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Astrology Names for Boys

Are you looking for astrology names that denote the cosmos or zodiac signs? This list has plenty of unique astrological names for baby boys to choose from!
Astrological names for boys
Updated: March 1, 2024
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Welcome, stargazers and cosmic enthusiasts! If the celestial bodies have always dazzled you, why not let them inspire the name of your future star? As you prepare to welcome your little astronaut into the world, we've traversed the cosmos, from the furthest galaxies to the neighboring planets, to bring you a list of unique boy names, astrology, and astrological signs that is truly out of this world.

So buckle up, set your sights on the stars, and let's embark on an interstellar journey to discover the most stellar astrology boy names in the universe!

Astrological Boy Names

Astrological Boy Names

With meanings as deep as the night sky, astrological baby boy names are steeped in the ancient wisdom of astrology. Give your child a name that resonates with the astral energies and the interconnectedness of all things. Here are astrology names for boys that you'll love! 

  1. Altair - The brightest star in the Aquila constellation, meaning "the flying one."
  2. Archer - English. "Bowman." This is a fun twist if you’re expecting a Sagittarius baby (November 22-December 21).
  3. Aries - Derived from the first sign of the Zodiac, meaning "ram."
  4. Castor - Greek. "To excel or shine." One of the twins in the constellation Gemini.
  5. Cygnus - Latin. "The swan." The name of a constellation.
  6. Dorado - Dutch/Spanish. "Dolphin fish" or "gold." The name of a constellation.
  7. Draco - Latin. "Dragon." Not only is this the name of a Harry Potter character, but it’s also the name of a constellation.
  8. Eldorado - Spanish. This name means "the golden man."
  9. Galileo - Italian. It means "one from Galilee." Galileo is known as the father of observational astronomy.
  10. Gemini - Symbolizing the twins, Gemini stands for duality, communication, and adaptability.
  11. Issac - Hebrew. "Laughing." Sir Isaac Newton is the scientist and astronomer who discovered gravity.
  12. Jupiter - Named after the biggest planet in the solar system, also the Roman king of the gods.
  13. Leo - Latin. "Lion." This is perfect if you’re having a baby from July 22-August 22, which is the zodiac sign of Leo; it is also a constellation.
  14. Mars - Named after the red planet, also the Roman god of war.
  15. Mercury - Named after the Roman messenger god, Mercury stands for quick thinking, communication, and travel.
  16. Neptune - The name of the Roman god of the sea, Neptune signifies mystery, intuition, and inspiration.
  17. Oberon - German. "Royal bear." Oberon is the outermost major moon of Uranus and is the second-largest.
  18. Orpheus - Greek. "Darkness of the night." A character from Greek mythology. It is the name of a space telescope and an asteroid.
  19. Orion - Greek. "Rising star." It is also the name of one of the most famous constellations.
  20. Perseus - Greek. "Destroyer and avenger." It is a constellation.
  21. Phobos - Greek. "Fear or panic." One of the moons of Mars.
  22. Phoenix - A mythical bird that regenerates, also a minor constellation in the southern sky.
  23. Pollux - The other bright star in Gemini, twin to Castor.
  24. Pluto - Named after the previous planet, also the Roman god of the underworld.
  25. Rigel - A blue supergiant star in the Orion constellation, meaning "foot" in Arabic.
  26. Saturn - Named after the Roman god of agriculture, Saturn represents discipline, structure, and patience.
  27. Sirius - Greek. "Burning." It is also the name of one of the brightest stars: the Dog Star.
  28. Sol - The Latin name for the Sun.
  29. Taurus - Latin. "Bull." A strong name for a boy born under the astrological sign of the same name.
  30. Vega - The brightest star in the Lyra constellation, meaning "swooping eagle" in Arabic.

What Is a Boy’s Name for a Star?

A boy's name for a star can be found in many different cultures and traditions. In Greek mythology, there is the name Orion, which was also the name of a constellation representing a hunter. In Hindu culture, the name Arun signifies the reddish glow of the rising sun.

Similarly, some celestial names are derived from astronomical objects, such as planets and moons. For example, the name Titan is taken from Saturn's largest moon, while the name Phoenix is associated with a constellation in the southern sky.

Unique Boy Names Astrology-Inspired

For those who are interested in astrology, there are many unique boy names to choose from. You can consider the name Sirius, inspired by the brightest star in the night sky and also known as the Dog Star. The name Leo is perfect for a little lion born under the zodiac sign of Leo.

Another option is to look at the traits associated with each zodiac sign and choose a name that represents them. For example, a boy born under the sign of Aries can be named Apollo, after the Greek god of war and masculinity.

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