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How to Organize Your Child's Playroom

How do you keep all those toys organized--from Lego and Puzzle pieces, to board games, to crayons? We ask moms and professional organizers to share their mom hacks for keeping toys orderly--well, somewhat orderly.
How to organize your child's playroom
By: Rachel Sokol

It's pretty frustrating when you help your child clean up their toys--only for them to make a mess again the very next day...and the next...and the next. Hey, kids will be kids--of course--but an organized playroom can bring mom and dad, peace of mind for sure. Three professional organizers share their tips on how to organize your playroom, and keep toys and clutter at bay, so playtime is a more enjoyable experience for both child and parent.

Check out our video on 9 simple ways to organize your kids' playroom.

Keep Ahead of the Clutter

How to organize your playroom

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For Mary Carlomagno of order, there are a couple of non-negotiable rules when it comes to staying ahead of the clutter in the playroom. "Keep in mind that distraction and sometimes, even madness, comes from too much visual distraction. I like to keep 'like' items together and create a one or two color-schemed design in the playroom," she explains. "There is no way to stay ahead of the clutter, if you don't clear it on a daily basis. Take the last 15 minutes of the day and gather your little ones to do the clean up with you. I always put music on or set a timer to make it fun. If you do this daily maintenance, you avoid clutter ups!"

Make Bins Your Friend

Carlomagno creates bins that house "people" or "animals" or "doll clothes." "I corral them in monochromatic bins and always use the Ikea Kallix; my favorite organizing unit for playrooms. It's multifunctional and it looks nice too."

Be Patient with Legos--and Try to Avoid Stepping on Them! (Ouch!)

"For Legos, I go a little crazy and color code and then put them in drawers," says Carlomagno. "As the Legos get mixed up, I create a catch-all box for sorting later."

Artwork Organization

Using chalkboard paint on one of the rec rooms walls--this helps keep the crayons off the wall when you have doodlers, says Carlomagno. "Above the wall in this picture, you will see framed artwork. I choose my favorites that the kids do and frame them and then I can toss the others--this really helps with all the art that comes home each day! I also save some others in a memory box."

Use a Lazy Susan for Art Supplies

Keep your arts and crafts supplies organized with a divided Lazy Susan (a bin that spins), advise Michelle Hale and Annie Draddy, organizers and co-founders of Henry & Higby. "This workhorse storage solution is typically a favorite in the kitchen but it can be used to keep a variety of items organized and ready for use including markers and pencils, etc."

Use Plastic Baggies for Puzzles

Hale and Draddy say, "Get rid of bulky boxes and wasted space by using zippered plastic bags to house your favorite puzzles. Don't forget to cut out the picture from the box so that you have an image to work from when you use it next. Also, labels aren't just for adults! Create kid-friendly labels that include both an image and words so that they can start putting things away even at a young age."

Hello, Baskets

"Use decorative open baskets to house larger toys that aren't contained in closed bins and bookcases," suggest Hale and Draddy. "Not only does this make storing odd-shaped items easier but it also makes it easier for your children to help with clean-up"

Consider Hanging Swings

"Consider hanging swings for toys, especially stuffed animals," advises Carrie Rachel of Carrie Away Your Clutter. Something like this helps keeps toys off the floor. Bonus: it double as a wall decoration. Perhaps a crafty person can build one for you--there are DIY steps on Pinterest.

Hang Curtains

If they hog up too much space when opened, in a playroom, consider removing the closet doors and replacing them with cute curtains, says Rachel. Or, use curtains in storage areas that don't have a door, to hide shelves and crates.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If you're feeling very overwhelmed by playroom messes, don't hesitate to call in a professional--nothing to be embarrassed about. Remember, a professional genuinely loves what they do, aren't judging, and want to help. "I work with a lot of moms," says Rachel. "People in the city don't have enough space so that's where I come in and come up with creative solutions to hold all of their stuff. It's so nice walking away from a home leaving it clutter-free."

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