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90 Traditional Boy Names for Girls to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

These classic boy names for girls are trending now as more parents embrace unisex and gender-neutral baby names.
90 Traditional Boy Names for Girls to Inspire Your Baby Name Search
Updated: June 6, 2022

Choosing a baby name is an exciting and essential part of your journey when becoming a parent. Typically choosing a name is one of the fun aspects of waiting for your little one to arrive. 

There are ample lists of baby boy names and baby girl names, but we have compiled a unique baby name list of traditional and popular boy names that are now considered unisex names. This Unisex name list includes dozens of names that we think could be or are already used for boys and girls.

Our list of gender-neutral baby names includes some of the most popular baby names, the name’s meaning, and origin. 

Unique "Boy" Names for Girls

Unique “Boy” Names for Girls
  1. 1 A’alona - Hawaiian. A traditional boy’s name that means exalted or high mountain.
  2. Ace - This Latin origin name means first. 
  3. Addison - Old English. Son of Adam. This moniker is declining for boys and peaking for girls.
  4. Alex - Greek. A variation of Alexander, which means defender of man.
  5. Ali - Arabic. Exalted.
  6. Amari - Greek/Hebrew. Internal or immortal.
  7. Aspen - Old English name meaning Quaking tree.
  8. Atlas - Greek origin. This strong name means to support.
  9. Aubrey - Norman French. Traditionally a boy’s name it has become more popular to see on lists for popular girl names. 
  10. Austen - Latin. Great and magnificent.
  11. Avery - Old English. Elf king.
  12. Bailey - Old English Fortification. Rocker Melissa Ethridge has a daughter named Bailey.
  13. Bellamy - French. Good friend. A popular name from the TV show Scandal.
  14. Blake - Old English. Pale blonde
  15. Bobbie - Old English. A diminutive of Robert. It means bright flame. 
  16. Campbell - Scottish. Crooked smile.
  17. Charlie - English. Free man. A cute variation of Charles.
  18. Claude - French/Latin. Lame. The meaning isn’t the best baby name inspiration, but it’s a cute name. There was a Princess Claude in France, the daughter of Henry II.
  19. Cruz - Basque/Spanish. Cross.
  20. Dakota - Native American. Friend or friendly.
  21. Dante - Basque/Spanish/Italian. Lasting or enduring. 
  22. Darius - Persian. The name of a Persian King. 
  23. Drew - Welsh. Wise. Drew Barrymore helped feminize this name!
  24. Dusty - Old English. Light dirt. Rapper Vanilla Ice named his daughter Dusti. 
  25. Dylan - Welsh. Born of the ocean, son of the sea, or son of the wave.
  26. Elliot - Greek. Jehovah is God. 
  27. Ellis - Welsh and English. The Lord is my God.
  28. Emil - Latin. Rival. 
  29. Emmerson - English origin, it means brave and powerful. 
  30. Evan - Welsh. Youth or young warrior.
  31. Finley - Scottish. White and fair, or warrior and hero. 
  32. Forest - Old French. The woods. This nature name is perfect for girls and boys!
  33. Glenn - Celtic. From the valley. Actress Glenn Close is the most famous female with this moniker.
  34. Greer - Scottish. Alert or watchful.
  35. Haulauni - Hawaiian. A strong name that means imperial or royal ruler. 
  36. Hero - Used in Shakespeare and is from Greek Mythology. Hero was a female priestess. However, the name has taken on masculine properties in the modern age.
  37. Harley - Old English. Wood, clearing, or meadow.
  38. Hayden - English. Heather, hay valley, or hay hill. This classic name is peaking in popularity for girls.
  39. James - Hebrew. This biblical name means supplanter and is what Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively chose for their eldest daughter. 
  40. Jesse - Hebrew. He sees. Commonly spelled Jessie for girls, but why not change it up?
  41. Jonah - A Hebrew name meaning dove. 
  42. Jordan - Greek/Hebrew. To flow or descend. 
  43. Jude - Latin. Praised.
  44. Jules - French. Youthful and downy. 
  45. Justice - English. Doing right by the law. A strong choice for a female.
  46. Kennedy - This Irish name is synonymous with politics in the U.S. Helmeted chief or leader. 
  47. Kieran - Irish. Little, dark one.
  48. Kyle - Scottish. Narrow strait or channel.
  49. Lennon -  Irish. This trendy-sounding name means dear one.
  50. Leo - Italian. Short for Leonardo. Brave lion. 
  51. Leon - Greek/Old German. Lion. A shortened version of the German name Leonhard which means lion strength. 
  52. Lincoln - Old English. Lake or pool colony.
  53. Lyle - Old French. The island. 
  54. Mason - Occupational name for a mason worker. Thanks to Kourtney Kardashian naming her son this, it has become one of the top baby names. 
  55. Maxwell - Scottish. Great stream. Pop star Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell in 2012. WOuld make a great middle name to honor a family member.
  56. Nikita - Russian. Unconquered. 
  57. Noah - Hebrew. Rest or repose. Noah is the name of Billy Ray Cyrus’s less famous daughter. 
  58. Parker - English. Keeper of the park.
  59. Peyton - Irish. Patrician or noble.
  60. Phoenix - Greek. Dark red.
  61. Quincy - Old French. The estate of the fifth son. 
  62. Quinn - Gaelic. This Celtic name means wise, wisdom, and intelligence.
  63. Rafael - Spanish. God has healed. 
  64. Reagan - Irish. Little king. It is one of the daughters in Shakespeare’s King Lear, spelled Regan. 
  65. Reese - Welsh. Ardent or fiery.
  66. Reza - Arabic. Contentment or satisfaction.
  67. Rhys - Welsh. Enthusiastic. It is not traditionally used as a girl’s name but is also not super popular in the U.S., so parents could easily use it without raising eyebrows. 
  68. Riley - Irish. Brave. Disney appropriately chose this awesome name for their hero in Inside Out.
  69. River - English. Stream of water that flows to the sea. 
  70. Roman - Latin. Citizen of Rome. 
  71. Rory - Gaelic. Red-haired kind. 
  72. Ryan - Irish. Little King
  73. Sailor - English. A seaman or person who sails. Model Christie Brinkley named her daughter Sailor.
  74. Sam - A name with Hebrew origins, it is diminutive of Samuel or Samantha; it means told by god.
  75. Sasha - Russian. A diminutive of Alexander.
  76. Sawyer - English. Woodcutter. 
  77. Scout - Old French. To listen. One of Demi Moore's and Bruce Willis's daughters is named Scout. 
  78. Sean - An Irish variation of the Hebrew name John. God is gracious. 
  79. Shane - Hebrew/Irish.  God is gracious. 
  80. Shay - Irish. Admirable.
  81. Silas - Greek/Latin. Of the forest. A biblical name.
  82. Shiloh - Hebrew. His Gift. Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt used this name for one of their brood.
  83. Sky - Scandinavian. An Old Norse word that means cloud.
  84. Spencer - English. The dispenser of provisions. 
  85. Sterling - English. Starling or little star.
  86. Teagan - Attractive, beautiful, or perfect. Origin: Irish.
  87. Tristan -Welsh. Tumult.
  88. Wyatt - English. Brave in war. Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis used Wyatt for their daughter.
  89. Zen - Japanese/Chinese. A type of Buddhism. It has come to mean at peace or calm. 
  90. Zion - Hebrew. Israel.

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90 Traditional Boy Names for Girls to Inspire Your Baby Name Search


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