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84 Traditional Cherokee Indian Baby Names + Meanings

For Cherokee people, names are meaningful. Learn the meaning behind traditional Cherokee names for girls and boys.
Traditional Cherokee Names
Updated: October 16, 2022

For Cherokee people, names are meaningful and symbolic. A matriarchal society, traditional Cherokee names are passed on the mother’s name to the child. The Cherokee tribe is currently among the largest in the United States.

It is second to Navajo but preceding others including Sioux, Choctaw, Chippewa, Seminole, Iroquois, Algonquin, and Apache. Many Cherokee names draw inspiration from nature, though these first and middle names represent character traits and parts of one’s personality.

Check out our list of Cherokee baby girl names and baby boy names with meanings inspired by Cherokee Native Americans.

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Traditional Cherokee Girl Names and Meanings

Cherokee Girl Names

Female Cherokee names often symbolize parts of nature and are beautiful representations of a person’s spirit.

  1. Adsila: Means “blossom.”
  2. Adohi: Means “from the woods.”
  3. Agasga: Means “rain.”
  4. Ahyoka: Means “she brought happiness.”
  5. Aiyana: Means “eternal flower.”
  6. Ama: Means “water.”
  7. Amadahy: Means “forest water.”
  8. Atsila: Means “fire.”
  9. Awenasa: Means “my home.”
  10. Awinita: Name meaning “fawn.”
  11. Ayita: Means “first to dance.”
  12. Euna: Name meaning “"waterfall.”
  13. Galilahi: Means “attractive.”
  14. Galilani: Means “friendly.”
  15. Ghigau: Means “beloved woman.”
  16. Gola: Name meaning “winter.”
  17. Guwisti: Means “sieve.”
  18. Hileah: Means “beautiful meadow.”
  19. Hiawassee: Means “meadow.”
  20. Immokalee: Means “waterfall.”
  21. Inola: Means “black fox.”
  22. Kachina: Means “spirit.”
  23. Kamama: Name meaning “butterfly.”
  24. Leotie: Means “flower of the prairie.”
  25. Meli: Means “of the sea” or “bitter”
  26. Nanye_he: Means “heron”
  27. Nazshoni: Means “beautiful.”
  28. Noya: Means “beauty of god.”
  29. Pavati: Means “clear water.”
  30. Qaletaqa: Means “guardian of the people.”
  31. Rayetayah: Means “wooly head.”
  32. Salalai: Name meaning “squirrel.”
  33. Sasa: Means “protector.”
  34. Sequoia: Means “redwood.”
  35. Sequoyah: Means “sparrow.”
  36. Soyala: Means “time of winter solstice.”
  37. Tabita: Means “crown”
  38. Tayanita: Name meaning “young beaver.”
  39. Tsistunagiska: Means “wild rose.”
  40. Tsula: Means “fox.”
  41. Una: Means “remember.”
  42. Unega: Means “white.”
  43. Tsiskwa: Means “bird.”
  44. Tsiyi: Means “canoe.”
  45. Tski: Means “moon.”
  46. Walela: Means “hummingbird.”
  47. Wahya: Means “wolf.”
  48. Wesa: Means “cat.”
  49. Wohali: Name means “eagle.”
  50. Woya: Means “dove.”
  51. Yansa: Means “buffalo.”
  52. Ya-no: Means “wolf.”
  53. Yona: Means “bear.”
  54. Zuni: Means “beauty.”

Traditional Cherokee Boy Names and Meanings

Cherokee Boy Names

Cherokee boy names are noble and strong. Male Cherokee names are often connected to a respected animal or a noble part of nature.

  1. Adahy: Means “in the oak woods.”
  2. Akikta: Means “Works With Determination.”
  3. Ahuli: Means “drum.”
  4. Aponivi: Means “where the wind blows down the gap.”
  5. Adawosgi: Means “he is swimming.”
  6. Ahuli: Means “rum.”
  7. Atohi: Means “woods.”
  8. Atsadi: Means “fish.”
  9. Austenaco: Means “chief.”
  10. Conocotocko: Means “standing turkey.”
  11. Danuwoa: Means “the warrior.”
  12. Degataga: Means “standing together.”
  13. Diwali: Means “bowls.”
  14. Dustu: Means “spring frog.”
  15. Galegenoh: Means “stag.”
  16. Gatlin: Means “companion for life.”
  17. Gawonii: Means “he is speaking.”
  18. Haroldo: Means “powerful.”
  19. Jair: Means “one who sines in life.”
  20. Koatohee: Means “Chief Corn Tassel.”
  21. Mohe: Means “elk.”
  22. Oconostota: Means “warrior of Chota.”
  23. Onacona: Means “white owl.”
  24. Oukonunaka: Means “white owl.”
  25. Rayetayah: Means “hanging maw.”
  26. Tsiyi: Means “canoe.”
  27. Unaduti: Means “woolly head.”
  28. Waya: Means “wolf.”
  29. Wohali: Means “eagle.”
  30. Yonaguska: Means “chief.”

If you’re looking for more baby boy or baby girl names, check out our Baby Name Center.

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