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    Tools for Leatherwork
    Tools for Leatherwork Handiwords A leather knife is a special knife with either a round or an angled blade used for cutting leather, especially thick leather. Leather shears are large, heavy-duty scissors used for cutting leather. Crafty Clues...
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    Wire Work
    Wire Work Handiwords Wire work is a way of connecting individual beads or group or beads using wire bent into shape. Crafty Clues If you are interested in wire work, definitely invest in good tools. I recommend buying them in a bead store, rat...
  • Hand Print Shirt Activity for Kids
    Jewelry and Clothing
    Handprint Shirt
    Handprint ShirtIn this craft activity, children decorate a shirt with hand prints.Materials T-shirt (solid color or white) Fabric or acrylic paint Large piece of cardboard Directions Cut piece of cardboard so shirt can be stretched over it. This ...
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    Beading Basics
    Beading Basics Handiwords A finding refers to anything in beading that is not a bead. This can include clasps, earring pieces, clamps, connectors, pin backs, separator bars, caps, and wire pins of various kinds. Beads can be made out of almost ...
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    Tie-Dyeing Dyeing fabric takes many forms, but one that can be done in your own backyard or kitchen is tie-dyeing. The younger generation seems to have rediscovered "their father's T-shirt" from the tie-dying craze of the 1960s. Everything that ...
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    Sewing: Get It Together
    Sewing: Get It Together Crafty Clues The major pattern companies all have Web sites you can visit. Check out Simplicity at http://www.simplicity.com/. Butterick and McCalls also have online catalogs at http://www.butterick.com and http://www.mc...
  • Arts and Crafts Printables
    Lanyard Key Chain
    Children can create a lanyard key chain for themselves or someone they love, in this easy-level craft. ...
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    Fabric Crafts
    Pillows with Pizzazz
    Pillows with Pizzazz Recline in style at your Seder dinner by making this lovely Passover pillow. Seasonal Sense Transfer webbing, or fusible webbing, is a paper-backed adhesive web that turns plain fabric into an iron-on fabric. You can find t...
  • Weaving Craft Activity for Kids
    Fabric Crafts
    Fabric Weaving
    Fabric WeavingMaterials Large fabric scraps or pieces Scissors Piece of cardboard or Styrofoam Thumb tacks Directions Before your child starts weaving, cut a large square out of fabric canvas or a heavy-weight fabric which will create the fram...
  • Fabric Garden Activity for Kids
    Fabric Crafts
    Fabric Garden
    Fabric GardenMaterials Scraps of plain and floral fabric White glue or glue sticks Poster board Pictures of flowers (optional) Directions Cut out flower shapes from the fabric: petals, leaves, stems, and buds. An adult can do the cutting of sh...
  • mother and toddler wearing mommy and me dresses
    Clothing Fashions
    Our Top Mommy and Me Outfit Picks for Spring 2019
    Some people may think it’s silly or weird for a mom to want to wear an outfit that matches her kids. But for some of us moms, the idea of matching our kiddos is fun. And if you’ve seen some of the styles made for kids now, you wouldn’t blam...
    Sa'iyda Shabazz
  • Decorated Hat Activity for Kids
    Jewelry and Clothing
    Fancy Dress Hat
    Fancy Dress HatMaterials Hats straw, felt, or fabric Artificial flowers Feathers and bows Ribbons and old lace Fabric remnants Glue Directions Antique or thrift stores are a great place to look for old hats. Straw sun hats also work well. Be...
  • Homemade Crown Activity for Kids
    Jewelry and Clothing
    Create a Crown
    Create a CrownMaterials Paper Scissors Glue Crayons Sparkles and glitter Directions Cut the paper to look like an open crown shape. Let your child decorate it with crayons, glue, sparkles, and glitter. When the decoration is dry, fit it to yo...
  • Cotton Ball Covered Costume for Kids
    Jewelry and Clothing
    Fluffy Head
    Fluffy HeadMaterials Large paper bag White glue Cotton balls White tissue paper Felt pen Directions Place paper bag over child's head and mark where his eyes and armholes are with a felt pen. Remove bag and use scissors to cut out the holes f...
  • DIY Jewelry Crafts for Kids
    Entertainment and Activities
    5 Cute Jewelry Crafts to Do with Your Kids
    It's time for some jewelry crafts! Who can resist a DIY project — especially when it comes to fashion? Jewelry crafts are fun activity to do with one kid or a large group. They allow kids to express themselves creatively, plus they walk away w...
    Rachel Sokol
  • Painted Shoelaces Activity for Kids
    Jewelry and Clothing
    Shoelace Art Activity for Kids
    Shoelace Art Activity for KidsMaterials New white shoelaces Fabric paint or markers Puff paint Directions Decorate one side of each lace to your liking. Dry thoroughly, then decorate the other side. Do a few pairs so you can mix and match them in...
  • Homemade Tap Shoes
    Jewelry and Clothing
    Tap Dancing
    Tap DancingMaterials Metal taps bought at a dance supply store or metal bottle tops without the cork lining and short nails Pair of shoes with hard soles Directions Fasten the metal taps following supplied directions or fasten the bottle tops wit...
  • Make Your Own Perfume Activity for Kids
    Perfume Making
    Perfume MakingIngredients Essential oils Pure grain alcohol (vodka) Water Directions Perfume is simple to make, the trick is to put the essential oils together creating a smell you like. Perfume is made up of base notes (the smell stays the long...