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    Teen Health and Safety
    Do You Know How to Keep Your Teenager Safe?
    Do you know what to do to keep your teenager safe? The answers to this quiz may surprise you. ...
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    Baseball Players
    Baseball Families
    Baseball can be a family affair. See what you know about these historic Major League dads and sons. ...
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    Father Too Critical of Son's Athletic Performance
    Relentless criticism can cause emotional harm to a child. ...
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    Preteen Drug Use
    Drugs and Preteens: How Much Do You Know?
    Take this quiz to see how much you know about preteen drug use and risk factors. ...
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    Mad March's Mascots
    Lions and Tigers and... Gophers? Oh my! Just what is in a team name? ...
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    Baseball Players
    Joltin' Joe DiMaggio
    Joe DiMaggio set a standard for skill on the field and conduct off of it. See how much you know about the "Yankee Clipper." ...
  • Fun Family Fitness, Mom and girl hula hooping outside for exercise
    Exercise and Sports
    8 Fun (and Cheap!) Family Fitness Activities
    Looking for some fun family "workouts" that feel more like play? Check out these simple outdoor activities that will get everyone in your family off the couch and help you bond while burning some calories. ...
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  • Book Finder
    Book Finder
    Book Finder
    Find our top picks for the best books of the year!
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    Super Bowl
    Super Quiz on the Super Bowl
    Huddle up with your family and see if you can answer some of these Super Bowl questions. ...
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    Alcohol Abuse
    Drug and Alcohol Quiz
    How can you tell if your teen is using drugs or alcohol? Take this quiz and find out! ...
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    Communicating With Your Child
    Talking to Your Children About Drugs
    Talking to Your Children About Drugs The other “big talk” that parents frequently find difficult is the talk about drugs. Unlike the topic of sex, there's really no need to modulate your message about drugs to suit your child's age—there ...
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    Eating Disorders
    Sixteen-Year-Old Not Eating
    An expert tells a mother what steps to take to determine why her teenaged daughter isn't eating. ...
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    Talking About Sex
    Talking to Teens About Sex and Substance Abuse
    Talking to Teens About Sex and Substance Abuse Even before young people begin talking about dating or who is “seeing” whom, it’s time to bring up the subject of sex. Don’t wait for an opening or the right time. Just do it. The way you a...
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    Understanding Bulimia Nervosa
    Understanding Bulimia Nervosa The eating disorder termed bulimia is at least two or three times more prevalent than anorexia nervosa. In fact, recent surveys report that about 1 percent of the general population and 4 percent of women aged 18–...
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    Understanding Anorexia Nervosa
    Understanding Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia nervosa is a complex psychological disorder that literally involves self-starvation. People who suffer from this illness eat next to nothing, refuse to maintain a healthy body weight for their correspondin...
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    Do Steroids Cause Stunted Growth?
    The long-term effects of steroids on a child's final adult height are not clear, but questions have been raised. ...
  • Baby Name Finder
    Baby Names
    Baby Name Finder
    Search names and meanings in our Baby Name center.
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    Performance Enhancers
    The Truth Behind Ergogenic Aids
    The Truth Behind Ergogenic Aids People make outrageous claims regarding substances that can help enhance performance. The word ergogenic literally means “work producing,” and, unfortunately, there are always cockamamie advertisements selling...