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    “I Want to Be a Vegetarian, Mom!”
    “I Want to Be a Vegetarian, Mom!” Vegetarianism is no longer a counterculture statement of shaggy hippies in Birkenstocks. It's a popular lifestyle choice for many people, including teens, who want to take control of their diets. Some see it...
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    Your Teen's Nutritional Needs
    Your Teen's Nutritional Needs The teen growth spurt is one of the most dramatic, rapid changes that the human body experiences; it's second only to the amazing growth that takes place during the first year of life. To support this major transiti...
  • Chicken Quesadilla
    5 Easy Meals Teens Can Cook Themselves
    Whether he gets struck by the hunger bug at 2 a.m. or you end up in bumper to bumper traffic on the way home from work, there will be times when your teen has to fend for himself for dinner. Sure, he could just grab two slices of bread and some p...
    Rebecca Desfosse
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    Nutrition for Children and Teenagers
    Nutrition for Children and Teenagers School-age children and teenagers are much more independent when it comes to making food choices. Children and young adults need a different type of guidance. No matter what their age, learning the importance ...
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    Getting Teenagers to Eat Right
    Getting Teenagers to Eat RightThey Are What They Eat... Their brains and bones are growing like crazy, but the average 16-year-old spends little time thinking about vitamins and nutrients. With 30 percent of teens now overweight and many more eng...
    Katy Abel