musical magnetism, making them an ideal choice for your future rockstar.

  1. Benjamin - “Son of the right hand” (One of Taylor’s beloved cats). 
  2. Calvin - “Bald, hairless “(referencing her past relationship, subtly influences her music). 
  3. Cory - “Hollow” (from "Stay Stay Stay"). 
  4. Dean - “Valley” (Tribute to James Dean’s reference in “Style”). 
  5. Drew - “Wise” (from "Teardrops on My Guitar"). 
  6. Gatsby - “From the old gates” (evoking the lavish parties synonymous with "The Great Gatsby", referenced indirectly in Taylor's imagery). 
  7. Isaac - “He will laugh”, “he will rejoice” (inspired by the hopeful tones in Taylor's "Begin Again"). 
  8. Jack - “God is gracious” (a common collaborator, Jack Antonoff). 
  9. James - “Supplanter” (from "Betty"). 
  10. Joe - “God will add” (inspired by Taylor's relationship with Joe Alwyn). 
  11. Levi - “Joined, attached” (inspired by the casual yet poignant name drop in "invisible string"). 
  12. Perry - “Pear tree” (tribute to her cameo in Katy Perry’s “You Need to Calm Down”). 
  13. Peter - “Rock” (inspired by the “Peter losing Wendy” line in “cardigan”). 
  14. Ryan - “Little king” (tribute to her friendship with Ryan Reynolds). 

Gender-Neutral Names Inspired by Taylor Swift

Dive into the lyrical world of gender-neutral names inspired by Taylor Swift with these versatile and melodious names.

  1. Archer - “Bow”, “a strong person” (from "The Archer"). 
  2. August - “To increase” (from "august"). 
  3. Augustine - “Majestic” (a nod to "august", with a twist). 
  4. Blake - “Fair-skinned, light” (tribute to her friendship with Blake Lively).
  5. Ellis - “Kind, benevolent” (inspired by the eloquence and depth of Taylor's songwriting).
  6. Finn - “Fair” (reflecting the raw, emotional clarity present in many of Taylor's songs).
  7. Gray - Color name (inspired by the shades of Taylor's storytelling).
  8. Harper - “Harp player” (echoing Taylor Swift's own artistry and storytelling).
  9. Kit - “Pure” (reflecting the simplicity and depth found in songs like "cardigan").
  10. Taylor - “Tailor” (the name of the singer herself).

What Are the Names of Taylor Swift’s “Folklore”?

The characters in Taylor Swift's album "Folklore" are Betty, James, and Augustine. These names are part of a love triangle story that unfolds throughout the album. Another notable name is Rebekah, inspired by real-life socialite Rebekah Harkness, who is referenced in the song "The Last Great American Dynasty". Other names mentioned in Taylor Swift's songs include Sam, Angelina, Stephen, Emily, and Romeo.

What Is Taylor Swift’s Second Name?

Taylor Swift's full name is Taylor Alison Swift.

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