50 Names That Mean Death

Updated: March 29, 2021
Whether you’re looking to avoid names that are related to death and darkness or seeking them out specifically, we’ve gathered up a list of 50 names that mean death.
Names that Mean Death

While knowingly giving your precious bundle of joy a name that means death may seem dark to many, some parents might find a perfectly unique choice among them.

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In Western culture, death is a topic usually discussed grimly or avoided altogether. In other cultures, though, death is treated as a celebration of life and often a way to connect to the spiritual world. Life and death go hand in hand and there’s a history full of gods and rulers related to the darkness. And don’t worry -- you won’t curse your little one into being an evil child by choosing a dark, death-related name! There are some really great choices here that have equally great meanings. Whichever way you feel towards the topic, a death-related name would certainly stand out from the rest.

Choosing a baby name for a child is one of the first and most important choices a parent has to make. Whether you’re looking to avoid names that are related to death and darkness or seeking them out specifically, we’ve gathered up a list of unique names for you to look through!

Girl Names That Mean Death

  1. Abiba - African, the first child born after the death of a grandmother
  2. Agrona - Old Celtic name meaning “battle, slaughter” The Brythonic goddess of war and death
  3. Dabria - English, “an angel of death”
  4. Dierdre - Irish/Gaelic, meaning “broken-hearted or sorrowful”
  5. Dolores - Spanish, means “sorrowful”
  6. Ernaline - Old Norse, means “capable”, “serious”, and “battle to the death”
  7. Freyja - In Norse mythology this is the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death. Plus, this name sounds adorable so it would make a brilliant choice for a baby girl
  8. Khalida - Arabic, “immortal” or “everlasting”
  9. Libitina - Latin, “protectress of the dead”
  10. Lilith - Hebrew, “night monster”, also associated with being the wife of the devil in some religions
  11. Lorelai - In German legends, this was the name of a siren whose beautiful melodies lured men to their deaths
  12. Mallory - English, “unhappy”, “unlucky”, who knew this adorable name was a nickname for an unfortunate person?!
  13. Mara - In Sanskrit this name means “death”
  14. Morana - In Slavic mythology, this name is from the goddess of winter and death
  15. Morrigan - Irish, the “goddess of death and war”
  16. Omisha - Hindi, “goddess of birth and death”
  17. Persephone - From Greek mythology, Queen of the underworld after her abduction by Hades, King of the underworld; means “bringer of destruction” or “bringer of death/light”
  18. Tanda - Native American, “the seer of life and death”
  19. Thana - Arabic, “death” From Greek mythology this is the feminine form of Thanatos

Boy Names That Mean Death

  1. Aeron - Hebrew, derivative from Agrona, which of course means “slaughter”
  2. Anpu - The Egyptian god of the dead
  3. Anubis - The Greek form of Anpu, means “to decay”
  4. Ares - Ancient Greek god of war, meaning “ruin”
  5. Athanasios - Greek, means “immortal”
  6. Azazel - In Jewish legends, this was a “demon” or “evil spirit”
  7. Azrael - Hebrew, “Angel of death”. How dark can an angel really be?
  8. Clay - English, “mortal” or “one who is subjected to death at any moment”
  9. Damon/Damien - Greek, “to tame, subdue”, popularized by the 1976 film “The Omen” as the name of the antichrist
  10. Dearil - Scottish, means “call of death” or “red haired”
  11. Duncan - Gaelic, “dark warrior”
  12. Ernesh - Indian, meaning “sincere”, “battle to the death” and “determined”
  13. Javaraya - From the state of Karnataka, means “god of death”
  14. Jeevak - Indian, refers to the time from the present until death
  15. Kalakuta - Indian, Sanskrit, “potion of death”
  16. Kalaraja - Sanskrit, means “lord of death”
  17. Kaliya - Hindi, meaning “time of death”
  18. Lawliet - American/English, “lost one, last one”, could be a great choice if this is your last baby boy
  19. Menahem - Hebrew, meaning “the consoler”, a name given after the death of an older sibling
  20. Merripen - American Gypsy, meaning “death or life”
  21. Methuselah - Biblical, “death of sword”
  22. Nirnasha - Indian, “deathless”
  23. Samael - In Christianity/Judaism this means the “angel of death”
  24. Thanatos - Greek, “death”, In Greek mythology, he is the God of death and rules with Hades in the underworld
  25. Tuwile - African-Mwera, this one means “death is inevitable”

Unisex Names That Mean Death

  1. Bela - Hebrew, “destruction”
  2. Brone/Brona - Irish, “sorrowful”
  3. Jela - African, meaning “father suffered during birth”
  4. Kritanta - Indian, “god of death”
  5. Loki - Scandinavian, “trickster god” from Norse mythology
  6. Orion - Greek, from the Orion constellation, means “limit or boundary”

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