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10 Toddler Art Projects to Do This Weekend

If the end goal is a busy toddler, these art projects and craft ideas are sure to keep toddlers entertained and engaged.
10 Toddler Art Projects
Updated: December 1, 2022

If you have toddlers at home, you are probably trying to come up with activities for them to keep them entertained. Well, look no further.

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It's no secret that kids love arts and crafts, and as parents, we do our best to find things for them that are both age-appropriate and fun. If the end goal is a busy toddler, the craft ideas you will find below involve all sorts of activities, including sensory play for your kiddo. So, here are 10 toddler art projects from Pinterest that you should try out with your little one this weekend!

1. Paper Plate Donuts

This toddler craft by Happy Hooligans is not only adorable but simple! It doesn't require a lot of supplies, and you can get creative with it and use things that you already have at home. What I liked best about this activity is that it is also educational. Not only can you use this as a letter D craft to help your little one learn the alphabet, but it's great for working on those fine motor skills as well! Learning how to properly use a pair of scissors can seem like a daunting task, but this craft makes it fun. Your toddler can cut the paper plate into a donut shape, and then decorate it with paint.

2. Faux Stained Glass Suncatcher

Another popular page on Pinterest is Buggy and Buddy. You will find all sorts of arts and crafts ideas there. This particular project caught my eye because of the beautiful result. It's also a chance for you and your toddler to learn about colors and geometry! They may need a little bit of assistance from you to get started, especially when using a Sharpie marker, but that's completely fine because I love getting in on crafting with my kids. They can use the highlighters and choose the colors they want, and then help cut the frame out of the cardstock.

3. Homemade Finger Paint

Many toddlers like to test out everything they use and often it's with their mouths. This is part of their development so no need to panic! Here is a recipe for homemade finger paint using items you probably already have sitting in your pantry. Since all you need is flour, water, salt, and food coloring, it can be mixed up and ready to use in a flash. It's such a fun sensory activity!

4. Shaving Cream Marbling

This is one of the best craft activities for kids of all ages. Who doesn't like getting a little bit messy? With this kids’ craft, all you need is some shaving cream, paper, food coloring, and popsicle sticks. Just add the colors your toddler wants to the shaving cream, and then use the popsicle stick to get that marbling effect. Getting those little hands in there is another great sensory activity! Once the paper dries, you have a cool project to put on display.

5. Count the Pom Poms

Even though this is a simple kids’ activity, it's both fun and educational. You can pick up a variety of pom-pom colors and sizes, and all you need is paper and glue. These adorable little ice cream cones are so fun to make. Just pick a number and write it on each cone and it's up to your little one to glue the right number of pom poms on each one!

6. Sensory Squish Bags

I absolutely love sensory bags when I'm looking for some mess-free fun. They are incredibly versatile, so you can put whatever you like in them. You can even make them themed for holidays like Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and more! They are a perfect option if you like easy and mess-free kids’ art activities AND zero clean-up!

7. Homemade Playdough

From toddlers to preschoolers, I can’t think of any age group that doesn't enjoy playdough. It's great for letting your little one's imagination run wild, while also helping them out with their fine motor skills. They can squish, roll, grasp, and shape it into whatever they want. Homemade playdough is fun and easy to make, and you can customize it to be any color you want! Here are six of our favorite playdough recipes.

8. Free Printable Coloring Pages

Sometimes you want to keep your weekend art projects nice and easy, and you can with some free printables! The nice thing about these is that there are so many to choose from, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating. Let your toddlers assert their independence and choose from crayons, stickers, and even watercolor paint. Turn art time into playtime! Browse our library of free, printable coloring pages to get started.

9. Toilet Paper Roll Spiders

These are simple and adorable little things and your preschoolers will have a blast making them. The main supplies are toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners, but I find even construction paper works too with a bit of patience and glue. I don't like limiting to one color either! Let your little one let their creativity shine and make their spider any color they want.

10. DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

If you're feeling spring then this is another fun activity that is perfect for young children. All you need is colored tissue paper and pipe cleaners. They are pretty and easy. The best part is that if you don't have any tissue paper, you can easily substitute coffee filters. Just dye them in some water and food coloring and you're all set.

The best part about these toddler activities is that they are fun and easy art for both you and your child. Plus, they aren't just for two and three-year-olds. These are made for kids of all ages. Plus, if you don't have the supplies at home, they are easily ordered from Amazon. So, why not try one of these neat craft projects this weekend?

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