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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List for Kids and Families

Have fun learning and creating with your children this fall. Here are our top picks for creative ways to enjoy this beautiful season.
ultimate fall bucket list for kids
Updated: December 1, 2022

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored.

Fall is a magical time of the year! The trees change and glow with bright, fiery colors, there are trips to pumpkin patches and apple picking farms, and a crisp, cool air descends upon us, reminding us of fuzzy socks and warm apple cider.

There is no better way for parents looking to infuse a little extra fall fun into their activities than combining art with nature. Children love to play and explore with natural materials, and through that play, they can learn more about the world and plants surrounding them.

Courtesy of Kidiosity, we have put together a list of ultimate fall art projects that you can do with kids of just about any age! Kidiosity delivers engaging and educational activities to parents weekly to help you connect with your child and expand their learning through hands-on fun! Click this link for a free trial of this wonderful educational service!

If you don’t live in a climate that has a traditional fall with color-changing leaves and pumpkin farms, you and your child can accomplish many of the projects gathered here with artificial supplies purchased at your local arts & craft store. 

As with any art project, the experience should be about the process, not the finished result. So, when engaging in art with your little one, remember to talk about what they are seeing, feeling, and thinking! Enjoy the journey that art takes you on as you delve into one or several of these delightful fall projects!

1.  Dot Falling Leaves

dot fall leavings art activity from kidiosity

Creating a picturesque fall painting is perfect for toddlers and school-agers alike. You could use construction paper, or if you want to make a more permanent picture, a small paint canvas. If your child is too young to draw a tree trunk, then prep that part first, otherwise allow your child the opportunity to draw a tree and branches. This project provides an excellent opportunity to discuss with your child why leaves change colors.

When it comes to creating the falling leaves, there are three options. First, you could use dot markers to provide the nice round shape you see in the picture provided. The other two options involve using your child’s fingerprints. If working on paper, your child could create the leaves with ink pads and their thumb or finger. If you decide to use a canvas, consider using washable paint and allow them to dip their fingers in the paint. 

Children tend to love this activity so much you may end up with an entire forest of trees!

2.  Leafy Leaflet


Ready to head outside for a nature walk? Why not collect some leaves on your way and create a guide to fall leaves! This project is so simple that all you need is construction paper, crayons, and leaves. 

To create this beautiful shading effect, lay your leaf flat on the paper and color around the edges, outlining the leaf. Alternative options are using pastels or colored pencils. If you don’t have a wide variety of leaves or trees in your neighborhood, you could print off leaf shapes from your computer or purchase silk leaves from the craft store. 

To help the leaves stay put while outlining, place a small piece of masking or painters tape on the back. To enhance this activity, research some facts about leaves or the different types of trees and add them to the leaflet.

3.  Leafy Caterpillar


The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a book beloved by generations. So what better way to honor Eric Carle’s masterpiece than to create an adorable caterpillar who has obviously taken a few bites out of his leaf?

This adorable project is an excellent way to work on your child’s fine motor and mathematical skills. To complete this project, you will need brown and red construction paper and two shades of green paper. You will also need a hole punch, scissors, brown or black marker, googly eyes, and glue.

If you’d like your child to practice cutting, let them cut green strips to make the caterpillar’s body. You can make it easier for them by using a ruler to draw lines across the paper for them to follow. 

As you add each link in your caterpillar’s body, count how long it is. You can also count as you use the hole punch to add “bites” to your leaf.

Either start or end this activity by reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar together.

4.  Nature People


Your child can let their creativity soar with this fun activity. Scavenge in your backyard or go for a nature walk and collect various natural materials. Consider purchasing feathers and silk plants from an arts and craft store if you want to enhance what you have collected. 

In addition to the natural supplies you’ve gathered, you will need construction paper, googly eyes, and glue. You can use this activity to discuss the parts of the body with your child but allow them to let their fantasy run wild. For example, if their person has three legs and four eyes, ask them why? You might be delighted by their creative response.

5.  Painting With Leaves

painting with leaves art activity from kidiosity

Your kids will enjoy using natural items such as leaves to create impressions and prints. All you need to make this beautiful art is white construction paper, washable paint, a paper plate, a paintbrush, and leaves. You may wish to place a drop cloth or plastic table cloth underneath for easy cleanup.

Your child can dip the leaves into the paint like a stamp, or they could paint the leaves using a paintbrush or cotton swab. This activity is perfect for discussing how colors mix and blend.

6.  Natural Paint Brushes

natural paint brushes activity from kidiosity

I was thrilled to see this included in Kidiosity’s list of fall art projects, as it was a favorite of mine when I taught preschool. To make these natural paintbrushes, you will need twine, small sticks or twigs, and leaves or bristles. Evergreens and long grasses work best for creating natural paintbrushes.

You can use any color construction paper and paint that you want, or consider using a small canvas so you can hang it up as a piece of artwork. 

Your child will enjoy experimenting with the different shapes and lines they can create using these unique brushes.

7.  Nature's Shadows

nature's shadows activity from kidiosity

This one-of-a-kind artwork involves some science and patience! This project is ideal for older children because it takes some dexterity and fine motor control to achieve. 

You will need a plant or tree that casts a shadow and a large piece of butcher block paper. First, lay the paper under the plant, so the shadow appears on the paper. Then, have your child trace the outline using a colored pencil or a pen. 

Once the outline is complete, they can paint it to look natural or go more abstract and color it in any colors they would like! You may even want to offer additional supplies such as sequins, pom-poms, geometric shapes, etc. 

Use this activity as a jumping board to discuss shadows and why and how they are created.

8.  Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds activity from kidiosity

Playing with pumpkins is not so much an art activity but more of an immersive sensory experience. Although you could always carve or paint the pumpkin as a bonus activity!

Allow your child to manipulate and play with the pumpkin guts as you discuss the sensory input they are receiving. If your child does not like getting their hands messy, use plastic or latex gloves. 

Separate the pumpkin seeds to roast so that this can become a proper 5-senses activity. Talk to your child about how the guts feel, smell, look and sound as they squish them. Once you have roasted the seeds, you can discuss how it tastes!

For step-by-step directions on how to roast pumpkin seeds, follow this link to Kidiosity!

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