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75 Regal Baby Names Inspired by Royals and the British Monarchy

Want a royal baby name fit for a king or queen? These regal names are inspired by the British monarchy.
75 Regal Baby Names Inspired by Royals and the British Monarchy
Updated: September 8, 2022

Choosing a baby name can be complicated, but focusing on a theme can be a fun way to narrow down your list. Baby names that have an air of sophistication have been growing in popularity. Take it a step further by naming your child after royalty. 

Queen Elizabeth II, the UK's longest-serving monarch died September 8, 2022, after reigning for 70 years and celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. To honor Queen Elizabeth as well as the global popularity of the royal family in the media with shows like The Crown, we’re doing a round-up of regal baby names. We’ve gathered 75 rich and royal names from the British Monarchy and beyond, as well as names that have royal meanings for your baby boy or baby girl, as well as gender-neutral monikers.

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Royal Baby Boy Names

  1. Albert - After Prince Albert, who rules in the mid-1800s. German for “noble” and “bright.”
  2. Alexander - The name of British royals as well as royal leaders from other countries. Greek for “defender of men.”
  3. Andrew - After Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Greek for “strong and manly.”
  4. Archie - After Archie Harrison, son of Harry and Meghan. German meaning “bold” or “genuine.”
  5. Arthur - Celtic Briton King Arthur ruled in medieval times. An English name meaning “bear” or “strong man.”
  6. Augustus - After former Roman emperor Caesar Augustus. Greek name meaning “majestic,” “the increaser,” or “venerable.”
  7. Carl - Younger brother of Crown Princess Victoria. German meaning “free man.”
  8. Charles - After Prince Charles of Wales. English for “free man.”
  9. Christian - After Prince Christian of Denmark. Latin for “follower of Christ.”
  10. Christopher - After multiple kings of Denmark. Means “bearer of Christ.”
  11. David - King of Scots who started his reign in 1124. Hebrew for “beloved.”
  12. Edward - After Prince Edward. English for “wealth,” “prosperous,” “guardian,” or “protector.”
  13. Frederick - After Lord Frederick of Windsor. English Germanic meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  14. George - After Prince George of Cambridge. Greek for “farmer.”
  15. Harry - After Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. German for “home-ruler.”
  16. Henry - King Henry VIII established the Church of England and the Royal Navy. French for “house ruler.”
  17. John - After Prince John, the youngest child of King George V and Queen Mary. Hebrew for “graced by God.”
  18. Leopold - After Prince Leopold, former Duke of Albany and grandson of Queen Victoria. German for “brave.”
  19. Louis - After King Louis XIV, Also known as Louis the Great. French for “famed warrior” or “loot bringer.”
  20. Lucas - Son of Zara Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne. Greek for “bringer of light.”
  21. Malcolm - After King Malcolm III of Scotland. A Gaelic name meaning “devotee of Saint Columba.
  22. Mark - After Captain Mark Phillips, Princess Anne’s ex-husband. Latin for “consecrated to the god Mars.”
  23. Michael - The last King of Romania, whose term ended in the mid-1900s. Hebrew name meaning “who is like God?”
  24. Muhammad - After Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam. Arabic name meaning “the praiseworthy.”
  25. Nicholas - After the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. Greek name meaning “victory of the people.”
  26. Peter - After Princess Anne’s son. Greek name meaning “rock” or “stone.”
  27. Philip - After the Duke of Edinburgh. Greek meaning “fond of horses.”
  28. Prince - The perfect name for your little Prince. Latin for “royal son.”
  29. Louis - After Prince Louis of Cambridge. French meaning “famed warrior” or “loot bringer.”
  30. William - After Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Greek for “resolute protector.”

Royal Baby Girl Names

Royal Baby Girl Names
  1. Adela - After King Stephen’s mother. German for “noble” or “serene.”
  2. Alexandra - After Queen Alexandra of Denmark. Greek for “protect.”
  3. Alice - After Princess Alice, Duchess of Glouchester. German, meaning “noble.”
  4. Amina - After Queen Aminatu of Zaria, the first woman to become the country’s queen. Arabic for “safe one” or “protected.”
  5. Anastasia - After Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. Greek for “resurrection.”
  6. Anne - After Royal Princess Anne. Latin meaning “favor” or “grace.”
  7. Beatrice - After Princess Beatrice of York. French for “she who makes happy.”
  8. Camilla - After the Duchess of Cornwall. Italian for “helper to the priest.”
  9. Caroline - After Caroline of Ansbach, Princess of Wales from 1683-1737. French for “strong” or “free man or woman.”
  10. Catherine - After Dutchess Kate Middleton. A Greek name meaning “pure.”
  11. Charlotte - After Princess Charlotte of Cambridge or Queen Charlotte Sophia, wife of King George III. French for “free man.”
  12. Christina - After Queen of Sweden in the mid-1600s. A Latin name meaning “follower of Christ.”
  13. Diana - After Princess Diana of Wales. Greek/Latin meaning “divine.”
  14. Elizabeth - After Queen Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. Hebrew for “God is my oath.”
  15. Eugenie - After Princess Eugenie of York. French/Greek origin, meaning “nobility” and “excellence.”
  16. Helena - After one of Queen Victoria’s daughters. Greek for “shining light.”
  17. Isabella - After the 1470-1504 Queen of Castille. Spanish/Italian version of Hebrew name meaning “God is my oath.”
  18. Jane - After Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, or after Lady Jane Grey. An English name meaning “God is gracious.”
  19. Louise - After one of Queen Victoria’s daughters. French for renowned warrior.”
  20. Margaret - After Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret, or Queen Margaret of Anjou, wife of Henry VI. French for “pearl.”
  21. Matilda - After former Queen Matilda, known as “Matilda the Good,” or after Empress Matilda. German meaning “battle-mighty.”
  22. Mary - After Mary Queen of Scots, or Mary I who reigned in the mid-1500s. Hebrew for “bitter,” “beloved,” or “rebellious.”
  23. Meghan - After Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and wife of Prince Harry. Welsh meaning “pearl.”
  24. Nefertiti - After the famous Egyptian Queen. Egyptian meaning “the beautiful one has arrived.”
  25. Sienna - Young daughter of Princess Beatrice. From Italian origins meaning “orange-red.”
  26. Sophie - After Russian and Scandanavian queens and duchesses. Greek for “wisdom.”
  27. Stephanie - After queens in France, Spain, and Portugal. A Greek name for “crown.”
  28. Theresa - After Queen of France Maria Theresa, who held the crown in the mid-1600s. A Greek name meaning “late summer.”
  29. Victoria - After Queen Victoria, who served Great Britain and Ireland in the mid-1800s. Latin for “victory.”
  30. Zara - After Zara Tindall, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II. An Arabic name meaning “blooming flower” or “radiance.”

Royal Unisex Baby Names 

Royal Unisex Baby Names
  1. Adrian - Greek name meaning “rich.”
  2. Emyr - Welsh for “king or “lord.”
  3. Finlay - Irish for “fair-haired hero.”
  4. James - After Viscount Severn
  5. Juno - Latin for “queen of the heavens.”
  6. Karam - Arabic for “noble.”
  7. Kendell - An English name meaning “The Valley of the Royals.”
  8. Kennedy - An English name meaning “royal valley.”
  9. Kian - Persian name meaning “king.”
  10. Rani - Sanskrit name meaning “queen.”
  11. Reagan - Irish name meaning “little king.”
  12. Rex - Latin for “king.”
  13. Rory - Means “red king.”
  14. Taj - Indian name for a crown worn by princes.
  15. Thron - Native American name meaning “seat of royalty.”

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75 Regal Baby Names Inspired by Royals and the British Monarchy

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