Meaning and Origin of: Sang

Family name origins & meanings

  • Scottish : possibly a shortened form of Sang(st)er (see Sanger 2).
  • German : habitational name from any of several places so named in the Rhineland.
  • German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) : occupational name or nickname for a singer (see Sanger 1).
  • Chinese : from a character in the name of Qiongsang, a place in present-day Shandong province. A son of the legendary emperor Huang Di (26th century bc), Shao Hao, also known as Jin Tianshi (see Jin) was enthroned at Qiongsang. Some descendants adopted the second character of the place name, Sang, as their surname. Another account of the source of the name in this form derives it from the legendary emperor Shen Nong, (2734–2697 bc), who was also referred to as Sangshui Shi.