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Each week the staff here at Family Education picks the top free education apps for kids. Check out our video and list of these incredible apps we think deserve to be in the spotlight!

The ASL App

ASL Educator

The ASL App is a fantastic resource for learning sign language. Every vocab term is demonstrated in short videos that can be played back at full speed or slowed down, and you can save you favorites for quick reference. What's more, the company behind the app offers more resources on their website to spread awareness about the deaf community.

Rated 12+ for mild references to drinking/"mature" content
iPhone and iPad

Sight Words by Photo Touch

Record your own voiceover

This free app is a fun and easy way to teach essential sight words to your children. Parents of children with communication disorders know how important it is for kids to learn, and this colorful flashcard-based app makes it easy to reinforce vocabulary and word recognition. And, for a personal touch, parents can record the voiceover narration for the words themselves!

Rated 4+
iPhone and iPad


Identify Print Materials

This app is an incredible resource for the visually impaired. Users can take photos of items in the app, and the app will identify the item with full voiceover. Although not strictly educational in nature, this app can be a significant benefit to children with visual impairments when teaching life skills like handling money, or proper eating.

Rated 4+
iOS and Android

Eye to Eye: Empower Different Learners

Communicate your needs

This app is meant to provide tools to improve the learning of students with different learning needs, especially those with ADHD. It helps kids present their needs to teachers, set goals for themselves, develop skills, and directs them to other apps and programs that can assist them with challenges. The makers of Eye to Eye hope to not only help those with special needs, but to change people's negative views about people with learning disabilities and demonstrate just how capable they really are.

iPhone and iPad


Visual checklist with cute animals

Checkie! is a simple and colorful daily organizer and checklist intended for people who need assistance with remembering and keeping routines. Set recurring alarms for different days of the week, along with some cute visual cues to act as a checklist for important items.

Free or Subscription
Rated 4+
iPhone and iPad

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