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Assistive Technology

Finding a College for a Visually Impaired Student

Here's advice on how to go about finding a good college for a visually impaired student. read more

Getting Assistive Technology Through the School

If the technology you need is recommended on your child's Individual Education Plan (IEP), the school system should provide it. read more

Homework Help for Kids with LD and ADHD

There are some great resources on the Internet that can help students with LD and ADHD. read more

Is Fast ForWord Program Worth the Expense?

Get an expert opinion about the Fast ForWord program and learn about other, less expensive interventions. read more

Special Tools for Special Needs: New Technologies Help LD Kids

Special Tools for Special Needs: New Technologies Help LD Kids In recent years, new assistive technologies (AT) have made strides in helping children and adults with learning disabilities overcome their specific areas of weakness. Whether it's a phone that reads text messages aloud for dyslexics or an iPhone application that uses graphics to help special needs people transition from one activity to the next, new devices are helping LD kids succeed. read more

Spelling Programs

Our expert recommends an excellent spelling program. read more