75 Baby Names Inspired by Alcohol, Cocktails and Spirits

Updated: May 13, 2022
Alcohol inspired baby names have grown in popularity as parents put a twist on cocktail and spirit names for baby boys and girls.
75 Cocktail Baby Names
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One of the things we love about cocktails is the imaginative names. Cocktail-inspired baby names might seem a bit too imaginative at first blush. But hear us out. Grab your favorite glass, and have a look at these great cocktail-themed baby girl names, baby boy names, and gender-neutral baby names.

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Cocktail Inspired Gender-Neutral Baby Names  

  1. Amaretto - Who can resist this sweet, coffee liqueur? It’s a sweet name, too.
  2. Artois - Stella Artois is a Belgian beer. Artois is also a region in France.
  3. Bailey - Bailey’s Irish Cream is a sweet favorite, and this sweet name works well for any gender.
  4. Bellini - A bellini is a delicate cocktail made from Prosecco and peach nectar. It could also be a peach of a name for a baby.
  5. Cassis - Cassis is a region in France, as well as a blackcurrant liqueur.
  6. Campari - Campari is a bitter, dark red, Italian aperitif. It could also be a very unique name for a baby.
  7. Cosmo - Cranberry juice and vodka; also an aristocratic Italian name.
  8. Grey - Grey is a refined name for any gender, just as Grey Goose is a refined vodka.
  9. Julep - A julep is a type of drink made from liquor and sugar poured over crushed ice and garnished with mint (mint julep).
  10.  Killian - If you like Celtic names, the name of this Irish red beer might be up your street.
  11.  Kir - A Kir Royale is a drink made from champagne and cassis liqueur.
  12.  Kirsch - Kirsch is a cherry liqueur from Germany.
  13.  Martini - Shaken or stirred? A nice alternative to either Martin or Martina.
  14.  Midori - Midori is a Japanese melon liqueur.
  15.  Morgan - A time honored neutral name, and if your baby joins the military, they can become Captain Morgan, like the rum.
  16.  Pimm - Pimm’s Cup is a spicy, citrusy gin-based cocktail from England.
  17.  Trilby - A trilby is a hat, as well as a cocktail made with whisky and absinthe.
  18.  Shandy - Half beer, half lemonade, and one original baby name.
  19.  Sazerac - Sazerac brandy is the heart of the Sazerac cocktail, which also includes absinthe, bitters, and sugar.
  20.  Skyy - The vodka in the bright blue bottle.
  21. Temple - While the ‘Shirley’ part of a Shirley Temple is more common for girls, Temple can suit any gender.
  22.  Zwack - Has Zack run its course? Try the name of this legendary Hungarian liquor company.

Cocktail Names for Baby Girls

Two women wearing similar outfit toasting glasses of wine sitting at home.
  1. Albertine - An exotic name for an exotic girl: kirsch, cointreau, and chartreuse.
  2. Amber - An Amber Moon is a hangover remedy that includes whiskey and a raw egg.
  3. Brandy - A classic drink and a classic name for a girl.
  4. Caphirina - The Caphirina is Brazil’s national cocktail. It contains cachaca, sugar, and lime.
  5. Cerise - Cerise is French for Cherry. Creme de Cerise is a sweet cherry liqueur.
  6. Cherry - If you prefer the English version, then Cherry could be the name for you.
  7. Chartreuse - Chartreuse is a bright green liqueur made by Carthusian monks. It could also be a name for a hip and trendy baby girl.
  8. Colada - If you like pina coladas...then you might like this name.
  9. Daiquiri - Daiquiri may be a bit on the nose, but some think it’s cute.
  10.  Devonia - A Devonia includes cider, gin, bitters, and ice.
  11.  Damiana - Damiana is an aphrodisiac herb. A Damiana Margarita contains liqueur made from this plant.
  12.  Dorda - Dorda is a brand of double chocolate liqueur, and could make a sweet baby name.
  13.  Dulce - Dulce is a common name in Spanish-speaking countries. It means ‘sweet.’ A dulce de leche cocktail has rum, chocolate liqueur, and condensed, sweetened milk.
  14.  Floridora - The Floridora is a mouth-puckering combination of gin, lime, and framboise liqueur.
  15.  Georgia - Georgia is already a popular girl name. The Georgia on My Mind cocktail is made from bourbon, peach (of course), ginger, and basil.
  16.  Lorraine - This gin cocktail from the ’40s is slightly sweet.
  17.  Mary - Bloody Mary or Virgin Mary? Either way, Mary is a classic name and a classic cocktail.
  18.   Mimosa - Champagne and orange juice; also an exotic baby girl name.
  19.  Pauline - This old fashioned name is set to make a comeback. In cocktail terms it’s rum, lemon, bitters, and nutmeg.
  20.  Sangria - Sangria is a refreshing cold drink with red wine and fruit.
  21.  Sangrita - Sangrita is the diminutive of Sangria. It’s like saying “a cute little Sangria.”
  22.  Sherry - This classic female name is a fortified white wine.
  23.  Shirley - The Shirley Temple is a sweet, non-alcoholic drink named after the child star.
  24.  Margarita - It’s a diminutive of Margaret, as well as a tequila cocktail.
  25.  Paloma - Paloma means “dove” in Spanish. In cocktail language, it’s tequila, lime, and grapefruit soda.
  26.  Phoebe - Phoebe Snow is a renowned singer. The cocktail named for her is an exotic combination of Dubonnet rouge, aromatized wine, absinthe, and brandy.
  27.  Stella - Stella (as in Stella Artois) has its roots in Latin, and means “star.”
  28.  Ulanda - The Ulanda cocktail contains gin, triple sec, and Pernod.
  29.  Valencia - Valencia is an area of Spain, as well as a type of orange. It’s also a mixture of apricot brandy and orange juice.

Cocktail Inspired BabyBoy Names 

Kids relax on tropical beach resort and drink juicesKids relax on tropical beach resort and drink juices
  1. Alexander - A Brandy Alexander contains gin, cream and crème de cacao.
  2. Caesar - This Greek-sounding cocktail is actually Canadian, and is similar to a Bloody Mary.
  3. Cannon - A cannon isn’t just a weapon; it’s also a punch, with cider, whisky, and oranges.
  4. Charlie - This classic name comes from Charlie Chaplin, named after the classic star of silent films.
  5. Colin - Short for either a Tom Collins with gin, lemon, and simple syrup, or a John Collins, which substitutes bourbon for gin. There’s also a Jose Collins tequila.
  6. Gibson - If your sibling names their baby Martini, then you might call yours Gibson, as the Gibson is a cousin of the Martini.
  7. Hennessy - Hennesy may sound Irish, but they’re one of the top four French cognac producers.
  8. Jack - This name means a lot in the cocktail world, from Jack Daniels whisky to Apple Jack (you may know it as Calvados) to the Jack Rose cocktail.
  9. Jager - Jagermeister, or Jaeger for short, is an herb infused aperitif from Germany. It also means Hunter in German.
  10.  Jameson - A fine Irish name for a fine Irish lad, named after a fine Irish whisky.
  11.  John - A Gentle John is a cocktail with Cointreau, vermouth, whisky, and bitters.
  12.  Harvey - The Harvey Wallbanger is a mixed drink with vodka and orange juice.
  13.  Hemingway - The Hemingway is a fruity rum cocktail with different types of fruit juices, similar to a mai tai.
  14.  Marcel - A Marcel’s Cup includes red wine, brandy, Benedictine, and fruit.
  15.  Mojito - This Cuban creation has rum, lime, mint, and club soda.
  16.  Patron - Patron is a top shelf Mexican tequila.
  17.  Remy - Remy Martin is another of the top French cognac producers. This name oozes class and prestige.
  18.  Rhett - The Rhett Butler cocktail is a smooth mixture of Southern Comfort, lemon juice, lime juice, Curacao, and soda water.
  19.  Rickey - A Gin Rickey is made from gin, lime juice, shaved ice, and a touch of sugar.
  20.  Rob - A Rob Roy cocktail is made from whisky and vermouth.
  21.  Roy - The Roy Rogers is the non-alcoholic version, made with cola and grenadine.
  22.  Royce - As in rolls. The cocktail Rolls Royce has gin, vermouth, whisky, and bitters.
  23.  Todd - A Toddy is a hot, spiced rum drink, great for warming up on a cold night.
  24.  Wolfram - Another name for Tungsten, one of the hardest substances on Earth. The cocktail version is a sour gin martini.

What’s your favorite cocktail inspired baby name? Did it make our list? For more baby name inspiration, visit our Baby Name Center.  

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