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Reading to Your Toddler

Reading Aloud to Your Baby

Reading Aloud to Your Baby When reading simple books to your baby, don't simply read them. Unless he can see the pictures, reading aloud is just words in a vacuum to him. Sit your baby on your lap, point to the various objects shown, and name them two or three times. Take full advantage of the "cuddle factor": the opportunity books present to curl up with each other and share in the experience. Make reading a special quiet time for both of you. read more

Reading Resources for a Preschooler

The best thing to do for young children who want to "read" is to read, read, read to them. You can also play word games. read more

Reading to a Two-Year-Old

An expert explains what you can expect from attempts to read books to a two-year-old. read more

Speech Therapy at Home

Reading to your child may be one of the best forms of speech therapy. read more

Story Time and Make-Believe

Story Time and Make-Believe Q-tip Your one-year-old will probably love the simple stories and bright, colorful, and clear illustrations in the books of the following authors: Sandra Boynton, Margaret Wise Brown, Eric Hill, Helen Oxenbury, Jan Pienkowski, Richard Scarry, Rosemary Wells, and Vera B. Williams. read more

Talking About Me: Reading

Talking About Me: ReadingToddlers like being read to. Read your child's favorite books. He likes to hear the same book again and again. After he memorizes some of the story, he can join in and tell what happens next. Later, he may want to retell the story on his own. read more