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Astrology Names + Celestial Names for Gender-Neutral Babies

Are you looking for an astrological or celestial name for your little one? These gender-neutral & unisex names are perfect for reflecting the stars & the universe!
Gender-neutral astrology names and celestial names
Updated: March 1, 2024
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Stargazers and cosmic dreamers, gather around! If you’re about to welcome a little starlight into your life or just daydreaming about the future, we’ve got a constellation’s worth of inspiration for you. In the vast expanse of the universe, names shine like stars, devoid of the traditional boundaries earthlings are used to. We present to you a unique celestial gathering, a list of gender-neutral and unisex names that are as boundless as the cosmos.

These names, inspired by distant galaxies, radiant stars, and the mysteries of astrology, promise to be a guiding light in finding the perfect moniker for the newest addition to your universe. Fasten your seatbelts; we’re about to take a ride across the celestial skies in search of that one name that’s as special and unique as the little comet you’re celebrating.

Gender-Neutral Astrology Names + Celestial Names

Gender-neutral astrology names and celestial names
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Choose a name as boundless as the sky with our collection of gender-neutral names. Each of these unisex and gender-neutral astrology names breaks free from the traditional confines, offering versatility and a modern touch that resonates with today’s evolving cultural landscape.

  1. Angel - Greek. "God’s messenger."
  2. Aster - A star-like flower.
  3. Astra - Latin. This name translates to “star” and means “divine strength.”
  4. Aquila - The constellation representing an eagle.
  5. Ariel - Hebrew. "Lion of God." An angel of intuition and dreams. Ariel is often thought of as a girl’s name in Western culture, but it was originally a boy’s name and is now considered unisex.
  6. Aries - Latin. "Ram." The astrological sign for babies born between March 21st and April 19th.
  7. Artemis - Greek. "Butcher." Although the Greek goddess of hunting was female, this name remains neutral.
  8. Asia - Greek. "Sunrise."
  9. Caelum - Latin for "sky or heaven."
  10. Callisto - Greek. "Fair or good." Callisto is a Greek name meaning most beautiful. It is one of Jupiter’s moons.
  11. Celeste - "Heavenly or celestial" in French.
  12. Comet - A celestial object made of ice and dust.
  13. Eden - Greek. "Paradise or heaven."
  14. Gemini - The zodiac sign representing twins.
  15. Halley - Latin. "Ruler." Named for Halley’s Comet that orbits the Earth every 76 years. It is the only naked-eye comet that can appear twice in a person’s lifespan.
  16. Jupiter - Latin. "Supreme God." Traditionally a male name works for both boys, girls, and unisex.
  17. Libra - The zodiac sign representing balance.
  18. Luna - The moon in Latin.
  19. Mara - The fourth planet from the sun.
  20. Nova - Of Latin origin, meaning “new,” is also the term for a star that massively increases brightness.
  21. Phoenix - Greek. "Dark red." The phoenix is a bird in mythology about rising again and overcoming challenges.
  22. Polaris - The North Star, serving as a pivotal point in the night sky.
  23. Rory - Latin/Irish. "Dawn" or "red king." A variation of the name Aurora.
  24. Savitri - Sanskrit. "Relating to the sun."
  25. Sky - The atmosphere seen from Earth.
  26. Skye - Scottish. It refers to the Scottish Isle of Skye and has a celestial meaning of the sky above. It can be spelled Skye or Sky
  27. Sol - Spanish. "Sun."
  28. Vega - Arabic. Meaning “falling star” or “swooping eagle.”
  29. Vela - The constellation representing the sails of a ship.
  30. Zodiac - Greek. "A circle of little animals." The zodiac signs are important to those who study and believe in astrology.

What Is the Gender Neutral Name for Star?

The term "star" is often used as a gender-neutral name, especially in the English language. It can be used for both boys and girls, making it a popular choice among parents who want to give their child a name that does not conform to traditional gender norms.

Aside from being a popular name choice, the term "star" also has various meanings and connotations. It can symbolize success, fame, or brilliance, which are often considered gender-neutral traits. In this sense, the name "star" can be seen as a gender-neutral name that represents limitless potential and individuality.

What Is the Gender of the Name Celestial?

The name "Celestial" can also be considered a gender-neutral name, as it is derived from the Latin word "caelestis" meaning heavenly or divine. This name has been used for both boys and girls throughout history, and its celestial connotations make it a popular choice for parents wanting to give their child a unique and meaningful name.

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