• Parenting Style
    9 Surprising Ways You Might Be Over-Parenting Your Child
    Is your child a coddled kid and you don't even know it? In today's society, "helicopter parenting," or the tendency for parents to hover and help their child even when they are capable of acting alone, is a growing — and perhaps detrimental —...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • mother and daughter in a healthy relationship
    Mother/Daughter Relationships
    Mother/Daughter 101: Smart Tips for Raising Girls
    Every mother/daughter relationship is different. Whether you and your daughter are close as can be or constantly battling, find out the key steps in building a strong relationship and raising a happy, healthy girl. (Also take a look at our mother...
    Erin Dower
  • Family Life
    Dealing With In-Laws
    Coping with Family Reactions to a Couple's Age Difference
    Coping with Family Reactions to a Couple's Age Difference Tricia was a real beauty, a stunning redhead. On a quick glance, she looked no more than 25. Her figure was outrageous; her grooming impeccable. Only her hands and a few tell-tale wrinkle...
  • Father and son playing chess
    Connecting With Your Teen
    10 Simple Ways to Connect to Your Teen
    Let's face it — sometimes it seems as though teenagers hail from a different planet. While it's true that your teenage child still needs your guidance as a parent, many times it feels as though having a conversation with her might seem about as...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Woman writing with pen in hand
    Conducting Genealogical Research
    A Step-By-Step Guide to Your Genealogical Treasure Hunt
    Are you curious about your ancestors? Exploring your family history can take some work, but with a little digging, you can uncover a goldmine of information. Try these tips to help uncover information and interesting facts about your family tree....
    Lindsay Hutton
  • busysonfallingasleepstudying
    Learning Disabilities and Homework
    8 Disorganization Styles of Struggling Boys
    Why is your child struggling in school? In her book "That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Helping Disorganized and Distracted Boys Succeed in School and Life," author Ana Homayoun identifies eight styles of disorganization and distraction that ...
    Erin Dower
  • Family Life
    Father/Daughter Relationships
    Should Father Bathe with Toddler Daughter?
    Read what our expert has to say to a father who has been bathing with his daughter. ...
  • Family Life
    Conducting Genealogical Research
    Who Do You Think You Are?
    Who Do You Think You Are? For many, the first instinct is to jump on the computer, but if you can discipline yourself to do a little offline sleuthing beforehand, you'll ultimately go a lot further a lot faster. Investigate the clues you've prob...
  • Family Life
    Conducting Genealogical Research
    Get Hooked on Your Family History
    Get Hooked on Your Family History We recently spoke with Megan Smolenyak, the author of the book Who Do You Think You Are?, the companion to the NBC television series by the same name. A sixth-grade family history project hooked Megan Smolenyak i...
    Erin Dower
  • Family Life
    Making Family Time
    10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Children
    10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Children Make a date -- Children like routine, so why not set aside one afternoon a week when you do something special together? Share the planning -- Get the children to decide what you're going to do at leas...
  • Family Life
    Mother/Daughter Relationships
    Battles Are Part of Raising Teenage Daughters
    Battles Are Part of Raising Teenage Daughters You aren't imagining it. Battle days are increased during adolescence. And most experts will tell you that Mom is the favorite target of her daughter's anger and frustration. Why? You will forgive a...
  • Momandteenageboy
    Communicating With Teens
    Essential Rules of Parenting: Raising Teenagers Successfully
    When your child becomes a teenager, you're well over halfway through the job of raising them, and you have only a few years left to instill all those values and principles you want them to go into adult life with. And suddenly, they look as if th...
  • Annoyedmotherandboy
    Parent/Child Relationships
    Essential Rules of Parenting: How to Stay Sane
    Your sanity isn't only important because you are important, but also because your children need sane parents. And there are just a few Rules that you'll find, after you get the hang of them, help you keep your head when your children are crying t...
  • AfricanAmericanmotheranddaughterhugging
    Parent/Child Relationships
    7 Essential Rules for a Happy Family Life
    Here are some basic rules to make it easier to maintain a loving family dynamic, whether you already have a close-knit family or one full of tricky relationships and old resentments. (Excerpted from "The Rules of Love" by Richard Templar) ...
  • Family Life
    Bringing a New Baby into a Stepfamily
    Bringing a New Baby into a Stepfamily Hoorah! You've decided, or you're pregnant, or the adoption papers have been filed. What now? Who tells the ex(es)? How are you going to tell the kids? And how are your kids and stepkids going to react? Who ...
  • Family Life
    Sibling Relationships
    Encourage Them to Play Together
    Encourage Them to Play TogetherYou'll no doubt have noticed that parents of only children become their child's chief companion, especially for the first half of their childhood. If you have more than one child, you can step back and encourage th...
  • SmilingyoungAfrican-Americanboy
    Building Self-Esteem
    10 Tools for Parenting Happy, Healthy Children
    Doing some of these things may be hard work; some of them will come naturally. Irritatingly, some of the pieces you find difficult will come naturally to your partner, but that works both ways. On the plus side, however, working on the difficult ...
  • Family Life
    Dogs and Kids
    Star Dogs Quiz
    Test your knowledge of these famous on-screen canines. ...
    Holly Hartman