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95 Tamil Baby Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings

Learn the meaning of these popular Tamil names for girls and boys. Choose a beautiful Tamil baby name that means success.
95 Tamil Baby Names for Girls and Boys
Updated: September 20, 2022

The Tamil language is spoken by 83 million people in 35 ethnolinguistic groups worldwide, including Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Jains.

The Tamil language is spoken in Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, and areas of Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Oceania.

It"s an ancient language with a long and illustrious history, including a literary history that goes back some two thousand years. Arts and literature figure prominently in Tamil history, and many Tamil baby names reflect this.

If you"re looking for a unique baby name, you might find it amongst these beautiful Tamil baby names with name meanings.

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Tamil Naming Traditions 

Tamil names have a unique culture and history behind them. Tamil names have a different name structure than most Western naming customs. 

The concept of a first name and last name is very Western and doesn't alight with how names are given in Tamil Nadu. Historically, the way a Tamil person is identified is through their lineage or their association through marriage. Tamilians usually have initials rather than a “first name.” These initials can be patronymic or refer to their lineage or place of origin. 

Popular Tamil Girl Names 

Popular Tamil Girl Names 
  1. Aahna - Aahna is a modern Tamil baby name that means "exist". Aahna is a good name to choose if your family has a philosophical bent.
  2. Aamaal - This is a modern baby name that means "she hopes". 
  3. Aamani - This beautiful name means "Spring". Aamani also means "good wish". 
  4. Adya - Adya means "first" or without equal. Adya would make an excellent name for a cherished first-born daughter.
  5. Banhi - Banhi means "mo".  Did you know that fire walking originated in Tamil Nadu?
  6. Bhavika - This is a modern Tamil baby girl name that means "well-meaning," "righteous," and "cheerful". 
  7. Bhanumati - Bhanumati means "bright" or "shining". 
  8. Cavery - The Cavery river is the most important source of water for Tamil Nadu.
  9. Chitra - Chitra is a popular and versatile name. It means "drawing" or "picture". Chitra can also refer to a Nakshatra, that is, a constellation in Hindu astrology.
  10. Daevi - Daevi means "deity" or "goddess". 
  11. Dipti - This is a very popular name, which means ray of light. 
  12. Driti - This powerful name means "courage". 
  13. Dwani - Tamil culture is famous for its arts, literature, and music. Dwani means "pleasant voice or sound". 
  14. Devika - This is a diminutive name that means "like an angel," or "a little goddess". 
  15. Dhanvi - Dhanvi is one of the names of the Goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.
  16. Dhivja: Dhivja means "heavenly" or "brilliant". 
  17. Eila - Eila means "the Earth".  It also means "cardamom tree". 
  18. Ezhil - You won"t find this one on trending name lists; it"s still pretty unique. It means "beautiful". 
  19. Elakya - Elakya is another artistic Tamil name for your newborn baby. It means "literature". 
  20. Eswari - Eswari is a classic Tamil baby girl name. It"s another name for the Goddess Parvati.
  21. Eyalisai - Eyalisai means "music," another reference to the prominent role of the arts in Tamil culture.
  22. Gita - The name Gita derives from the Bhagavad Gita, a 700-verse scripture that is one of Hinduism"s holy texts.
  23. Gitika - This pretty name means "a little song". 
  24. Gautami - Gautami comes from the name of the river Godavari.
  25. Gayathri - Gayathri (Gayatri) means "of good character" or "precious angel".  It"s also another name for the Goddess Durga.
  26. Gitanjali- This is another name that comes from the Tamil artistic legacy. It means "an offering of songs". 
  27. Haniya - Haniya is a happy name. It means "happy place," "resting place," and also "pleased". 
  28. Harita - Harita is a popular South Indian name. It means "beloved of nature" or "nature"s friend". 
  29. Hima- Hima is another nature-based name. It means "snow". 
  30. Hita - This cheerful name means "well-intentioned" or "lovable". 
  31. Himaja - In Hindu mythology, the world was created by combining the feminine and masculine. Himaja is one of the names of the Goddess Parvati, the feminine creator.
  32. Iyla - Iyla means "moonlight". 
  33. Ishva - Ishva means "spiritual teacher". 
  34. Jaya - Jaya means "victorious". 
  35. Jayantika - Jayantika is one of the many names of the Goddess Durga, who symbolizes strength and purity.
  36. Janhavi - This is a traditional Tamil name. It"s the name of a river: the Ganga. You can also spell it "Janvi". 
  37. Kamala - This is a Sanskrit name that means "pale red" or "lotus".  It"s also the name of the American vice president, Kamala Harris.
  38. Kolam - This name means "soft". 
  39. Kriti - Kriti means "winner" or "work of art". 
  40. Laya - This is a musical name. It means "rhythm". 
  41. Lalitha - Lalitha is a popular Tamil name. It"s another of the names of the Goddess Durga.
  42. Madhi - Madhi means "brilliant".  It also means "full moon". 
  43. Mithra - Mithra means "friend". 
  44. Niravi - Niravi means "bliss".  Use it to wish your daughter a lifetime of happiness.
  45. Prajina - Prajna, like the Greek name Sophia, means "wisdom". 
  46. Rithya - If you want a unique name that"s still easy to say and spell, try this one. Rithya means "lucky". 
  47. Sayuri - This means "flower" in Tamil.
  48. Tanjore - Tanjore Balasaraswati was a dancer who popularized classical South Indian dance. She won two of India"s highest civilian awards, the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan.
  49. Oviya - Oviya means "beautiful," but in an artistic context.
  50. Venba - Venba is a form of classical Tamil poetry. It"s a literary name from a literary language.
  51. Vainavi - Vainavi means "gold".  If your daughter is your treasure, this could be one to consider.
  52. Yaazhini - This name comes from the Yaazh, an ancient Tamil musical instrument similar to a harp.

Popular Tamil Baby Boy Names 

Popular Tamil Baby Boy Names
  1. Advait - This unique Tamil baby name actually means "unique.
  2. Arnish - The name of a god: the lord of the sea.
  3. Arnish – what a melodious and beautiful name! Arnish means "lord of the sea".
  4. Arnoh - An innocent name that means "unblemished". 
  5. Aroush - A poetic name that means "the first ray of sun". 
  6. Ajai - Also spelled Ajay, this name means "invincible". 
  7. Ajai means "invincible".
  8. Akil - Like the girl"s name Bahni, Akil means "fire". 
  9. Balan - Balan means "vibrant". 
  10. Bhadra - Bhadra is a good luck name that means "auspicious". 
  11. Chandra - Like the girl"s name Iyla, Chandra means "moon".  A nice pair of names for twins!
  12. Deva - Deva is one word for "deity" in Tamil.
  13. Dhir - Dhir means "wisdom". 
  14. Dabir - Dabir, which means "teacher" or "writer" reflects the illustrious intellectual and artistic heritage of Tamil culture.
  15. Daiwik - Daiwik means "by the grace of God". 
  16. Deeraj - A virtuous name, Deeraj means "patience". 
  17. Devesh - This is a popular name amongst Hindus and Christians. It means "God of gods," and can be used whether you"re a devotee of Lord Shiva or the Christian God.
  18. Duraivel - This is another name for Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity.
  19. Eegan - This name means "benevolent" or "charitable". 
  20. Eashan - Eashan is a Hindu name that symbolizes both "Lord Shiva" and "Lord Vishnu".
  21. Falgun - Falgun is a month in the Hindu calendar. That month is named after a star. If your son was born this month, this could be a good choice for a name.
  22. Giri - Giri is a popular name in India. It means "mountain". 
  23. Gayan - Gayan means "song" or "sky" in Tamil.
  24. Genivan - Genivan means "honest" or "truthful". 
  25. Hanish - Hanish is one of the names of Lord Shiva. If
  26. Hardik - Hardik means "heartfelt". 
  27. Harshavardhan - This is an interesting name with a lot of possibilities. One nickname is "harsh," which is exactly the opposite of the name"s true meaning: "someone who makes everyone even happier."  
  28. Hemant - Hemant is the name of one of the most beautiful parts of the winter season.
  29. If your boy is born in winter, then consider this name. Hemant is the most beautiful season of the year (part of winter).
  30. Ijay - Ijay is another name for Lord Vishnu.
  31. Ilesh - Ilesh means "lord of the Earth".
  32. Iniyan - This sweet name for your sweet baby boy does indeed mean "sweet"!
  33. A beautiful name that is not religious but holds the Tamil culture afloat! Iniyan means "sweet".
  34. Kasi - Kasi means "shining".
  35. Karun - Karun means "compassion," and the world could surely use more of that!
  36. Maniyan - A child is a treasure, and Maniyan means "gemstone". 
  37. Narun - Narun is a strong name that means "leader". 
  38. Prakash - This Tamil name refers to someone with a silver tongue, who can charm the birds out of the trees.
  39. Rithul - This is an honorable name that means seeker of truth.
  40. Saswin- This name means "someone who thinks creatively". 
  41. Uthaman - We all want our little ones to be truthful, and this is what this name means.
  42. Vayun - A lively name for a lively child, it means lively.
  43. Vijay - Vijay means victory.


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Tamil Baby Name Ideas for Girls and Boys


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