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Spring is (finally!) here! Celebrate the warmer weather and longer days by creating this easy butterfly mobile spring craft, using construction paper and colored tissue paper.


  • black construction paper cut to various sizes
  • colored tissue paper
  • needle and thread
  • paste or glue
  • reeds, straws, or sticks to suspend the butterflies


  1. Fold two pieces of the black construction paper in half, widthwise. Starting and ending on the folded side of your paper, cut out the shape of a butterfly.
  2. While your shape is still folded in half, cut out decorative sections and holes from your wings.
  3. Unfold your shape and add glue or paste to one side of one shape.
  4. Add colored tissue paper, and then lay the other shape on top so they line up perfectly.
  5. When the glue is dry, trim the tissue paper to the shape of your butterfly.
  6. Using the needle and thread, attach your butterflies to your sticks to create a pretty mobile.

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