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    Family Life
    How Your Genes Can Influence Whether You’ll Be A Dog Person
    A recent study published by a team of Swedish and British scientists at Uppsala University suggests that becoming a dog owner is heavily influenced by an individual’s genetic structure and make-up. More: An Age-by-Age Guide to Explaining the D...
    Jacqueline Weiss
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    Dogs and Kids
    Star Dogs Quiz
    Test your knowledge of these famous on-screen canines. ...
    Holly Hartman
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    Family Life
    The Best Dogs for Kids and Families
    Thinking about which dog breed is right for you and your family? Dogs make great pets for families with kids of all ages. They are loving, loyal, and great companions, who will not only help teach your children learn about responsibility, but als...
    Erin Ollila
  • School and Learning
    U.S. Presidents
    Quiz: Presidents and Their Dogs
    You may know a lot about former presidents, but what do you know about their pets? Take this quiz to find out some fun facts about presidents and their dogs. ...
    Holly Hartman
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Famous Cats
    Take our quiz on cats to see if you know it all about these famous felines. ...
    Holly Hartman
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    Dog Breeds
    Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?
    The idea of a little ball of fur makes most people's hearts melt, and having a dog can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience. After all, who else will shower you with unconditional love and affection, in good times and in bad? However, owning ...
    Linday Hutton
  • The Danger of Pets During Your Pregnancy
    Things to Avoid While Pregnant
    The Downside of Kitties, Dogs and Turtles During Pregnancy
    Household pets, like cats and dogs, are a part of the family. They give you love and joy, and I'm sure there's no chance they'll be moving out to make room for your baby. But keep in mind that pets can bring more than fun into your home—they br...
  • Animals Coloring Pages Printables
    Dachshund Coloring Page
    Print out this coloring page and color your very own Dachsund. ...
  • Animals Coloring Pages Printables
    Collie Coloring Page
    Print out this page and color your very own Collie. ...
  • Animals Coloring Pages Printables
    Sheepdog Coloring Page
    Print out this page and color your very own Sheepdog. ...
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    Aging Animals
    Physical Changes in Your Aging Cat
    Physical Changes in Your Aging Cat As your cat ages, you can expect a number of behavioral and physical changes to occur. Some are normal and inevitable, but some signal serious disease. If you're not sure talk to your vet. Early diagnosis and t...
  • Animals Coloring Pages Printables
    Golden Retriever Coloring Page
    Print out this page and color your very own Golden Retriever. ...
  • Animals Coloring Pages Printables
    Pomeranian & Chihuahua Coloring Page
    Print out this page and color your very own Pomeranian & Chihuahua. ...
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    U.S. Presidents
    Presidential Pets Over the Years
    When a President moves into the White House, the whole family comes along -- including pets! Some unusual animals have occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Here's a look at some noteworthy fuzzy and feathered friends of Presidents. ...
    Mark Hughes and Mitchell Paul
  • Kids
    Bites and Stings
    Treating Dog Bites and Cat Scratches
    Treating Dog Bites and Cat Scratches Be Aware! Some physicians have found cat scratch fever in patients complaining of fatigue, swollen glands, and flu-like symptoms. Sometimes a minor cat claw scratch can set off an allergic reaction or an in...
  • Family Life
    Dogs and Kids
    Avoiding Dog Bites
    Avoiding Dog Bites Dogs may be man's best friend, but they're not always friendly to children. Whether it's your own or a stranger's pet, your child should be taught how to approach a dog or deal with one that appears threatening. It's best if ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Aquatic Art
    Aquatic Art Holiday Hassles Beta fish or Japanese fighting fish are aggressive fish that like to live alone. If you put two together in a bowl, they'll fight with each other. You can feed your fish prepared fish pellets from a pet shop, and giv...
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    Aging Animals
    Dealing with the Loss of Your Cat
    Dealing with the Loss of Your Cat Losing a beloved pet is very difficult. Be kind to yourself. Try to plan for something to do for the rest of the day, and try to be with someone who understands your grief. Don't share your feelings with people ...