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75 Easy-To-Pronounce Girl Names for Your Baby Girl

These simple and easy girl names are short and simple. Choose a name for your baby girl that rolls right off the tongue!
75 Easy-To-Pronounce Girl Names We Love
Updated: August 2, 2022

Does it seem like easy-to-pronounce names for girls are a thing of the past? Your BFFs’ kiddos have three-, four-, or more-syllable names — and even though their babies are now tweens, you still can’t figure out the pronunciations. Sigh. 

Having a difficult-to-say name can be a struggle for someone all their life. How frustrating it, is it to constantly have to correct teachers, doctors, or receptionists on how to sound your name out. (Being at the DMV is stressful enough) 

Baby girl names don’t have to include every vowel in the alphabet, accents, and apostrophes. If you want simple, short names that your little girl won’t have to spell out every time she introduces herself, these are our picks! 

And as a bonus, these names are short enough for your girl to learn to write it out herself well before she starts preschool! 

P.S. you can also nab one of these popular picks for your little girl’s middle name too. 

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Short and Easy Girl Names and Meanings 

Short and Easy Girl Names and Meanings
  1. Ada - German for “noble.” 
  2. Alma - Latin for “kind” or “nourishing.” 
  3. Amy - A popular baby girl name, this moniker means “beloved.” 
  4. Andy - Or Andi. 
  5. Ann - Forget about the “e” on the end, A-N-N is easy to pronounce and spell. 
  6. Ara - Arabic girls or boys name. 
  7. Ash - Old English for “ash tree.”
  8. Ava - Ava is number five on the Social Security Administration's (SSA) 2021 top little girl names list.
  9. Belle - This French name means “beautiful.” 
  10. Beth- An easier version of Elizabeth. 
  11. Bet - An even shorter version of Betty. 
  12. Bree - Irish for “noble.” 
  13. Brit - This baby girl's name means “exalted.” 
  14. Carly - A Germanic form of the boy name Charles. 
  15. Cora - Greek or Latin for “maiden” or “daughter.” 
  16. Cher - French for “beloved.” 
  17. Chloe - Chloe is Greek for “young green shoot.” It’s also a popular French moniker — and of course, a Kardashian when you spell it with a K.
  18. Dawn - Old English for “early morning.” 
  19. Dot - Greek for “gift of God.”
  20. Ella - Hebrew for “other goddess.” 
  21. Emma - In 2021 Emma was the second most popular pick on the SSA’s baby name list.
  22. Erin - A short two-syllable baby girl name with an Irish meaning. 
  23. Etta - English, meaning “ruler of the house.” 
  24. Eva - Hebrew for “life.” 
  25. Eve - Short for Evelyn, this baby girl's name is number nine on the SSA’s 2021 list. 
  26. Fay - This old-fashioned name means “fairy.” 
  27. Fern - A classic pick that’s also a plant. 
  28. Flo - Latin for “flourishing.” 
  29. Gia - A short Italian name. 
  30. Hope - An Old English anime that’s easy to pronounce. 
  31. Iris - This short and sweet two-syllable baby girl's name is Greek for “rainbow.” 
  32. Isabella - If this doesn’t seem like it should top an easy-to-pronounce baby girl's names list, just think about the shortened versions — Isa or Bella. 
  33. Isla - Spanish for “island.” 
  34. Ivy - A plant-like pick, Ivy has Latin and English origins and means “vine.” 
  35. Jade - This name with Spanish origins is also a gemstone!
  36. Jae - A gender-neutral name that comes from the Korean for “ability.” 
  37. Jane - Not a “plain Jane” name. This moniker means “God is gracious” in Hebrew. 
  38. Jazz - This jazzy moniker is much shorter than Jasmine or other similar harder to pronounce baby girl names. 
  39. Jen - You don’t have to spell out J-E-N-N-I-F-E-R. Go short and sweet with a one-syllable Jen.
  40. Jenna - Go one syllable beyond Jen with this short English name.. 
  41. Jo - A unisex name that’s easy to pronounce and easy to spell. 
  42. Joy - Your little one won’t have trouble writing or saying this three-letter pick for a first or middle name. 
  43. Jude - This gender-neutral name means praise. 
  44. June - This old-fashioned name can help your little one to learn the months of the year. 
  45. Kate - Greek for “pure.” 
  46. Kat - Looking for unique baby names? A shorter version of Katherine. 
  47. Kay - Arabic for “beloved.”
  48. Kim - More than just a Kardashian, this baby girl's name is Old English for “chief.” 
  49. Kit - This three-letter unisex option has English, Latin, and Greek roots. 
  50. Lee - An English name for “meadow” that’s the perfect pick for a first name or a middle name. 
  51. Lex - A name that’s easier for your little one to say and right than the longer Alexis or Alexandra. 
  52. Lil - Short for Lilith — a biblical name. 
  53. Lily - A flower. 
  54. Liv - Short for Olivia, this popular baby name is Norwegian for “life.”
  55. Liz - Forget about the complicated to pronounce or spell Lizette, Lizbeth, Lizabeth, Elizabeth, or Elisabeth. This short name is Hebrew for “God’s promise.” 
  56. Lo- Short version of Lorraine. 
  57. Louise - Shorten Louise to Lou for a classic unisex or gender-neutral baby name. 
  58. Lucy - Old English for “of the light.” 
  59. Mari - The Welsh version of Mary. 
  60. Mary - A biblical name for girls. 
  61. May - Maia was the Greek goddess of spring. But May is much easier to say!
  62. Mia - Your baby girl won’t have trouble saying her own name with this mini moniker. 
  63. Nell - Greek, meaning “light.” 
  64. Ness - A version of the Irish Neasa. 
  65. Nic - Short, sweet, and gender-neutral. 
  66. Olivia - This trendy pick tops the SSA’s baby name list for 2021.
  67. Pam - The three-letter short version of Pamela has Greek origins. 
  68. Penelope - Greek for “weaver,” this is the perfect name for new parents looking for an easy-to-pronounce multi-syllable option. 
  69. Rosa - A beautiful name that is an Italian version of Rose. 
  70. Rose - A flower and a sweet-sounding name!
  71. Sam - If Samantha is too long for your baby girl, try this three–letter gender-neutral name. 
  72. Sky - This gender-neutral name is unique, but easy to speak. 
  73. Sophia - A three-syllable pick that’s hard to mispronounce. 
  74. Tess - Greek, meaning “harvester.” 
  75. Zara - Simple baby girl names are far from boring — especially this Arabic option. Zara means “radiance.” 

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75 Easy-To-Pronounce Girl Names We Love


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