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Updated March 7, 2023

All baby girl names that start with the letter M

Are you looking for the perfect baby girl name that starts with M? You're in luck! We've compiled the ultimate list of baby girl names beginning with M to make your baby name search easy and fun.

When considering what name to give your daughter, M names make strong and unique names for girls. Plus, names starting with M have never been more popular!

Discover rare M names for girls, the best options for girl middle names that start with M, and more! And if you love these girl names and want to explore the other letters of the alphabet, check out our complete list of girl names from A-Z.

Popular Girl Names That Start with M 

Some "M" names have become very popular baby name picks in the last few years. Here are the most popular girl names starting with M, according to the latest data from the Social Security Administration.

  1. Mia - Mia means "Ocean Goddess" or "Queen"; it can also mean "guardian of justice". It is derived from many names, most commonly from the name Maria. Mia is the #8 most popular girl name. 
  2. Mila - Mila has Russian and Slavic roots and origins. It comes from the diminutive of Slavic names beginning or ending with Mila (for example, Ludmila). Mila is the #26 most popular girl name. 
  3. Madison - The name Madison was first popularized as an English surname, meaning son of Maddy (or Maud), and was commonly spelled Maddison in Northeastern England. Madison is the #29 most popular girl name. 
  4. Maya - The name Maya is of various origins, but most often thought to be of Hebrew, Spanish, and Greek origin. and means "water." Maya is the #55 most popular girl name. 
  5. Madelyn - The name Madelyn is of French, Greek, and Hebrew origin and means "woman from Magdala or high tower." Madelyn is the #71 most popular girl name. 
  6. Madeline - The name Madeline is of Greek and English origin and means "high tower."  Madeline is the #95 most popular girl name. 
  7. Maria - The name Maria is of Latin origin and means "drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved." Maria is the #106 most popular girl name. 
  8. Melody - The name Melody is of Greek origin and means "song."  Melody is the #113 most popular girl name. 
  9. Mackenzie - The name Mackenzie is of Scottish origin and means "son of Kenneth." It is also thought to be of Irish origin, meaning "child of the wise leader."  Mackenzie is the #123 most popular girl name. 
  10. Maeve - The name Maeve means "purple flower" in Latin and is a feminine Celtic name meaning "queen." Maeve is the #124 most popular girl name. 

Unique and Rare Girl Names That Start with M 

If popular and trendy names aren't for you, there are plenty of "M" names for girls that are uncommon and unique. Here are some of our favorite unique girl names starting with M. 

  1. Maddox - Maddox is of Welsh origin and means "good fortune."
  2. Madhu -  Madhu is of Hindi origin and means "honey."
  3. Marvella - Marvella is of French origin and means "miracle."
  4. Meena - Meena has origins in Hindi, Arabic, and German. It can mean "precious blue stone," "a place near Makkah,"  and "love," respectively. 
  5. Mei - Mei is of Hawaiian origin, meaning the month of May.
  6. Minerva - Latin name for the goddess of wisdom. 
  7. Midori - Japanese name meaning "Green." 
  8. Millicent - Greek name meaning "honey bee."
  9. Mariabelle - Italian name meaning "beautiful."
  10. Marika - Hebrew name meaning "bitter; rebellion."

Modern Girl Names That Start with M

These trending baby girl names are modern name options for your baby girl.

  1. Mara - Greek name meaning "eternally beautiful." 

Cute Girl Names That Start with M

These are some of the cutest girl names beginning with .M These girl names are perfect for an adorable baby girl. 

  1. Mabel - Latin name meaning "lovable."
  2. Millie - Millie is a diminutive of the names Mildred and Millicent It is of English origin, meaning "strength."
  3. Mae - Greek name meaning "high tower."
  4. Maddie - Greek name meaning "high tower."
  5. Macey - Polish name meaning "sea of bitterness."
  6. Marie - Hebrew name meaning "bitter."
  7. Mathilda - German name meaning "battle maiden."
  8. Mel - Scottish name meaning "armored chief."
  9. Myrtle - Greek name meaning "flower."
  10. Marcellla - Latin name meaning "full of grace."

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