• Kids
    Conflict Resolution
    Learning to Negotiate
    Learning to Negotiate On a daily basis, your child will encounter situations in which her own wishes and needs clash with those of other people. Learning how to handle these situations is a critical life skill that children need to start practic...
  • Kids
    Building Self-Esteem
    A Bill of Rights for Kids
    A Bill of Rights for Kids One of the reasons children often fail to stick up for themselves is simply because they're not clear about what they are entitled to expect from other people. It is worth helping school-age children compose a personal ...
  • 5-Year-Old Write Backward
    Cognitive and Psychological Development
    I Need Help! My Five-Year-Old Writes Backward
    Is it normal for a kid to write backward, especially when they're learning? Our expert weighs in on this grandmother's concern. ...
  • Kids
    Let Them Be Themselves
    Let Them Be ThemselvesYour child will almost certainly be similar to you in many ways. After all, she is made up of 50 percent you. She may well have your natural love of music, your ability to spell, your gregarious nature, and your inclination...
  • Kids
    Praising Your Child
    Make Sure They Know Their Strengths
    Make Sure They Know Their StrengthsFor your children to be really confident and grounded, they need to know what they're good at. We're not talking about being arrogant; to be honest, that usually comes from insecurity rather than over-confidenc...
  • SmilingyoungAfrican-Americanboy
    Building Self-Esteem
    10 Tools for Parenting Happy, Healthy Children
    Doing some of these things may be hard work; some of them will come naturally. Irritatingly, some of the pieces you find difficult will come naturally to your partner, but that works both ways. On the plus side, however, working on the difficult ...
  • Teens
    Does Growth Stop with Onset of Menstruation?
    A girl's growth slows down once she starts her periods, but it doesn't stop completely. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Slumber Parties
    Is Your Child Ready for a Sleepover?
    Has your child been invited to a sleepover, but you aren't sure if he is ready to spend the night away from home? Take this quiz to find out. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Color Psychology Quiz
    What's your color psychology? ...
    David Johnson
  • Kids and Cell Phones
    Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: A Valid Concern?
    Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: A Valid Concern? Since the 1990s, cell phones have been a daily accessory for most Americans. More than 82 percent of Americans, or 250 million people, now have a cell phone. That number is more than quadruple the nu...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Growth and Physical Development
    Breast Buds in Toddlers
    Find out whether it's normal for a toddler to have breast buds, and whether a doctor's examination is warranted. ...
  • School and Learning
    Coping With Autism
    The Autism Spectrum Disorder Grief Cycle
    The Autism Spectrum Disorder Grief Cycle Shock and disbelief. The first reaction a parent usually has when hearing the diagnosis, even if they suspected something was wrong, is disbelief. "There must be some mistake." "This can't be happening." ...
  • Child, Boy dressed up as a superhero
    Social and Emotional Development
    Top 10 Ways to Foster Your Child's Creativity
    By fostering creativity in your child, you can help her mature mentally, emotionally, and socially. As a child grows, her imagination is tamed by society's constricting rules, pressures, and do's and don'ts. Creative freedom is essential in helpi...
  • School bullies, Kids at school
    Your Child and Cliques
    Your Child and Cliques Cliques--you've probably heard the word before. You may have heard your son or daughter say, "Oh, he/she's in the popular clique. I can never be a part of that group." But you may not understand exactly what being in a cliq...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • gifted child struggling
    Coping With Giftedness
    9 Challenges Facing Gifted Children (and How You Can Help!)
    Has your gifted child been struggling with some social, emotional, or academic issues lately? Giftedness comes with a surprising set of problems, ranging from perfectionism and competitiveness to friendship issues. Learn about these common challe...
    Erin Dower
  • Kids
    Growth Spurts
    Growing Pains
    Growing Pains Leg pains are common between ages eight and twelve when children are growing by leaps and bounds. Pain typically centers in the calves, behind the knees, and the tops of the thighs, often intensifying in the evening and disappearin...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Preparing for Summer Camp
    Is Your Child Ready for Summer Camp?
    Is your child begging to go to sleepaway camp, but you're just not sure she's ready? Or do you find yourself trying to coax a reluctant camper, who wants nothing more than to stay home all summer? This quiz can help you determine whether camp is ...
  • School and Learning
    Reading Assessments
    Is My Child a Good Reader?
    Take this quiz to discover your child's strengths and weaknesses in reading. ...