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  • the ultimate list of would you rather questions
    Family Games
    The Ultimate List of 150 "Would You Rather?" Questions for Kids
    If family dinnertime conversation is falling short, these fun and silly "Would You Rather?" questions are a great way to get everyone talking. More: Family Dinners: The Recipe for Connectedness Ever played the “Would You Rather?” game with ...
    Jennifer Caffelle
  • Family spending time with each other and playing with balloons at family reunion
    Family Life
    15 Unique Family Reunion Ideas
    Somehow you have managed to get the entire family to meet together in one location on a chosen date. Congratulations! If you can do this, you can do anything… including a plan for the rest of the reunion, or delegate someone to help. If you’r...
    Miranda Altice
  • Dealing With In-Laws
    10 Tips for Dealing With In-Laws
    Your in-laws are a crucial part of your spouse's life. This makes them a crucial part of your life as well. No one ever said it was easy to balance your needs with the needs of others -- especially the needs of an entire new family. But creating ...
    Laurie E. Rozakis, PhD
  • five questions kids should ask their grandparents
    Family Life
    5 Questions Kids Should Ask Their Grandparents
    Asking specific questions can get an interesting and valuable dialogue going between kids and their grandparents. It allows them to connect and learn essential information about their family tree and history. You never know what they’ll learn o...
    Laura Richards
  • Girl hugging her dog
    Family Life
    An Age-by-Age Guide to Explaining the Death of a Pet to Children
    From goldfish to guinea pigs to every pet in between (yes, including dogs and cats, of course), pets are part of the family. Heck, my first pet, the most wonderful Golden Retriever ever (I am NOT biased!) died 17 years ago and I still miss her! ...
    Rachel Sokol
  • Mom and daughter having a conversation
    Family Life
    60+ Get To Know You Questions to Ask Kids (and Get Them Talking)
    One of the biggest challenges busy families face is finding quality time to connect with one another. With work, school, extracurriculars, screen time, friends, and more all competing for time, parents can be left feeling unconnected as their kid...
    Jennifer Caffelle
  • Activities for grandparents and grandchildren
    12 Fun Things to Do With Grandkids
    Editor’s Note:We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featu...
  • Living far from family sucks, especially during the holidays
    Family Relationships
    Living Far From Family Sucks, Especially During The Holidays
    Living far from family is hard, especially during the holiday season. We may live in locations that are far from where we grew up for various reasons: job opportunities, lifestyle choices, proximity to our partner’s family, or financial reasons...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • Family Life
    An Open Letter to Grandparents: That Was Then, This is Now
    Dear Grandparents, First and foremost, we love you. That is a given, and our kids are blessed to have you in their lives. We are doing our best as parents and appreciate everything that you do, yet there are some sticking points that are hard to...
    Laura Richards
  • Family Life
    My Kid is Nothing Like Me
    From the moment a baby is born, most parents have a certain idea of what their kid will be like. Maybe they hope their child will grow up to be a lawyer like their mom or a college athlete like their dad. However, very rarely do children grow up...
    Julia Ries
  • The Danger of Pets During Your Pregnancy
    Things to Avoid While Pregnant
    The Downside of Kitties, Dogs and Turtles During Pregnancy
    Household pets, like cats and dogs, are a part of the family. They give you love and joy, and I'm sure there's no chance they'll be moving out to make room for your baby. But keep in mind that pets can bring more than fun into your home—they br...
  • 5 Tips For One on One Time
    Family Life
    5 Tips for Giving Each Child One-On-One Time
    As I’m nearing the due date for my third child, I can’t help but wonder how I’ll possibly make the time to give each one the individual attention they deserve. The kids will soon outnumber the adults in our household, and it’s important t...
    Erin Ollila
  • Inspirational Moms: A Cambodian Refugee
    Being a Good Mom
    Inspirational Moms: A Cambodian Refugee's Story
    We at FamilyEducation recognize truly extraordinary parents who have overcome adversity to achieve amazing things for themselves and their children. In this installment, we meet Sophy, a married mother of two who survived the Cambodian genocide. ...
  • Inspirational Moms: Melissa the Police Officer
    Being a Good Mom
    Inspirational Moms: Melissa the Police Officer
    We at FamilyEducation strive to educate and support moms and dads, and to recognize the truly extraordinary parents who have overcome adversity and achieved amazing things for themselves and their children. In this installment, our first, we meet...
    Laurie Mega
  • Family Life
    Dealing With In-Laws
    Coping with Family Reactions to a Couple's Age Difference
    Coping with Family Reactions to a Couple's Age Difference Tricia was a real beauty, a stunning redhead. On a quick glance, she looked no more than 25. Her figure was outrageous; her grooming impeccable. Only her hands and a few tell-tale wrinkle...
  • mother and child Facetime using tablet on Christmas
    Entertainment and Activities
    5 Tips for Celebrating the Holidays with Faraway Family Members
    1. Behold the Power of Facetime/Skype Let’s face it: Sometimes a big trip during the bustling holiday season just isn’t feasible with little ones. If a plane or car ride isn't an option, technology is the next best thing. Set up a time to Sk...
    Courtney Key
  • Family Life
    Conducting Genealogical Research
    Archive It! 5 Key Questions & Tips to Preserve Your Family History
    Archive It! 5 Key Questions & Tips to Preserve Your Family History Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of managing your old family photos, VHS tapes, slides, and film reels? You're not alone. Less than 5 percent of American families have scann...
  • Parenting Tools Printables
    Printable Pet Care Chart for Kids
    Encourage kids to help take care of your family's pet! Type in the date, chore descriptions, and names on this interactive printable pet care chart. ...