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Top 20 Pisces Baby Names

Will your baby be a Pisces? These are our favorite baby names inspired by the astrological sign including names inspired by water, kindness, the sea, fish, and plants.
pisces baby name ideas
Updated: March 15, 2019

March (and the end of February!) is Pisces season. Pisces is the oldest of the zodiac signs, which means your little Piscean will likely be what they call an “old soul.” When it comes to naming your Pisces baby, you have plenty of sources of inspiration, mainly derived from the water, as it is a water sign. Here are some of our favorite Pisces inspired names.

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Water Baby Names


As Pocahontas said, “what I like most about rivers is, you can’t step in the same river twice.” This is especially true of this unisex name. Rivers are powerful bodies of water, and perfect for a strong Pisces.


Bet you didn’t know that the name Troy means “water.” Its origin is Greek, which makes sense since it will recall memory of the ancient Greek city of Troy, or at least the movie starring Brad Pitt.


Tallulah means “leaping water,” which is perfect for the little Pisces who likes to jump around a lot in your belly. She will likely be quite spirited.


Kendra is the perfect name for a Pisces girl — it means “water baby” and “magic.” You can’t get much better than that!


Much like River, Lake is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a literal water based name for your Pisces. And the best is, it’s unisex.

Kindness Baby Names

Pisceans are known for their kind, compassionate and sensitive personalities. If you want to enhance those traits in your kiddos, these names are great.


The name Charisse is the embodiment of everything Pisces — “grace, beauty, and kindness.” With a name like that, you’re sure to have a lovely lady.


If you’re looking for a boy’s name with all the core traits of Pisces, how about Rahim? This Arabic name means “compassionate, kind, loving.”


Another common trait of Pisceans is resilience, and Ethan is a Hebrew name meaning “firm, strong.”


If you’re looking for a unisex name that is an example of Pisces strength, look no farther than Alex. It means “defender of the people.”

Sea Baby Names

The symbol for Pisces are fish (more on that later) and the home of most fish is the sea. So, here are some sea inspired names.


Although Dylan has become more unisex over the years, it means “son of the sea.”


Another unisex name, you could spell it Marin or Maren. This one simply means, “of the sea,” so your little water baby will feel right at home.


One of the best things about walking along the sea are finding shells. If that’s your favorite part, why not name your boy Sadaf, which is an Arabic name meaning “seashell?”


This Hawaiian girl’s name means “sea and sky.” It will evoke a feeling of tropical breezes whenever you say it.

Fish Baby Names

The symbol for the sign Pisces is two fish. We’re not sure why two. While most fish names are not really ideal for your little Pisces, here are a few that would be less than fishy.


Jonah, which is Hebrew name, is the subject of the famous biblical story wherein he gets swallowed by a whale.


A minnow is a tiny fish. It is also the name of the boat from Gilligan’s Island.


Though it means “fair,” which is still quite Pisces in its origin. Most, if not all fish have fins.


Not only fish live in the water! There are all kinds of aquatic life. If you don’t want to name your boy after a fish, how about Ronan, which means “little seal?”

Plant Baby Names

Many Pisces are born and the end of winter, or on the cusp of winter and spring. These names evoke the feeling of near spring in your little Pisces.


A beautiful shade of green, the name Sage originates from the flavorful herb.


It would certainly be a golden afternoon with your little Daffodil, which is the flower of the month of March.


If your Pisces girl is born in February, you can name her Violet, after the flower of February.

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