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Dust bunnies, dirty windows, messy bedrooms, oh my! Get cleaning tips to help your busy family's home sparkle, and even get some help from the kids.

11 Must-Have Items to Fake a Clean House

We've all been there: A friend just called to say she's swinging by, and you only have 15 minutes to transform your "lived-in house" (read: disaster zone) into something presentable. You scramble to get things in order, but it's all too overwhelming, and you end up frazzled and stressed, and with a messy house to boot. Never fear. These handy items will bring your home to order in minutes, so you're ready for any surprise visitor. read more

12 Natural Cleaners for Your Home

Looking for a safe, chemical-free way to make your home spotless? Check your cabinets! These everyday household items double as germ-busting super stars. read more

Cha-Ching! 7 Ways to Make Money by De-cluttering Your Home

Green is the color of spring... and MONEY! So if you've got the itch to clean up and de-clutter, why not make a little extra cash while you're at it? These simple ideas can help you make money while you get organized at the same time. And don't forget to get the kids to help! read more

Deep-Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Make Your Family Car Feel Like New

It can be defeating: You’ve finally rid your car of stray toys, forgotten food wrappers, and cast-aside art projects to reveal an even bigger mess—stained seats, grimy floors, and sticky surfaces. Sound familiar? Here are some quick cleaning tricks to help you make your car look like it did before you even had kids (until the next playdate, that is). Lift Grime, Stains and Gunk from the Seats read more

Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

Time to throw open the windows and air out your house! If the warmer weather is giving you an itch to spring clean, this printable room-by-room checklist will help make sure every nook and cranny in your home is sparkling. read more

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Projects

When it's time for the proverbial spring cleaning, try these ten projects. Tackling them will leave your home extra clean, organized, and clutter-free! This printable spring cleaning checklist is also handy. read more

Top Hot Spots for Germs

We all know germs and bacteria are almost everywhere, but where can you find the worst cases of the cooties? Check out this list of germ-laden culprits, and find out how you can protect your family without going overboard. read more

Washing Windows

Washing Windows Materials Spray bottle Water Vinegar Cleaning clothDirections Fill a spray bottle with water and 1/4 cup white vinegar. Give your child the bottle and cleaning cloth and let her help you wash the windows, bathroom counters, or kitchen appliances. She will love to be your helper and work along side you while you do some of your own cleaning. read more