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Updated February 15, 2024

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Girl name origins & meanings

  • Korean : Cleverness; love; smooth; fine; small
  • Arabic : A place near Makkah
  • German : Love
  • Persian : Sky blue

Girl name variations

How Popular Is The Name Min

Family name origins & meanings

  • Korean : there is only one Chinese character used for the Min surname. There is a legend that the Min clan’s founding ancestor, Ch’ing-do, was a descendant of Ch’a kŏn, one of the ten disciples of Confucius. Ch’ing-do, an emissary from China to the Koryŏ kingdom, decided to stay and settled in the Yŏhŭng area. The surname Min can be found throughout Korea, but it is particularly concentrated in Chŏlla and Kyŏngsang provinces.
  • Chinese : the source of this name was the character’s former meaning, ‘sympathy for those who die young’. The descendants of various people who died young adopted Min as their surname.
  • Dutch : nickname from Middle Dutch minne ‘beloved’, ‘sweetheart’.
  • Dutch : from a reduced form of the personal name Dominicus (see Dominick).

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