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  • Olympic Moms Making History
    Mom's Corner
    2018 Olympics: 2 Mom Athletes Making History Now
    We know all the blood, sweat and tears that go into being a mom. Now imagine you're also an Olympian. Yeah, we couldn't either. That's what makes these to women, one a trailblazing cross-country skiier and one a world champion snowboarder and par...
    Laurie Mega
  • Super Bowl Party? Forget It. You Have Kids
    Super Bowl
    Super Bowl Party? Nope! I've Got Kids
    Arguably the biggest party of the year, the Super Bowl serves as a nice one-day break in the dead of winter. Yup, that one Sunday in early February makes winter mildly tolerable. You get up early and hit the gym hard. You’re torching calories ...
    Steven Auger
  • collage of the best dog breeds for kids
    Family Life
    16 of the Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families
    Dogs make great pets for families with kids of all ages. They are loving, loyal, and great companions, who will not only help teach your children learn about responsibility, but also about unconditional love. Whether you want someone to cuddle u...
    Erin Ollila
  • Super Bowl Recipes Chili
    4 Super Bowl Recipes to Please the Whole Crowd
    It's February, and for me, that means only one thing: Super Bowl snacks! Now, I love a good plate of wings as much as the next gal, but when I host a Super Bowl party, I want to make sure I've got everyone covered: my vegetarian friends, my food...
    Laurie Mega
  • Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Jay-Z at the Grammys
    Celebrity Babies
    It's a Family Affair: Celeb Parents (and Parents-to-Be) Who Rocked the Grammys
    Blue Ivy sat between her parents, Jay-Z and Beyonce, looking impossibly cool for a six-year-old. She was dressed in white to contrast her parents in all-black.       Beyoncé, Blue, Jay and Alicia Keys at the Grammys! A post shared by...
    Laurie Mega
  • Tax Tips for Families
    Family Life
    I Had a Baby in 2017. Here's How Tax Reform Affects That
    I admit it. When I hear the word, taxes my eyes kind of glaze over and I feel a bit anxious. I can’t help it—I was never a numbers person and filing my taxes is overwhelming. But as we cruise into 2018, my husband and I recently had “the t...
    Rachel Sokol
  • Family Life
    Age-Appropriate Visitation
    Age-Appropriate Visitation It's a famous biblical story: Two women were fighting over a baby each claimed as her own. Wise King Solomon had the women brought before him. Appearing to rule fairly, he ordered that the baby be cut in half, with one...
  • New Years with the Family
    New Year's
    10 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year's With the Family
    Every New Year's Eve is the same. You think you'll get out on the town and do it up right: a romantic dinner, a glamorous party and a ball-drop. But if you've got kids, especially young ones, chances are you'll find yourself on the couch, falling...
    Laurie Mega
  • Top 10 Chick Flicks to Watch This Holiday Season
    Christmas Movies
    Top 10 Chick Flicks to Watch This Holiday Season
    Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items fe...
    Erin Dower and FEN Staff
  • Coping with Loss During the Holidays
    Family Life
    5 Tips on Coping with Loss During the Holidays
    The holidays here, and for most, that means merriment and joy. But if you've recently lost a loved one, the holidays can be really tough. Whether it's your grandmother, who always made the holidays special, or the loss of the child you've been w...
  • Parenting Tools Printables
    Teen Budget Worksheet
    Help your teenager organize his expenses and save his money with this FREE teen budget worksheet. Download the worksheet and save it to your desktop. Your teen can type in his monthly expenses and income, and the worksheet will calculate his budg...
  • How to make a wildfire safety plan
    Family Life
    Wildfires: How to Prepare Your Family
    Natural disasters, triggered by specific weather conditions, can leave a path of destruction and devastation in their wake. Hurricanes and flash flooding reveal just how powerful water is. At the opposite end of the spectrum is fire. The recent C...
    Steven Auger
  • Creating a fire safety plan
    Fire Safety
    How to Create a Fire Safety Plan
    There are over 100 wildfires currently burning across the U.S, most of them in the West. Many of them are threatening homes and businesses. No matter where you live, no matter the time of year, the threat of fire is real. According to Carrie Hou...
    Rebecca Desfosse
  • Inspirational Moms: A Cambodian Refugee
    Being a Good Mom
    Inspirational Moms: A Cambodian Refugee's Story
    We at FamilyEducation recognize truly extraordinary parents who have overcome adversity to achieve amazing things for themselves and their children. In this installment, we meet Sophy, a married mother of two who survived the Cambodian genocide. ...
  • skull of human fetus at 11 weeks and 6 days
    Week 12 of Pregnancy
    You are 11 Weeks and 6 Days Pregnant
    Your baby todayThe bones of the front of the skull have continued to expand and cover the head, protecting the delicate brain structures beneath. The soft spot in between the skull bones (center) remains through pregnancy and into babyhood. ...
  • fall fun family activities -- apple picking
    Fun Fall Family Activities
    Fall's arrival is always marked by the usual suspects: breaking out your pull-over as the mercury drops, seeing your breath in the crisp air, and leaf piles inhabiting your yard. But family time doesn't have to suffer simply because family vacat...
    Steven Auger
  • family watching fall tv
    Kids and Tv
    10 Family-Friendly TV Shows to Watch This Fall
    We may have more TV networks and more ways to watch than ever before, but it often feels harder than ever to find TV shows that the whole family can enjoy together. While adult TV is experiencing a new golden age and children's programming is br...
    Colleen Hughes
  • family exercise game plan rriding outdoors
    Family Life
    Your Family Exercise Game Plan
    These days, families don't spend nearly enough time exercising together. Parents head to the gym while kids go to sports activities. But what about exercising together as a family to stay active and create lifelong memories? Here's your family e...
    Rebecca Desfosse