75 Popular Korean Boy Names for Your Baby

Updated: January 16, 2022
These popular Korean names are perfect inspiration for parents looking for unique baby boy names.
75 Korean Boy Names
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Korean names are rising in popularity not only based on meaning and uniqueness but their significance in pop culture. When naming children in Korea, the practices have greatly changed over the years. Koreans names are rising in popularity because of the explosion of K-Pop and K-Dramas. Many parents are opting for more modern Korean baby names. Let's talk about some of the naming traditions that Koreans follow when they have a child.

Naming History of Korean Names

A tradition that isn't used as often today is hiring a professional to choose the name of your baby or leave it up to the child's grandfather. Many people still use a professional but it is becoming less and less common.

You can find a lot of information about traditional naming practices here. Korean given names are usually written using Chinese characters called "hanja," but this is no longer the case in North Korea. The "hanja" chosen must be included in a very restricted list. If not, it must be approved by the family registry.

Hanja is based on Chinese characters and often names were ultimately selected based on the Chinese zodiac. However, the actual naming process is similar to choosing a girl's name. The family name, followed by a given name, used to be the typical structure. The given name was chosen based on its meaning. Many parents nowadays are veering away from using the surname as part of their name and opting for a single syllable name instead. Of course, this varies on preference.

Here is how you will see a traditional Korean name:

  1. The family name is the first syllable.
  2. The generational name is typically the second syllable, but this isn't seen as often.
  3. The unique name chosen by the parents of the child is the third syllable.

Below are 75 Korean boy names that are popular, unique, a single syllable, and combinations. There are plenty of options to choose from for your little one.

  1. Baek - This is a Korean family name that means "white."
  2. Beom-Seok - This masculine Korean boy's name means "pattern like a rock."
  3. Bitgaram - This name comes from one of South Korea's "innovation cities."
  4. Boseong - This name is shared with the capital of tea farming in South Korea.
  5. Chin-Hwa - This name means "the most wealthy."
  6. Chin-Mae - This is a popular Korean name that means "truth."
  7. Cho - This name means "beautiful" in Korean and "butterfly" in Japanese.
  8. Chul - This is a boy name that means "firm."
  9. Chung-Hee - This is a unisex name that is more often used for boys and it means "righteous."
  10. Dae - Many parents use this as a single syllable name or in combination with another name. Dae means "greatness."
  11. Dae-Hyun - This name means "great and honor."
  12. Dae-Jung - This name means "vast" in Korean. Kim Dae-Jung is a former president of South Korea that has received a Nobel Peace Prize.
  13. Dak-Ho - This is a unique Korean baby name that means "deep lake."
  14. Deok-Su - The spelling of this name differs based on the hanja used to write it, but it typically means "defend morality."
  15. Do-Yun - This boys' name means "path and consent" in Sino Korean.
  16. Dong - This name is Korean for "east."
  17. Duri - This is an indigenous single Korean name that means "two."
  18. Eun - This is a Korean name that can be used as a standalone name or part of a two-syllable name. It means "affection" or "flourishing."
  19. Ga-Eul - This is the Korean name for "autumn."
  20. Ga-Ram - This is the Korean name for "river."
  21. Geon - Depending on the hanja used, this name can mean "to construct" or even "respect. There are several meanings for this name.
  22. Gyeong - In Sino Korean, this name means "scenery" or "capital city."
  23. Ha-Joon - "Ha" means "grand" and "Joon" means "talented."
  24. Hae - This is a gender-neutral name that means "ocean."
  25. Han - This is a Korean surname with a Romanized spelling. It means "leader."
  26. Haneul - This is a unisex Korean name that means "heaven."
  27. Him-Chan - This is a Korean name for "strong."
  28. Hoon - This name can have several meanings depending on which hanja it is written with. This includes "to teach" and 'blaze."
  29. Hwan - This is a popular Korean surname that means "to shine."
  30. Hye - This name means "wisdom" and is shared with one of the last rulers of the kingdom Baekje, named King Hye.
  31. Hyeon - This name means "virtuous" and is gender-neutral.
  32. Hyun - Meaning "worthy" in Korean, it is shared with science fiction author Joh Hyun.
  33. Il-Sung - Kim Il-Sung founded North Korea. This name means "completed day."
  34. In-Su - These one-syllable names mean "humanity" and "outstanding" in Sino-Korean.
  35. Jang - This is the romanized spelling of a Korean surname that means "archer."
  36. Jeong - This is an indigenous single Korean name that means "proper."
  37. Ji-Yu - This name means "abundant wisdom."
  38. Jin - This is a popular Korean boy's name that means "truth" but in Japanese, it means "tenderness" and is gender-neutral.
  39. Joon - This name is given to boys who are "exceptionally talented."
  40. Jun-Seo - There are several meanings for this name because of the different hanja that can be used. It can mean "auspicious" and "easy" as an example.
  41. Jung - This is a less popular Korean name these days, but it can still make a comeback. It means "virtuous."
  42. Jung-Hoon - This is a South Korean given name that means "talented" and "comfortable."
  43. Kang-Dae - This boys' name means "big and powerful."
  44. Ki - This masculine Korean boy name means "strong" or "vigorous."
  45. Kwan - This name means "strong."
  46. Kwang - This is an approved given name for boys that means "wild."
  47. Kyong - This is a very popular boy name that means "brightness" in Korean.
  48. Kyu - The meaning of this name differs based on hanja used
  49. Min-Jun - This is a popular Korean boy name that means "clever and talented."
  50. Moon-Sik - This boys' name means "to plant something."
  51. Myung - The hanja used for this name gives this name the meaning "brilliance."
  52. Nam-Gi - This name means "south" and "rise."
  53. Nam-Kyu - This is a unisex name that means "south" and "standard."
  54. Oh-Seong - The most well-known hanja combination for this Sino-Korean name is "five" and "star."
  55. Pu-Reum - This name means "blue-green" and "fresh."
  56. Seong - Written with a singular hanja, this name means "succeed."
  57. Seul-Ki - This Korean name is gender-neutral and it means "wisdom."
  58. Seung - Depending on the hanja, this name means "rise," "excel," or "inherit."
  59. Shik - This name means "planting."
  60. Si-Woo - This is a popular name in South Korea and it means "begin protection."
  61. Sung - This is an alternate spelling for "Sung" and it means "to succeed."
  62. Tae - This is a rare Korean name with only one hanja that means "great."
  63. Tae-Hyun - This is a unisex name that means "great" and "honor."
  64. U-Jin - This name means "blessing."
  65. U-Ri - This means "we" or "our" in Korean.
  66. Won-Chul - The meaning of this name changes depending on the hanja used but the most common means "wise" or "sage."
  67. Woo - This name means "purpose."
  68. Ye-Jun - This name means "talented."
  69. Yeong - This is a unique Korean surname that means "brave hero."
  70. Yong - This is a unisex name that means "the perpetual brave one."
  71. Yoo - This is a Korean surname that is taken from the Chinese language.
  72. Yoon - This is a family name in Korea that means "governor."
  73. Young-Ho - This name means "bright light" in Sino-Korean.
  74. Young-Soo - This unisex name means "prosperity" and "excellence."
  75. Yun-Seo - This name means "a good omen."

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